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Explore the Winter Thrill at Stratton Mountain

Winters makes us feel butterflies in our stomach with all the excitement of the Christmas arrival and the town covered under the blanket of snow. The trees topped up with flakes of snow, and the chilling wind makes us snuggle inside the blanket. But the adventure lovers cannot calm down their excitement to explore the snow folds of the mountains. And if you are one in the crowd who wants to explore the thrill of skiing in the snow this winter season then Stratton Mountain is ready to welcome you to its premises.

Serving the dedicated skiers since December 1961, Stratton Mountain has been ranked the top 10 ski resort by the Ski Magazine for its best service in lifts, terrain parks, and lodging. Stratton Mountain is the 95th largest ski resort in the United States with a skiable area of 600 acres. Located in Windham County, Vermont, this mountain has a summit elevation of 3,875 ft. and base elevation 1,872 ft. with a vertical drop of 2,003 ft. This makes Stratton Mountain an idea place for skiing and this is precisely why the resort attracts a large number of visitors every week.

Stratton Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1872 feet

Summit Elevation: 3875 feet

Vertical Drop: 2003 feet

This place will give you 97 trails to discover the adventurous glides of snow. The longest run of the area is 15,840 ft. Those who wants to enjoy the jumps, rail slides, and other tricks, Stratton Mountain has four terrain parks among which one has been currently reconstructed on November 24, 2016. To lift you to the height of the mountain to give you picturesque views of the valley, this place has 11 lifts on offer for the people. It has the capacity to uplift 33,528 people per hour. You can enjoy the majestic view of the mountains with your family and friends from the top.

Stratton Mountain experiences an average snowfall of 180 inches annually. Giving a great snow guarantee, Stratton Mountain claims 95% area of snowmaking. If you are not satisfied with the snow experience, they will also give you credit for the next day as well. There is so much more in the list of adventures in this valley which will not let you sit in the house in this gloomy weather. And thanks to its favorable location, the place attracts a lot of visitors from the major towns and cities located in the vicinity of this ski resort all throughout the winters.

The Adventurous Trails

Stratton Mountain will give you everything that you desire to do in this winter season. The valley has 97 trails for the enthusiastic adventure lovers to explore every fold of the snow bed. There are different levels for every person to experience the winter sports. For the amateur skiers, this valley has 41 easy trails to ski down the valley. They can learn and gain expertise in the skill of skiing and make their gloomy days of winter productive. For the intermediate skiers who are already aware of the skills of skiing in the snow, this valley has 31 adventurous trails for the crowd.

Stratton Mountain not only builds up the future riders of the snow, but they also give a field for the masters of the arena. The advanced skiers can practice their skills in 28 trails kept for them in the ski resort. All these amazing trails make Stratton Mountain one of the best in the region; attracting thousands of visitors every week.

Lift up to the Height

Enjoy the winter snow from the height of the Stratton Mountain, with their best service to take you to the top in the winter season. They have well-maintained service of 11 lifts in their vicinity. Among the 11 lifts, they have one surface lift, one double lift, one triple lift, three quads, 4 six pack and one gondola.

Your adventure vacation will not bug much to your budget at Stratton Mountain. A lift ticket for an adult will cost you $99 whereas a child’s ticket will cost you $73. A senior and youth’s ticket will cost $88 for a day. The prices may vary in less important days or less busy days.

To keep yourself away from the hassle of buying the lift tickets you can issue a season pass which will give you easy access to the mountain for the whole season. An adult pass will cost $1,489 whereas a senior pass will cost $1,149. You can access a pass for the children below 18 as well for a cost of $869. Plan your skiing vacation and make yours on pass worth the cost.

Coca-Cola Tube Park

Stratton Mountain is a fun packed place which has a bag of adventures to offer you in this season. This tube park located at Stratton’s Sun Bowl has four lanes for snow tubing. You can enjoy tubing for a ½ hour only at a cost of $15, and for 1 hour it will cost you $20. A tubing pack of 10 will cost you $125. You can easily avail the tickets at the spot in a half-hour and one-hour time slots. You have to be at the age of 5 to 42 to ride the tube. It is recommended to wear helmets and goggles while riding the tube.

The resort also offers Nordic skiing, skiing, summer activities and Terrain Park for the enthusiastic adventure lovers.

Dog Sled Tour

Snowboarding and skiing will be a passé this winter season as you will the back of the snow dogs here in Stratton Mountain. The beautiful Huskies will give you a memorable ride of the area.

The 30-minute tour will include a brief introduction to the dog team and will load you on the sledge. For a single passenger, it will cost you $129 whereas for two passengers it will cost $80 per person. You need to keep 45 minutes for the ride and arrive a few minutes earlier than the time scheduled.

The 90-minute tour will include an introduction to the dog team and loading to the sledge. Apart from this, it will also include a scenic view of the Stratton Mountain and a halt for few minutes to enjoy the great taste of hot cocoa with cider and light snacks by the fireplace.

A single person can enjoy the ride at only $225, and it will cost $149 per person in the two people ride.

The dog sled ride starts at 4 pm and this winter season you cannot miss the real fun amidst the embrace of nature.

Learn the skill

You cannot sit at home when you can do so many things at only one place. If you are afraid to ski down the snow, Stratton Mountain will let you learn the basics well.

The Stratton Mountain School will give you private lessons to make you learn the sport perfectly and make you the master of the snow game. It will give you a one on one personal teaching to learning the basics of the game. You can access the teaching classes for one hour or a full day.

You can also indulge with a group of enthusiastic skiers to learn the activity like a pro. The group will let you explore the area and every trail closely. You can also learn the art of twisting and turn around the woods and slide smoothly in the snow. It will make most of the time in the woods more memorable than ever. Designed perfectly for every group of people, this place will add a feather to your adventure diary.

Stratton Mountain is a house for everything you need to do this winter. With a well-maintained lodging service and an easy accessible adventurous list of activities, this place is going to be worth spending some bucks in this frosty weather. Just pack your bags and pick your family to this adventurous packed valley and enjoy the snow with some twist of thrill.

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