Tenna Ski Resort-Switzerland

Tenna Ski Resort

Winter spells vacations and holidays. The season of winter compels us to take on a vacation far away in some distant land and soak up all the goodness of this season. We anticipate and patiently wait for this beautiful season all throughout the year and finally when it starts to approach, we make all the plans which would make our winter all the more special. I mean, who doesn’t love snow and what all we can do with it? We can go for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and when you are done with the traditional winter sports arena, you could always go for newer and more exciting means of winter sports such as tobogganing, snow tubing, winter hiking, cross-country skiing and so much more. The season of winter provides the optimal and perfect climate to experience all the good stuff. Imagine going for mountain hiking during the summers? In less than an hour, you would be soaking wet from all the sweat and dirt due to the hot and humid of the summers. But have you tried mountain hiking/biking during the winter? The feel of crisp, cold winds will make you forget all the worries in the world and leave you enchanted by the beauty of this season. 

About The Resort

So arriving at the subject of winters, let’s make you acquainted with a fabulous destination spot to spend your winters in. Located at 7106 Tenna, Switzerland, the Tenna ski resort is an ideal vacation spot for you to explore. Situated in the heart of Switzerland, the Tenna ski resort makes for a majestic view of the surrounding valleys and mountains and the green atmosphere around just makes it all the more fresh and enticing. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life, you would experience a natural aura as you step into this town. We are engrossed in the intricacies and details of our city life more too often to notice the bliss and peace which we can derive from a natural wellspring. The Tenna ski resort is THE place which will make you realize the benefits of reaching out and satisfying your emotional and mental desires, amidst the Swiss Alps, once in a while. 

The Tenna ski resort is precisely located in Surselva (Graubünden, Eastern Switzerland). The Tenna ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1660 meters (approx. 5446 feet) and 1780 meters (approx. 5839 feet). Hence, the exact difference between these two altitudes is an approximate 120 meters or 394 feet.    In fact, the winter sports region is centrally located between these two elevations which make it all the apter since it is given the advantage of height.

Skiing and Snowboarding Details 

All in all, the Tenna ski resort hosts a total number of 4.5 kilometers (approx. 2.8 miles) of ski slopes and trails. Perfectly groomed trails and ski runs are distinctly suited to provide entertainment for all the guests and tourists, whether a beginner or an expert.
For Beginners: A staggering 3.5 kilometers (approx. 2 miles) or seventy-eight percent out of the total 4.5 kilometers is awarded to beginners and amateurs. Such ski slopes and trails are designed accordingly to educate the first-timers about the basics of skiing and snowboarding. These trails involve mild to easy twists and turns and the only intent of these pistes is to make the beginner well-versed about the details about this winter sport.
For Intermediates: Out of the total 4.5 kilometers of pistes, one kilometer (0.62 miles) or twenty-two percent is reserved for the extensive use of intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These trails and slopes involve moderately challenging curves and natural obstacles which will provide ulterior entertainment to its users. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders will find such slopes and ski runs to be vastly satisfying and will experience the thrill and excitement with it. 

Although there are no separate trails and slopes allocated for the Expert skiers and snowboarders, a lot of the professionals and experts like to practice on the intermediate ski and snowboarding region to brush up on their skills and then proceed for some serious skiing adventure. 

NOTE: All safety precautions and norms are well-maintained by the staff and personnel of the Tenna ski resort in order to obtain maximum security and supervision for its guests and visitors. 

Solar Ski Lift 

The Tenna ski resort offers the only solar ski lift in the whole world as families and friends enjoy unlimited fun and frolic in the snow. In the age of excessive global warming and pollution, the Tenna ski resort has made an active attempt to reduce its dependency on non-renewable sources of energy and instead, opted for a ski lift, something that is a new venture in this region. This solar ski lift functions exactly the same way as a normal ski lift does but with the only exception of its power consumption. Nowhere in any other resort has this been initiated and such a move has been applauded by many. 

Ice Skating 

Old school winter sport? You got it! Ice skating is one of the oldest forms of winter sports that’s been around since ages. And why wouldn’t it be? You can have so much while skating! Visit the amazing ice skating rinks in the Tenna ski resort, all aimed to provide you ultimate joy and skating fun. Skate, fall, laugh and then get up again to skate because that is what you are here for. There are no rules for beginners or pros and everyone can just jump in with their family and friends and start skating!

Ski Touring 

Tenna Statistics

No wonder skiers and tourists from far afar travel miles to visit the Swiss Alps and perform to their heart’s content while being at the Tenna ski resort. Discover the Alps at its best and feel closer to heaven as you make every way to explore the mountains. Crystallized, powdered snow slopes and trails just waiting to be skied upon and as you make your descent, feel enthralled with the spectacular beauty that lies ahead of you. Six kilometers (approx. 3.7 miles) of slopes and pistes with an average time of five hours is one of the details about ski touring in the Tenna ski resort. 

Graubünden Passes  

Graubünden Passes helps you to travel around regions with ease and convenience and enjoy uninterrupted adventures. Guests and tourists are given the opportunity to choose whether they would like to travel in one region (One Zone) or take a pass to travel all the regions (all zones). Public transports and railways are available at the Tenna ski resort for you to travel to your desired location.

Valid from 01st January 2017 to 331st December 2017, two days with half tax, second class and all zones, pass costs CHF 86 per person. Valid from 01st January 2017 to 31st December 2017, two days with half tax, second class and one zone, pass costs CHF 57 per person. Valid from 01st January 2017 to 31st December 2017, five days with half tax, second class and all zones, pass costs CHF 131 per person. Valid from 01st January 2017 to 31st December 2017, five days with half tax, second class and all zones, pass costs CHF 87. 

Now that you know all the whereabouts of this resort, aren’t you just excited to go with the thrill and visit it once? It's Switzerland after all! So come on! Start packing and make your way to the heavenly abode of Earth! Have fun!

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