Stoneham’s Snowy Fun

Winter has arrived, and snow is all around. So, it is a perfect time to gear up and go skiing. Located on the north side of Quebec City in Canada, this city ski resort Stoneham is a hub of all snow related sports. It is in the municipality of Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury and is about 2.5 hours from Montreal. With about 146 inches of average snowfall per year, it has become an ideal place for all those who are crazy about skiing and snowboarding. Apart from that, Stoneham is also famous for its other snow adventures.

Skiing in Stoneham takes place on different mountain spaces. Night skiing facilities area also available here. In fact, Stoneham has the largest network for night skiing in Canada.

Even if you are not a pro at skiing, Stoneham is ready to shower you with a number of different fun activities. It is not only skiing that makes Stoneham famous; it is a lot more than that. About 86% of the skiable terrain is of artificial snow, and almost 200 acres of land is available for snowmaking.

Stoneham Statistics

Base Elevation: 541 feet

Summit Elevation: 1946 feet

Vertical Drop: 1152 feet

In short, Stoneham is a complete package. It is a place where you just cannot afford to get bored because all the exciting fun will keep you enthralled. Plus, the place has a variety of options to pick from so that you can enjoy an activity that you love the most. Further, Stoneham is well connected with all the neighboring towns and cities, making it one of the most easily accessible ski parks in the region. You can reach the Stoneham Ski Resort without any fuss and make the most of a chilly winter day with your family and friends.


Stoneham has a total of 400 acres of skiable terrain which is really a large stretch as compared to other ski resorts. For the purpose of skiing at night about 188 acres of terrain is provided. This terrain has about 19 trails in total.

The longest run that Stoneham provides is of 2 miles. It also has three terrain parks. There are about 41 total runs. Stoneham is known for its seven different lifts. These lifts include three quad lifts which further consists of 1 detachable lift with bubble tops and two quads. One double lift and three ground lifts are also a part of these lifts. The ground lift consists of 1 T-bar and two magic carpets. The lift capacity is really great as it can carry ten thousand and five hundred skiers per hour.

The three terrain parks or the three park zones consist of 418 XL Park also known as XL Park, intermediate rail section Snow Park which is located in Les Cantons number 9, and beginners park which is located in La Rock N Roll. The Olympic halfpipe which consists of the superpipe that is 22 ft. high opening for seven days and seven nights is also a part of the terrain parks.

The base elevation of Stoneham is about 541 ft. the vertical drop is 1151 ft. whereas the summit elevation reaches up to 1692 ft. The gross average is approximately equal to two thousand and thirteen acres. The 42 trails cover a total of 18.9 miles on three mountains.

Now about the runs which are 41 in total, 26% of these runs are reserved for the beginner skiers. About 21% of the total is marked as intermediate runs. 38% of these runs are for the advanced skiers. Moreover, the rest 15% is leveled up to the expectations of expert skiers.

Other activities

Other activities that take place in Stoneham ski area include geo coaching, snowmobile trails, ice skating, swimming pool, and spas and relaxation.

So, if you get tired and a bit bored (which generally does not happen) of skiing, then you could take a break and go out and try some other activities. Ice skating is one of the best activities that takes place in Stoneham. Also, for relaxation, people can use the various spas provided by this ski resort. Snowmobile trails and geo coaching are yet another attractions. People come to Stoneham from all around the world not only for skiing but also for these specific and adventurous activities. You can easily pick an activity that you love and have fun trying it out with your near and dear ones at the Stoneham Ski Area.


Stoneham ski resort provides its guests with high-quality lodging services. There is a multi-resort package as well as different condos. These lodges include hotels, inns, cottages, as well as restaurants. These lodges are available at an affordable price and are located within reach of the guests that come here. Several guest houses are also a part of these lodgings. Sheraton is among the best lodges in this area. It is a property which is situated on an 18 whole golf course. It is convenient to downtown Quebec City.

Hotel Stoneham, on the other hand, has standard rooms with each room comprising up to three bedrooms. Le Manoir Du Lac Delage is another striking lodging which is located 3 miles from Stoneham Mountain. Musee Premieres Nations Hotel is a property that offers a view of the Akiawenrahk River and a Nordic Spa. This lodging also provides access to Wi-Fi. The Normandin is a modern hotel with wood flooring provided in every room along with free Wi-Fi facility. Econo Lodge Montmorency Falls is a standard hotel which offers a variety of facilities ranging from continental breakfast to newspaper and Wi-Fi. A hotel located just five minutes from the downtown Quebec City namely the Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec contains various amenities including an indoor heated pool, spa, as well as free Wi-Fi.

Several other hotels such as the Auberge du Littoral, Voyageur Motel, Le Regent, Le Gite Du Hu-Art, Le Domaine Du Lac Saint Charles, Hotel de Glace, and Les Chalets Alpins de Stoneham are among the top hotels in Stoneham ski resort area.

Events and Programs

Stoneham comes up with a variety of programs. These include private lessons, group vacation, adaptive skiing, etc.

A wide range of events are also organized by the Stoneham ski area. These events are Christmas Holidays which brings animation for children and legendary après-ski. The Leucan Ski Challenge is one of the famous events of this place. This Leucan Challenge is a fun and adventurous sport which is also family-oriented. This activity is open to all age groups. There are different editions of this ski challenge. Apart from these events and programs, several services such as tuning and rental, daycare, boutique, and après skis are also a part of the Stoneham ski services. All in all, Stoneham can be considered as a fully-fledged package for snowy fun as well as for other attractive events and activities.

When you know the snow is calling, you cannot say no to it because snow demands adventure and adventure is none other than skiing and snowboarding. And Stoneham ski resort is certainly a place well suited for these snow related adventures. Not just skiing, this place is a paradise for all snowy fun. Skiers and snowboarders are definitely going to drool over this breathtakingly beautiful place.

Do not worry if you cannot ski because Stoneham resort also provides special lessons for the beginners and special attention is given to them. Also, a lot of other fun sports are available for the beginners which are also accessible to the experts if they want to take some time off their skiing.

What is it that is keeping you from booking the tickets for this place? Do not think twice just go ahead and grab your passes for this enthralling beauty and get ready for the fun that this place is about to introduce you with. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. Go, have fun at the Stoneham Ski Area. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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