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The Land Of The Yeti - Sunday River

We have heard this tale a thousand times, and it used to be one of our favorites- the story of the large fluffy half-animal or half-man that lives in the snow and is very rarely seen. The Yeti legend has been doing its round ever since the dawn of fairy-tales. The hint of mystery in this legendary being’s story is that no one has been sure enough about the nature of this creature- it might have been a spiteful monster, or a friendly, lovable creature.

All we can say is that a yeti is a large, white, and furry creature that has made its home in the snow and is rumored to roam about in mountainous areas around various crevices of the world.

So what if you can take your kids and even your inner kids to the land of a friendly, but reclusive Yeti? Surely, you would say, no such land exists. However, as great men have said, believe, and it exists. So take a leap of faith and visit Eddy, the yeti at Sunday River Ski Resort. Moreover, you never know, Eddy might find you interesting enough to pay you a visit.

Legend has it that a silent, introverted Yeti lived around the area surrounding the Old Speck Mountain which is just north of the Sunday River. The story has been in existence ever since the late 1950s, which is around the same time the skiing resort was inaugurated. A shy creature by the very fabric of its nature, the Yeti rarely left his alleged home and was spotted, and tourist saw him around the ski area only on rare occasions.

In 2009, the frequency of the sightings of the yeti increased. Some eye-witnesses swore to the honesty of their saying, and they say he might have been attracted down to the ski resort by the luminescent fireworks that were on display on the night of Sunday River’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Once he was there, the Yeti slowly began to make buddies with snowboarders and skiers, and over the years he was given the name Eddy by the friends he made.

It seems like yetis are lovable creatures. So pay Eddy a visit the next time you vacation

The Location of Sunday River

Sunday River Statistics

Base Elevation: 800 feet

Summit Elevation: 3140 feet

Vertical Drop: 2340 feet

Located in Newry, Maine, in the United States, Sunday River is one of the largest and the most visited ski resorts in Maine. The city nearest to it is Auburn in Maine. It has four main mountains, the one with the most difficult terrain being White Cap. It features White Heat, which is the steepest one at the resort. The other one is called Obsession, which is a run with long advanced as well as intermediate trail full of rolls and great pitch variation.

Locke Mountain is the original peak in Sunday River Resort. It features Cascades, Monday Morning, and Sunday punch, which are predominantly intermediate trails. The Rocking Chair Terrain Park is also located in the lower section of Locke.

Then there is Barker Mountain, which has a high-speed quad, which pertains to various terrains. The important trails here are the Three Mile Trail: for the beginners, then there is Ecstasy and Right Stuff.

The last one has two intermediate trails, namely Risky Business and American Express. The mountain is called Spruce Peak.

The Numbers You Should Know

It has a top elevation of 3,140 ft. (960 m), a base elevation of 800 ft. (240 m) and a total skiable acreage of 350 ha (870 acres). It has a total of 135 runs, out of which the longest one is 3 miles (4.8 km). The lift system has a total of 15 lifts, where 1 is a Chondola, 4 are High-Speed Quads, five simple quads, three triples, one double, and one surface lift.

Why Sunday River is a Must-Visit Priceless Adventures

For a one day pass for adults on any day between Monday-Thursday, the ticket price is $ 79. For two days it is $ 139, and the prices elevate with the highest price being $ 469 for 7 days (7 days is the maximum you can book together. For kids as well as seniors the prices vary from $ 55 to $ 329, according to the number of days, whereas for seniors it varies from $ 65 to $ 389.

The prices, however, differ on holidays and from Friday to Sunday. On these days the prices range from $ 99 to $ 589, for teens, it varies from $ 79 to $ 469 and for juniors and seniors it varies from $69 to $ 409.

The lift tickets are valid till 8 in the night on holidays and Fridays and Saturdays. Also, they provide a snow guarantee because at Sunday River the snowfall is the most dependable and extraordinarily good. Therefore as a bonanza offer, all tickets are valid on another day if the snowmaking is not good on the day for which you actually bought the ticket.

Also as a salute to the army personnel in the United States, Snow River provides a Military Discount to Military personnel in the U.S. Discounts of $ 10 are offered for Reserve, National Guard, Active Duty and Retired personnel, as well as an immediate family member of such personnel. Military IDs are required for availing the discounts.

They also have endless skiing and boarding packages that save a lot of money and a wide range of options to select from.

Night Skiing

To enjoy your days beyond daylight, Sunday River offers an excellent option of Night Skiing. It begins at 4.00 PM and ends at 8 PM during mid-winter holidays and weekends. It allows the guests to not only stay in the lap of serenity but also enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Even on their arrival night, they can take some runs. Serviced by the South Ridge Express from the South Ridge Base Idea and the Chondola, these trails are groomed regularly. South Ridge Express allows access to the terrain during their period.

Edible Happiness: Food That Invites Your Tummy

Two amazing eateries, namely Foggy Goggle which is open until 9 in the night, and South Ridge Food Court which is open until 8.30 PM, serve great food and have full houses because of the deliciousness of their food on offer.

The Grand Summit of Happiness

What do you get when you combine the best features and best amenities and use it to make a hotel? The result is the Grand Summit Hotel. Situated at the very entrance of the resort, the Grand Summit Hotel is like a landmark building at Sunday River, and it provides access to the resort’s wonderful platter of winter and summer activities.

The hotel’s slope side location makes it the tourist favorite for families who are looking for great slope side access, and it has a total of 20,000 square feet of function are which includes the 6,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom. These features make it popular for weddings, conferences, and events of various types. Their accommodation facilities include 230 well-appointed guest rooms that range from standard hotel rooms to private suites with kitchens.

Biking Through Happiness

The Sunday River Bike Park is the Disney Land of the downhill rider. Every adventurer’s playground, the Bike Park comes with a plethora of 25 lift-serviced terrain trails that stretches out for over 20 miles. Their terrain pertains to the needs of intermediate as well as advanced riders, but with the assistance of the Mountain Bike School, novice adventures can also sharpen the skills necessary to ride through the snow safely.

The options for riders are wide ranging. Intermediate riders may choose from moderate to single track options, jump lines, slick rock, and flow trails. However, it is heaven to the advanced riders. Options in the park are really great for advanced riders, providing them with steep downhill trails, plenty of technical single tracks and manufactured options of terrain. The park crew, over the last few years, has been working hard creating machine-built terrain including jumps, adding new trails, and flow trails, and laying out the bridge work and log.

Sunday River’s Chondola lift, which provides high-speed access to a trail network that covers the North Peak and South Ridge areas of the resort, takes care of the bike park and has recently constructed some longer trails branching out from the primary trail network.

So does the friendly yeti call to your inner child, the one that believed in fairy tales? Sunday River is your chance to rediscover that inner child, and enjoy with child-like enthusiasm the sheer thrill of snow sports. So why not take this chance, and indulge in happiness? It has been a long time since we have believed in fairy tales.

It has been a long time since we have expected creatures like Eddy to pay us a visit. It has taken so long for us to understand that believing in fairy tales was not just an essential part of being a child; it is an important part of being happy. Come, be a child again. Visit Sunday Rivers with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winter. Have fun!

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