Visit the Second Highest Peak of Maine Mountain this Vacation!

As the winters come, it becomes very difficult to find motivation to do anything. The cold weather seeps out all the warmth and energy from us. It’s as we go on hibernation, snuggled up in a comforter, not feeling like doing anything. Sitting on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and staring at the wall and watching some T.V. series. This lifestyle is nit healthy, and it stops our growth as a person. As it is said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so, to entertain ourselves and find a motivation in life, we should go out and explore the world, especially all the students. As the young mind is very susceptible, we should cloud it with positive activities.

This holiday season, pack a bag and ask your group of friends to go out on a trip. You could just go for a long drive, or a hike up the mountain, for swimming, playing cricket, ice skating, making snowmen and have some snow fights. If you would like to go out on a trip then, a wonderful option could be visiting a ski resort. Ski resorts have all kinds of activities for people of all ages. In the holiday season, these offer many discounts and free services. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time refreshing your mind on the snow peaks rather than at home?

Where should you go to have the best skiing and snowboarding experience?

There are numerous ski resorts to choose from, and these many numbers can confuse anyone. To avoid confusion and also choose the best resort, one must look up at all the activities resort offers, its location, snow reports and other details. One of the best ski resorts that offer a myriad of recreational activities is Sugarloaf. The ski resort is situated in the heart of Carrabassett Valley and is surrounded by the Maine’s Western Mountains. The resort is easily accessible via train, bus and flight from Portland, Boston, and Bangor. There are rental cars available at the airport which are cheap.  Sugarloaf Regional Airport is the local airport while some others are Central Maine Airport, Norridgewock and Steven A. Bean Muni, Rangeley.

Some important facts about Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf Statistics

Base Elevation: 1417 feet

Summit Elevation: 4237 feet

Vertical Drop: 2820 feet

Sugarloaf is serious when it comes to skiing, there have been many noticeable skiers and riders who have practiced on these slopes and become experts and professionals. Some of these are Kristen Clark, US World Cup, and Olympic Ski Team Member; Jeremy Kota, a very skilled member of the US Ski Team; Bode Miller, an alumnus of Carrabassett Valley Academy; Julie Parisien, an Olympic Ski Team member; Seth Wescott, an Olympic gold medallist for year 2006 and 2010; Sam Morse, a team member of US Junior World Cup; Kristen Porter; Paul Schipper; Joan McWilliams and many others.

Sugarloaf is the largest Ski resort when it comes to the area available for skiing and also in snowmaking. The skiable area is about 1230 acres with 154 runs. These trails are divided into different levels for everyone. There are 23% easy trails, 34% intermediate trails, 28% advanced trails, and expert trails. The longest run is about 3.5 minutes long and stretches up to 5.6 km. About three terrain parks are providing ample area for the skiers. Sugarloaf Mountain has the second highest peak to Maine’s highest peak, Mount Katahdin. The summit elevation is 4237 ft., with a base elevation of 1417 ft. and a vertical drop of 2820 ft. Due to its height, the resort offers a fantastic 360-degree view of the Maine’s Western Mountains and New Hampshire’s the White Mountains. There are total 14 lifts that connect the resort. The names of these lifts are King Pine Quad, Whiffletree Super Quad, Snubbed, Skidway, Sawduster, Double Runner East, Double Runner West, Bateau, Sugarloaf Super Quad, Bucksaw, West Mountain, Skyline, Moosecalator, and Timberline Quad. These lifts have the capacity to carry 21,810 skiers per hour.

Sugarloaf is very well-connected with all the neighbouring towns and cities in the region, making it one of the most visited resorts in the area. The resort is also known for its top-quality facilities on offer apart from the great terrain it has for skiers of all levels.

What is so special about Sugarloaf resort?

  • Sugarloaf is a very special resort which has about 154 marked trails and glades. These have been named after many logging terms as a tribute to the logging history of Maine. The resort is full of life and many visitors from mid-November to early May.
  • The resort has many lodges for people with different budgets and luxuries. One can choose from the hundreds of hotels from unit size to five-bed rooms. These can be private homes or 5- star luxury condominiums. These condominiums are located very close to the slopes and resort. One can also decide to stay at the Sugarloaf Mountain situated at the Sugarloaf Alpine Village. You can also choose your lodging types at Mountainside, Snubber Trail, Mountain Village, and West Mountain.
  • The holiday season offers many discounts and deals for people visiting the resort. One can avail many discounts, almost every week there are exclusive offers for the riders which let them have a pocket-friendly vacation. These unique offers are, however, available only for a limited time.
  • While you are at the trails, having the time of your life, you can leave your children at the child care facility where they can enjoy their stay with other kids. If they are too young to be out in the snow skiing, they can play with the assisted staff who love to babysit only at a very minimal price.
  • Those who are beginners or those who do not have enough experience to ski, they can take lessons at the different programs available at the resort. The resort has special packages to learn skiing and let you experience the first time sliding down the slopes. These lessons are given by professionals who ensure that you learn to ski quickly.
  • There many packages for beginners such as private lessons or group lessons. These lessons help one to build confidence. They ensure that you know all the safety rules while skiing.
  • To learn snowboarding, one can buy cheap tickets at the Perfect Turn Desk. You can rent equipment from the rental shop on the first floor at the Base Lodge. You will get everything you want, boots, helmets, snowboards, skis, gloves and everything else.
  • Sugarloaf is very environmental It believes in preserving the natural beauty of the mountains. The innovative programs at the resort include waste management, waste water treatment, using bio- fuels and many other. Soil Erosion has been a very alarming issue on the Maine Mountains. Therefore, the resort has taken several steps to stop it. It has opted to measures like re-vegetation, mowing, and grass planting.
  • The resort seeks help from the guests and visitors to ensure that the resort remains environmental It gives simple ideas to guests like carpooling, not throwing waste in snow, keeping the wildlife safe and many others.

The resort has been considerate in every way possible when it comes to their guests. It has all the activities that any person would enjoy during a vacation. The food and recreational activities keep one occupied until the very end of their vacation. So, visitors can enjoy a great visit at Sugarloaf this vacation and experience the best of many at a single place.

With so much on offer at Sugarloaf and so many things to try out, you can have a great time enjoying the winter sports with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets and head out straight for Sugarloaf with your near and dear ones and make the most of the ongoing snowy season. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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