The Bill explaining the Protections for Ski Resorts Get a Thumbs Up from the Utah Senate-News

Posted On: 13 Mar 2020

Dan Hemmert, the Republican Senator proposed a move that would safeguard the interests of ski resorts. Pointing out how ski resorts are frequently prosecuted, the new update to the 1979 Inherent Risk to Skiing Act will provide a protective cover to the ski industry. According to Senator Hemmert, the decades-old policy needs to be updated for it to provide any relevant benefit in modern times.

In support of his move, Dan Hemmert explained the inherent risk that comes with undertaking a skiing exercise. A person is sliding down a snowy slope with rocks, trees, and even people in his path. It doesn’t take much to understand that “things can happen,” expressed the senator. Hemmert suggests that reviving the Inherent Risk to Skiing Act with an update will bring Utah on the front with its surrounding states.

This recent update caps the amount for damages a ski resort can be sued at 1 million dollars. Dan Hemmert intends to bring the Utah Association for Justice and Ski Utah in the scene to add additional versions of protections in the act.

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