Tegelberg Ski Resort:

Germany is a beautiful country in itself. Wonderful atmosphere, scenic beauty and amazing people make it a place worth visiting. And for the people who are in to winter sports, Germany is no less than heaven. Steep ski slopes are one hell of a ride, good enough for the ones who seek a rush in adrenaline. Though Germany is surrounded with a plenty of resorts where the skiing freaks can make their trip a memorable one, we are here with a special recommendation. We are going to suggest you a resort and you can trust us on this one. And the name is Ski Resort Tegelberg –Schwangau. Let’s get to the details.

Fun Facts First:

Do you know that Ski Resort Tegelberg –Schwangau is one of the top 10 sunniest resorts in Germany? No, you did not know that. Otherwise you would have visited this resort sooner. Do you know the average number of sunny days in a single season for majority of resorts in Germany? The average number of sunny days per season count to approximately 44. But Ski Resort Tegelberg –Schwangau offers you 55 sunny days which is 11 freaking days more than the average! Last one please. We are pretty sure that you don’t know this one either. Tegelberg brags itself as one of the 15 resort that are located on the highest elevation. And honestly my friend, it is not bragging if it’s true!



The Location:

Tegelberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2723 ft

Summit Elevation: 5643 ft

Vertical Drop: 2920 ft

Ski Resort Tegelberg –Schwangau is located in located in the beautiful German city of Ostalgau, Bavaria and when we say it is beautifully breathtaking, we mean every single word of it. The village of Bavaria has a wide range of tastes to offer. It starts from simple plain terrains and goes up to the snow covered peaks of the humongous Alps. Be it the winter hiking trails or skiing trails across the area, it has everything that can make your stay comparable to heaven itself.


The Season:

Like all the other ski resorts, Tegelberg has a season that lasts up to 99 days, just like all the other ski resorts in Germany. The season begins from the last week of December and usually ends on the last day of March. The factor that distinguishes it from rest of the pact is that it has a larger duration of sunny days, i.e. 55 days as compared to the conventional 44 days.



The Statistics of the Mountain:

Coming to the real deal, these details are good enough to fascinate anyone. The elevation of Ski Resort Tegelberg ranges from 2723 feet to 5676 feet. And not to forget the heart beat increasing vertical drop that is approximately 2953 feet. The total length of the well-groomed skiable terrain is 4.4 miles approximately. While it offers 1.8 miles of terrain which is specified as Easy and is well suited for the beginners, the more polished skiers can make use of the moderate patch of the terrain which is a good distance of 2.6 miles.

Tickets and Timing:

During the season, the resort opens at 9 in the morning and shuts down at 4:30 in the evening, accounting to a window of 7 and half hours. Coming to the monetary side, the ticket prices look nominal for all the facilities that are provided by Ski Resort Tegelberg. For an adult, one day pass will cost 28.5 Euros whereas for a young skier, the cost of the ticket will be marginally less, i.e. 25 Euros. For kids, 20 Euros is the cost they or their parents will have to bear for a single day pass. Talking about the lifts, there are 5 in total which is a good amount in itself. 4 of these lifts are T-Bar or Platter lifts capable of carrying 2 0r 1 person at a time, depending on the type. And then, there is the big fish. Ski Resort Tegelberg has an Ariel Tramway that can carry up to 40 people in a go. Wonderful, isn’t it? These lifts cover a total distance of 4 kilometers. And just to surprise you, these lifts can carry up to 4200 passengers in an hour which is a great number in itself. Also, there are plenty of hotels near this ski resort, so accommodation is not a problem as well. So if you have made your mind that ski trip is what you want to do this summer, our top recommendation is going to be Ski Resort Tegelberg. Happy Skiing!

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