Ski Resort Sudelfeld:

The feeling of looking down the ski slope that increases heartbeats, the visuals you get from the top of the mountain, the cold wind that sends chills down your spine- No matter how well we write about it, it will never be enough. These are the things that you need to see for yourself. People in love with winter sports are always looking for bigger slopes which can provide them the adventure they are craving for. Their search ends here. We are going to lead your footsteps to the resort which is the largest resort in Germany in terms of surface area. And the name of the resort is Ski Resort Sudelfeld. We are so excited to let you in on the details, so let’s not waste time and hurry up.



Where is Ski Resort Sudelfeld located?

Sudelfeld Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 5128 ft

Vertical Drop: 2503 ft

Bavaria in Germany is well known for having many fascinating ski resorts but none of them matches the worth and charm of Ski Resort Sudelfeld. Located in Alpine Region Tegernsee-Schliersee, Upper Bavaria, Sudelfeld offer a fun ride to all- Be it families or group of youngsters, from the pros to the amateurs- This place welcomes all. Sudelfeld‘s winter sport area is situated between elevations of 860 and 1,560 meters. Wondering how to reach there? There are 3 different airports near the resort located at almost the same distance. Airport Innsbruck and Airport Salzburg, both in Austria are almost 100 kilometers away from the resort and a ride of approximately 1 hour will take you to the resort. Airport Munich is 117 kilometers away from Sudelfeld and a journey of 1 hour and half will be enough to reach your destination. Train connectivity is also present. All you have to do is reach Bayrischzell Station and from there, you can board the bus service that connects directly to the resort.


Slope Specifications:

Ski Resort Sudelfeld is an amazing destination because it is the largest ski resort in Germany when it comes to the land mass area as it provides you a slope length of 32 kilometers. And this slope is versatile and potent enough to give the skiers a run of their money. Only 16 percent (5 kilometers) of the slope is labeled as Easy and is best suited for the beginners. Majority of the slope, i.e. 75 percent accounting to 24 kilometers is marked as Intermediate in terms of difficulty level and is good for skiers who have some experience. As we already mentioned, this place has delight for everyone. So how can we forget the advanced level skiers? 3 kilometer of the total slope presents tough challenges and is known for its hard difficulty level. Slopes are equipped with snow cannons and 56 percent of the slope can produce snow by means of these machines. The most difficult run of 1 kilometer is named FIS course and is a delight for the visitors seeking an adventurous ski outing.



Best Season, Timing and Tickets:

Due to high-tech snow cannons that fill the slopes with artificial snow, the season here at Ski Resort Sudelfeld lasts longer than usual. The season begins in the first week of December and stretches up to the first week of April. Timings are fine as well. They open up at 8:30AM and bid farewell for the day at 4:30PM. Opening timings are variable like all the other resorts and may depend on the outside conditions and public holidays. This is a huge resort and obviously the prices are going to be proportional to that. For a single day of winter sports activities, adults have to pay 33 Euros whereas the youth have to pay a slightly less amount, i.e. 29 Euros. The cost for kids is considerably less at 16 Euros. In addition to this, there are mountain restaurants as well which are always willing to make their customers happy. So if you feel like skiing drained all of your energy, it is a good idea to grab a quick bite from these places.

Ski Lifts:

Ski Resort Sudelfeld fancies 16 ski lifts in their premises. Big number, isn’t it? Out of these 16 ski lifts, 4 are chair lifts. They are variable and the number of seats in these lifts varies from one to six. All four of these lifts can carry a total of 7000 people from the base to the top of the resort on an hourly basis. Remaining 12 lifts are T-Bar lifts and can carry around 9500 people in duration of an hour. The total lift length account to 10.1 kilometers and these lifts work together to carry a whopping 16,500 people to the summit in just an hour. And the best part, skiers and skaters can enjoy a cross-country trail of 64 kilometers here at Ski Resort Sudelfeld which is a massive number in itself. There is a ski kindergarten as well where budding skier hone their skills regularly. We hope you have plenty of reasons now to visit Ski Resort Sudelfeld. It doesn’t matter if it is a family vacation or an adventure trip; this place is the best for all.

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