Telluride Ski Resort-USA

Telluride Ski Resort: The Best Choice for Winter Vacations with Family!

Winter is that time of the year when the Mother Nature spreads its pristine white magic everywhere. It is the time to sip hot coffee and relish hot chocolate. One can enjoy reading an interesting book sitting near the fireplace. Only in this season can one enjoy making a snowman with the family and friends, and can also indulge in playing in the snow. In this holiday season, one wants to spend quality time with the family and friends.

During this time of every one searches for some awesome destinations for vacationing with family and friends. There are a number of options available, but some of them suit the need perfectly. One such place is ‘Telluride Ski Resort’ in Colorado. This is the perfect pick for some adrenaline pumping adventure in the snow.  Learn something new in these winters, hone your skiing skills. You would thank yourself later for such a rejuvenating and refreshing holiday.  It would give you a much-needed break from the monotony of your work life.


Telluride Statistics

Base Elevation: 8725 feet

Summit Elevation: 13150 feet

Vertical Drop: 4425 feet

The Telluride Ski Resort is located in the Mountain Village in the Colorado State in the United States. This ski resort is situated nearby the town of Telluride. The Telluride Ski Resort is built in the southwest region of Colorado, which has the San Juan Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. This ski resort is quite famous for various recreational activities it provides. Some of them include downhill skiing and also cross- country skiing. The Telluride Ski Resort is a perfect pick for the family vacation. It is a famous tourist spot because of its beautiful structure, perfect location and helpful staff.

Special Features:

The Telluride Ski Resort has a huge number of trails. It has 120 trails in total. The total skiable area in this resort is also huge, with as much as 2000 acres of area suitable for skiing. It also has the finest restaurants in its premises to cater to the different taste of the visitors. There is also a unique facilities for the visitors who wish to stay in the Ski Resort. It has luxury hotels and resorts too with a good number of rooms. The Telluride Ski Resort offers perfect hospitality to its visitors.

The Telluride Ski Resort has something to offer to every age group. It has a perfect balance of steeper pitches and rock features balanced, and center groomed path area. This offers a wide range of choice for the skiers visiting this ski resort. This Ski Resort also has an area specially dedicated to the needs of the visitors. It has a spa and wellness center, meeting spaces, restaurants and swimming pools too.

Some Facts:

The Telluride Ski Area at first was built by one of the famous businessmen of the Colorado region, “Joe Zoline” in the year 1970-1971. It was first opened on December 22, 1972, for skiers. Later, in the year 1978 it was bought by the duo of “Ron Allred” and “Jim Wells.” “Hideo Joe Morita” took over the ownership of the Telluride Ski Resort in the year 2001. Since the year 2004 “Chuck Horning” is the owner of this picturesque hill resort located in Colorado.

‘Runs’ and ‘Lifts’

The Telluride Ski Resort has many as 120 runs with over more than 2,000 acres or 810 hectares of skiable area. The Beginner level runs are about 23% of the total 120 runs, while 36% of the total runs are ranked as of Intermediate level, and the remaining 41% are of the Expert or Advanced level. This ski resort receives an average snowfall of approximate 309 inches or 789 cm in the winter season. The slope aspects in the various directions of this ski resort are about 50% in the North direction, some 7% in the South direction, about 33% in the West direction, while the East course has about 10% of slope. The Telluride Ski Resort has a perfect balance of steeper pitches and rock features balanced, and center groomed path area. This offers a wide range of choice for the skiers visiting this ski resort and this makes it one of the finest places to ski in the region.

The Telluride Ski Resort has more than 16 lifts. Some of them are ‘Chondola’ with a carrying capacity of 2000 people per hour,’ Race Hill’ with carrying capacity of 390 people per hour, ‘Village Express’ having carrying capacity of 2800 people per hour and ‘Polar Queen Express’ having a carrying capacity of 2400 people per hour. All the lifts in the Telluride Ski Resort close operations at 4:00 PM, the ones in the upper area close even earlier.

The Telluride Ski Resort has a very interesting facility by the name of ‘Free Gondola’ that ferries people to and from the town of Telluride and the Town of Mountain Village regularly. The Free Gondola system is first of its kind in the United States.

In the winters of 2004-2005, the Mountain Quail was inaugurated. It was opened with the aim of offering guided skiing and snowboarding programs in the most difficult terrains of the Telluride Ski Resort. The Telluride Ski Resort bought a luxury boutique hotel The Inn at Lost Creek in the year 2013. It caters to the needs of the luxury- loving visitors.

The Telluride Ski Resort has a number of restaurants to satiate the appetite and hunger of the visitors. This ski resort has as many as ten restaurants. Bon Vivant is a French Country Cuisine serving restaurant which was opened in the year 2011. This fine restaurant is located in the Palmyra Peak, and it also offers a scenic view of the southern part of the San Juan Mountains.

The Telluride Ski Resort stepped up their culinary game by appointing Sommelier “Andrew Shaffner” as the Wine Director of all the restaurants in the resort in 2014.

The Telluride Ski Resort bought an enormous retail space in the mid of the year 2015 to develop a commercial space specially dedicated for the convenience of the visitors.  This special area houses the restaurants, the fitness and spa center, commercial kitchens, meeting space, and banquet facilities. It also has a beautiful resort called ‘The Peaks Resort and Spa’ with a capacity of 177 guests. It has a huge foot spa and treatment rooms. This ski resort also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

In the year 2006, the Telluride Ski Resort acquired ‘Tempter House’ which is a private home, built on a high altitude. It ranks amongst the highest elevation homes in North America. This home is famous for its unique design and is built on an old mine site. It is built at an altitude of 12,200. At present, the ‘Tempter House’ is the luxury accommodation and is available for rent all around the year. It specifically caters to the need of the luxury-loving visitors.

With so many facilities to offer to its visitors, the Telluride Ski Resort has become the most preferred destination for skiing. In these winters give a treat to yourself and your family by planning a visit to this awesome place. If you want to feel the adventurous experience of a lifetime and want to make some lifelong memories with your friends and family, you should definitely visit the Telluride Ski Resort these winters. So what are you thinking, plan your next vacations to this awesome ski resort in Colorado and enjoy skiing in this beautiful hill resort!

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