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This Holiday Season, Have a Dream Come True Vacation at Swain Resort!

Just as the vacations are about to come, everyone starts thinking of a trip to relax and enjoy themselves. All the chats with your friends and parents are about some or the other place, planning a trip. The summer vacations are the time you usually go and hang out with your friends and family. But, doesn’t it get too sweaty and warm for your liking? The scorching heat and depleting energy hinders you to make most out your vacation. However, the winter is the best time to plan out a vacation or hang out with friends. The nights are long helping you rest for long and the days are short which means less exercise. What’s better than this?

There is a bucket list of things that could be enjoyed during the winters. The mere fact that ice creams taste better in winters acts as a testament. Whether it be keeping in cozily snuggling under the blankets and sipping hot chocolate, or bumping your legs in the frozen lake while ice skating, the winters are charming and exuberant. So, make sure to make some plans to visit a place covered in snow, where you can do activities like skiing and snowboarding. Making a trip to a ski resort this vacation should be on your bucket list.

Where should you go to have the best skiing experience?

Swain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1320 feet

Summit Elevation: 1970 feet

Vertical Drop: 650 feet

To make the most out of your vacation, a ski resort must be chosen wisely. A ski resort is a place that offers skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, tubing, snowshoeing and other winter activities. Also, they provide hot and sizzling food in nearby cafés and pubs to keep their guests charged up and healthy. These resorts are situated at a place where their guests have a view of the beautiful landscape and scenery. The visitors usually have their eyes glued to the surroundings because of the beauty of nature. Such is the Swain Resort; the guests are always busy making remarkable memories or experiencing thrilling adventures. Swain Resort is located at 2275 County Road 24, Swain, and New York.  It is the oldest continuously operated ski resorts in New York. Swain boasts servicing people for about 64 years and still continues to make its visitors happy. It is a friends and family resort provide different winter activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Some interesting facts about Swain Resort

Other than the fact that Swain Resort has been continuously servicing people for over 64 years, the resort has some other facts that make it a place to be put in your ‘places to visit’ list. The resort has a total skiable area of 122 acres. The resort experiences an annual snowfall of 130 inches every year. The skiable terrain has 33 trails along with three terrain parks in which many riders enjoy skiing, tubing, and snowboarding. The difficulty of the trails is 27% beginner’s run, 39% intermediate runs, and 33% advanced runs. Also, it offers night skiing in about 80 acres of land.

The summit elevation of the resort is 1970 ft. with a base elevation of 1320 ft. and a vertical drop of 650 ft. The resort also has snowmaking techniques for days when there is less snowfall or to make the trails even more adventurous for skiing. The visitors do not have to worry about waiting in long queues as there is a total of 5 lifts out of which 3 are Quad, 1 DB, and 1 MC. These lifts have the capacity to carry 8400 people per hour. All these features make Swain Resort one of the best in the entire region; attracting visitors from all parts of the region.

Slopeside at Swain

Have you always been the one to be up for adventure and outdoor activities? Imagine waking up a day after the snowstorm. All the roads and lanes are sure to be filled with snow, and you can enjoy skiing on them. This could be your daily routine; you could easily benefit from the thrill of skiing on fresh snow. You could make this dream come true with Swain’s Slopeside Development program. The development features about 25 slopeside slots with a Ski in and skis out access to a trail that is soon to be developed. About 8 of these lots have already been occupied, and one new house has been completely built in this season. To become part of the Swain Family, try participating in this Development and make your wildest dreams come true.

What’s so special about Swain Resort?

Other than the fact that the staff at resort practically treats its visitors like family and ensure their stay is warm, they also offer anything you need. The staff is frank and always ready to help with a smile on their face. You can trust them with your belongings.

  • You can plan a trip with your family, friends or colleagues. The resort can make a special arrangement if you want to celebrate a special occasion. Treat your wife on your wedding anniversary by planning a trip to Swain and the Resort will help you throw a party or a romantic dinner for your wife. Whether it be a wedding, honeymoon or a birthday celebration, the staff provide with an exclusive buffet and decoration to make your day even more special.
  • The shop present at Swains is highly affordable and offers various products. Did you pack in a hurry or did you forget to bring a warm jacket? Do not worry; the shop has it all covered. You can buy a jacket from here which isn’t that costly and will surely keep you warm. You can even buy helmets, skis, snowboards and other accessories. The staff present there is ready to assist you in all ways possible. The shop is usually open from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. It is available on Thursday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday, i.e., the weekends, the shop is open from the morning at nine till 7 in the evening.
  • The Swain Team- the Swain Resort is pretty serious for people who want to up their game in skiing, it offers two options, a home team and a travel team. Both these teams work hard and practice daily for hours. People who practice in intermediate trails or advanced trails are allowed to join these teams. Or those who are serious about skiing are allowed to practice.
  • National Standard Race on Wheels Run is a thrilling race event. Anyone can participate in the race using a snowboard, ski, telemark or twin tips. The race happens almost on all Fridays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. All you have to do is reach the Start Building in the center of Wheel Runs; then you can enquire the helpful staff there to get you started. Race with other riders and have fun like never before.
  • The thrill that you get while ruching down the snow filled trails in a tube is breath-taking. This activity is not as serious as skiing and can be enjoyed with kids too. For kids under the age of 5 may enjoy themselves in the Gunny’s Gorge Little Tykes tube Hill.

Enjoy your vacation at the Swain Resort with a culinary delight at the Shawmut Grill or Mercer’s Café. Both provide you with food that is exquisite and tasty. Relax and enjoy as much as you can at the Resort and have fun. Remember to click funny selfies and make remarkable memories. You are sure to get hooked to Swain Resort and will be planning your next vacation trip here. So, go ahead, pack your bags and visit the Swain Resort with family and friends and enjoy the full range of fun activities on offer. With so much to do and enjoy, you and your dear ones can have a blast and return with memories to cherish forever.

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