Sunlight Mountain Resort-USA

Sunlight Mountain Resort: Ski to your heart’s content on this sunlit mountain

The first snow looks beautiful from the window pane of your house. And if beauty is meant to be enjoyed, there is an alternative way to do it rather than cuddle with your kitten near the fireplace. Ski and snowboard upon a mountain in Colorado with your family and friends. Or you can hit the slopes all on your own. It is an enriching experience anyway.

Ski, dine and stay with your loved ones at Sunlight Mountain Resort. At Sunlight, skiing or snowboarding is much more than a sport or an adventure. It is an activity that lets you interact with strangers and cement new ties with people. There isn’t a better way to bond properly with your family members as well. Ski in groups and understand each other’s temperament as well. And obviously, if you want to ski just to enjoy and roll in the exquisite snow on a mountain that works best as well.

Sunlight Mountain Resort: Your perfect getaway this winter season!

Sunlight Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 7885 feet

Summit Elevation: 9895 feet

Vertical Drop: 2010 feet

Sunlight Mountain Resort is an ideal destination for skiers or snowboarders since it isn’t a mountain that is tucked away in a far corner of a city. Just 12 miles away from Glenwood Springs, Sunlight is accessible via any transport service, be it a car, bus or a shuttle.

Skiing or snowboarding in a spacious area which gives you an inhibited experience of joy and freedom. A mountain with an annual snowfall of 250 inches, Sunlight Mountain Resort provides one of the best terrains in terms of space. Skiers and snowboarders have access to 680 acres of groomers, steeps, and open groves. The higher the peak of the mountain, the better one can ski. The base elevation of the mountain is at 7885ft, and the summit reaches up to 9895ft. Sunlight Mountain Resort has three main chairlifts, and the trail is divided into four parts: 20% for beginner runs, 55% of intermediate runs, 20% advanced runs and 5% for expert runs.

Why choose Sunlight Mountain Resort?

  • User-friendly trails: Almost 75% of the trails at Sunlight Mountain Resort are beginner or intermediate, thereby making it most accessible to the beginners. And if you have never skied before, Sunlight Mountain Resort has one of the most proficient ski schools in the nation. Right from group lessons to private ones, you can choose from a comprehensive list of lessons available to really shine through as a beginner or make the best of your holiday at Sunlight Mountain Resort.
  • The best rental equipment at best price: Once you reach the mountain, you can also rent equipment for skiing or snowboarding. The best quality equipment will be provided to you at an affordable rate. You can choose a complete package or individual equipment from a variety of options available. At a low cost, put on your best quality gears and get ready to hit the slope!
  • Cross Country skiing: Go on a winding, cross country trail through our Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing. A trip filled with adventure and fun that eventually leads you to the top of the mountain is truly worth a go. And what is more? When you come back to the base of the mountain, sumptuous food and beverages will be waiting for you!
  • Affordable lift passes and season passes: Lift passes are available at some of the lowest prices in the state! Get full day, half day, or multi-day lift passes at an affordable rate. And lift passes are free for people aged 5 or under and 80 or above. We also provide season passes to some at one of the best rates.
  • It is much more than a ski resort: Apart from skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy our snowmobile tours the way you want. Customized for individuals as well as family, snowmobile tours give you a taste of adventure with a chance to witness the beautiful surroundings on the mountain.
  • Summer- time fun: You can’t ski in the summer. True enough. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have any kind of When the snow melts, the trails turn into a destination for mountain bikers. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings as you bike through the trails. Or get on a horseback and pass through wildflowers and wildlife. When you aren’t sliding down the white snow, have a whitewater splash with your family through whitewater rafting. Be it summer or winter, Sunlight Mountain Resort is there to make any season your best time of the year!

Sunlight Mountain Resort offers the best environment for skiing and snowboarding. More than that, it provides you a safe and friendly environment to ski in. The Resort has one of the best ski schools in the state, Sunlight Mountain Resort is the place where you won’t only enjoy skiing as a beginner, but will also be able to ski or snowboard like a pro.

Skiing and snowboarding are activities that never fail to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Winters are incomplete without skiing or snowboarding. Skiing/snowboarding helps you to bring out the inner child in you and forget all your worries for that time. And if you ski at Sunlight Mountain Resort, not only all the stress will disappear into thin air, but you will leave from here with more happiness in your heart. With the best skiing or snowboarding experiences, we also provide the best culinary and accommodation experiences. So, while you ski all day long with us, you can enjoy the evenings with delicious food and have a sound sleep at night.

We, at Sunlight Mountain Resort, like to ensure that you are having the time of your life. Different trails for different runs, a terrain park, and three chairlifts make sure that you do not have to compromise on your joy during skiing or snowboarding. Sunlight Mountain Resort makes you feel like home by offering excellent amenities such as ski school, children’s centre, hot springs and much more. No matter where you come from, skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort is sure to be the best adventure of your life. And once you are here, you will surely want to stay. Once you leave, you will want to keep coming, again and again – because we provide much more than an amazing space for skiing, we provide a joyous experience while you are at it.

So, go ahead, ski through the beautiful and adventurous trails for half the cost of other popular resorts. And the best thing is that you do not even need to wait in a line for the lift! Hassle free and hype-free, Sunlight Mountain Resort is truly the perfect ski resort in Colorado!

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