The Abandoned World Highest Ski Resort-News

Posted On: 19 Nov 2019


At 17,519 feet above sea level, the Chacaltaya Ski Resort was the higher than the North Base Camp of Mount Everest. For decades it held the record as the world’s highest ski resort, and the resort’s restaurant is still recognized by Guinness as the highest restaurant in the world.


The s Chacaltaya ski resort was opened in the late-1930s and for seven or eight months of the year, people came to ski and go sledding down the Chacaltaya Glacier, at least until the cold and extreme altitude made them return to lower ground.


In the 1990s, scientists at the Mount Chacaltaya Laboratory began to make some absolute predictions that by 2015, the Chacaltaya Glacier would be gone. As it turned out, they were being optimistic. By 2009, the 18,000-year-old glacier was completely gone. With the ice and snow melted, the skiers naturally stopped coming. The resort was soon shut down and abandoned, and its ski lifts shut down.

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