Thalerhöhe Skilifte-Germany

Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte:

  The time of the year which is most cherished by winter sport enthusiasts is from the month of December to the mid of March. The reason being arrival of the month of December means that the ski resorts will open up and people will rush to them in numbers and enjoy the sports offered. Such a delightful place to be during the season is Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte. Would you like to know the reasons to love this place? Let us enlighten you then.

Thalerhöhe Statistics

Base Elevation: 930 m

Summit Elevation: 1250 m

Vertical Drop: 320 m

Fun Facts First:

Do you know that Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte offers you a whopping 53 sunny days in a single season which is 13 more than the average of 40 days that other resorts in Germany offer you? Yes, you heard it right. Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte boasts itself as the few resorts that offer higher number of sunny days as compared to their counterparts. Do you know what snow depth is offered during the month of January? You will be pleasantly surprised after hearing this. Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte in the month of January offers an average snow depth of 13” at the base and 12” at the summit!

Where is Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte Located?

They are located in the German Municipality of Missen-Wilhams, Bavaria. If you are residing in the nearby areas, this is the ideal place for you to visit as a ride by car will quickly take you to the resort. For travelers coming from far away, the best thing is to reach Munich Airport first and from there, you can avail for a car or a bus or a train which will take approximately 3 to 5 hours for you to reach the resort. The distance and the time taken are a bit longer but we assure you it will be worth your time.

Mountain Stats and Season Specifications:

Very much like every other resort in Germany, the season here begins on 23rd December and ends on 26th March. This accounts to a fair number of 93 days. And as mentioned above, there are 53 sunny days on an average here at Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte which is no less than heavenly feeling for the winter sport lovers. This resort offers you a well groomed and maintained skiable terrain of 2.5 miles (around 4 kilometers). There are 2 grids- Easy and Intermediate. The slope which falls under the Easy category is 2.2 miles in length (around 3.54 kilometers) and the intermediate section is almost 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers). Overall, the terrains are wonderful for beginners as well as the people who have some hands on experience in the sport. The vertical drop is 235 meter which is fair enough considering the 2.5 miles ski slope. The slopes are equipped with floodlights as well making them suitable for low light conditions as well.

Lift Facilities, Tickets and Timings:

During the season when the resort is at its best, they open the facility at 9AM and the people can enjoy here till 4PM which accounts to a 7 hour window. Talking about the ski lifts, there are 3 lifts in total. 2 of them are T-Bar lifts and the remaining one is Rope Tow/Beginner Lift. The Rope Tow can carry up to 600 passengers per hour whereas; the two T-Bar lifts can carry 1000 people each per hour. This makes a total of 2600 passengers per hour who can go from the base to the summit. 1 day pass for an adult would cost you around 17.5 Euros and 14.5 Euros for Youth and Senior citizens. For kids, the pass will cost you around 13.5 Euros which is not a huge amount. If skiing is not the sport you want to participate in, then there are plenty of other choices as well. Ice Skating, Snow Tubing, Paragliding and Sleigh trips are also available for you, so rest is assured that you will not get bored here. Also, you can opt for a 7 kilometer winter hiking trail which is fun if you are with family or friends. So do not wait up and get to Ski Resort Thalerhöhe Skilifte before the season ends.

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