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Sugar Bowl Resort - The Snowy Paradise

Sports has always been an inseparable part of human lives ever since the ancient times. Nowadays the craze for sports has gone viral in all the countries. Sports has no gender, no race, no color and similarly no season. Different kinds of sports appeal to different kind of people. Some are players, and some are spectators. Now as winters are around the corner and everyone is waiting for the snow to fall, many are waiting for ski resorts to open as the time for snow sports is now. Many have the misconception that summers are for sports and winters is for rest. That trend has now been changed as the ski resorts have taken snow sports to a whole another level.

Skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, cross country skiing and many more sports are there to be enjoyed this year for an adventurous winter before saying goodbye to the year. These sports are not only fun but give people an entirely different experience. These sports can be played alone, with family or friends. It is entirely on you. There are different runs according to varying difficulties to make the experience more and more exciting with each level you surpass. Snow sports too require a certain level of skills and talents. To be aware of your surroundings, quick reflexes, to make quick cuts and turns and much more. Even if you fall for the first time, all that will happen is that you will roll in the snow laughing with the people you love.

Sugar Bowl Statistics

Base Elevation: 6883 feet

Summit Elevation: 8383 feet

Vertical Drop: 1500 feet

Sugar Bowl Resort provides with such spectacular opportunity for winters. It is a ski resort located in northern part of Placer County near Norden, California. It is a well – known ski resort in Lake Tahoe area. Sugar Bowl Resort has a top elevation of 8383 feet and a base elevation of 6883 feet. The place has to offer a large area of 1650 acres skiable area. With 103 different runs to offer the Sugar Bowl Resort attracts many skiers. Some new and once someone visits the resort they become a loyal guest to come back again and again. The longest run the place has is of 4.8 km. Sugar Bowl Resort has 13 lifts out of which 5 are high speed quads, three quads, two double chairs, one gondola and two surface lifts. This enables the place to easily transport the guests anywhere they want without having to wait for long. The lift system provides with 21740 passengers per hour of capacity. With 500 inches of snowfall ever season does the place needs to have more attractions?

Terrain to Love

Terrain the place has to offer is not only exquisite to skiers but has a mind blowing view to offer. The beauty of the terrains and surroundings will take your breath away. They fill you with a sense of peace before you enter terrain. The terrain is meant for all. Rookies, people with some skills, people with master skills and all are invited.

Beginners Level – Out of the total runs 17 % are of easy ones meant for those individuals who have either never tried skiing or who have tried a few times. Lessons are available, and experts are always happy to help.

Intermediate Level – Out of the total runs 45 % are of high level of risks. They are of high level of difficulty. Even if you feel that you know skiing but still need guidance the experts are always available there for help.

Experienced Level – Out of the total runs 38 % are of the extreme level of risks. The level of difficulty is extreme. It is meant for those skiers who have achieved a high level of skiing skill. It can be as challenging as you desire.

Also, there are lessons available for guests. The lessons are divided according to age and expertise level of the learners.

For the kids, there are three types of lessons –

  • Cubs Tracks is for kids of age between 4 to 5 years. This is available for skiing only and a maximum of three kids at a time for the complete day.
  • Bear Tracks is for kids of age between 6 to 12 years. This is available for skiing and snowboarding for the complete day with a maximum of 5 kids at a time.
  • Private Lessons is for all ages and maximum of three people can learn.

For adults, there are two options –

  • Learn to Ski and Ride Development Program for teenagers and adults above 13 years. It is a two hours group lesson.
  • Private Lessons is also for people above 13 years and only a maximum of three people are allowed.


The 49 Degrees North Winter Sports Foundation is focused on the promotion and spread of alpine and recreational cross country skiing in the country. The foundation is based on the philosophy of encouraging and thereby helping academic achievements, and also helps in promoting the positive aspects of discipline, character building, sportsmanship and in deciding a goal for one’s life and working towards it with full passion.

Limited people are allowed so that experts can pay attention to every individual’s need. This helps people in honing their skiing skills a lot better and enjoy skiing to the fullest.

The guests can choose two ways to enter the resort. Either they can choose to enter via Gondola lift while enjoying the ride and view of the snow bound village from spectacular heights while the lift takes you to the lodging area or you can choose to enter through slope side parking at the modern Mount. Judah Day Lodge.

Sugar Bowl Ski Team coaches guests and is an award winning team with a tremendous love for outdoors. It is America’s only Ski and Ski out Academy and is known for placing highest number of student athletes into US Ski Team. The resort is also known for being the North America’s Largest Cross Country Resort. The place is more famous amongst families as it is completely safe even for small children. Parents can allow their children to learn skiing under the guidance of the experts who will not only teach them to ski but also make sure that lessons are fun filled and also the kids learn everything right. This is what makes Sugar Bowl ski area one of the best resorts in the region.

All you need to carry is warm clothes and sun’s screen as the rest of the gear you can rent it here. Many shops are available here to rent helmets, ski boots, and all the necessary gear. Also, do not worry about the stay. The place has been called the most romantic getaway in Sunset Magazine. The place offers accomodation in the only snow bound village with a view so beautiful that your heart will melt.

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