The Planai & Hochwurzen Ski Resort-Austria

Winter Love in Austria- The Planai & Hochwurzen Ski Resort


As the name suggests, Winter Love in Austria is definitely a magical experience and every person alive on this planet would be blessed to have witnessed this fabulous country. Austria is one of the very few places on Earth which possesses the unique mix of traditionalism along with the aspects of modernity. Every season celebrates a different theme of natural beauty which clearly defines the versatility and refreshing environment of this country. Nonetheless, winters are especially a common favorite of many as the snow-clad Alpine range creates the possibility of several Snow Sports such as skiing; sledding, snowboarding, snow tubing, snow hiking, etc.


Having mentioned all that, it can rightly be said that Austria is an ideal destination for a vacation which you have meant to take for a long while. As the first month of the New Year 2017 is gradually coming to an end, why not explore this beautiful country? Make your journey toward the amazing ski resort located at Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen Gesellschaft m.b.H., Coburgstrasse 52, 8970 Schladming, Styria – Austria and the enjoy the picturesque view of the Alpine range as you indulge in “snowful” activities. The Planai and Hochwurzen are the key entrances to the mountain ski region of Schladming and overlook the entire Styrian Enns Valley. Because of its modern amenities and facilities, the Planai and Hochwurzen hosted the World Championships in Alpine Skiing, the Junior World Championship, the Special Olympics World Games as well as several other international events. So basically, you are in for a treat!



Details about the Planai & Hochwurzen


Planai & Hochwurzen Statistics

Base Elevation: 2444 ft

Summit Elevation: 6253 ft

Vertical Drop: 6809 ft

The Planai & Hochwurzen offers a massive expanse of 123 km (76 miles) of skiable slopes (also snow-making slopes) with 1 Terrain Park and an exclusive 1 mile of night-skiing terrain. There are 44 modern cable car and lift facilities, 56 culinary restaurants, and cafes, and finally, it is perched at an elevation of 2444 ft (745 meters) at the base, 3543 ft (1080 meters) at the vertical drop and 5987 ft (1825 meters) at the summit. Now, let’s get you familiar with the ski slopes!


Skiing Adventure


For Beginners: Out of the total number of skiable slopes, 34% belongs to amateurs and first-timers that are just getting acquainted with this form of sport. Not everyone is a seasoned skier. There are some who do require assistance when learning their first steps in skiing. These trails will surely help them practice and familiarize with this sport.


For Intermediate: A total of 60% of skiable slopes is allotted to the intermediate or medium-level skiers who are technically familiar with the sport of skiing but still require additional practice to call themselves an expert. They can manage the slightly difficult twists and curves that are present on these types of slopes.


For Experts: 6% of skiable slopes belong to the expert and seasoned skiers. The trails in these slopes are fairly challenging and require a high degree of practice and patience. Expert skiers are ready to tackle these formidable runs of slopes, and they will definitely find them satisfying.




Winter Hiking


For all those adventure freaks out there, winter hiking in the Austrian Valleys of Planai & Hochwurzen is a must-do. Explore the snow-covered mountains and hill tops and immerse yourself in the peace and bliss of the Alpine range. You would want to purchase the Winter Hiking Ticket here at Planai so as to enjoy unlimited and free access to all the nooks and crannies of the mountains. For four days, winter hiking ticket for adults costs 76 Euros and for children it costs38 Euros. Prices range up as you increase the number of days.


Race Tracks and Speed Action


The Planai & Hochwurzen offers this fun-filled and adrenaline punching Racing section which allows you to ski down the slopes and hills and also record your time and distance. The Fast Sprint Section is furnished with permanent speed measurement and keeps a record of all your races. The permanent racing sections provide25 direction gates, a 120 meter (394 ft) height difference, and ski timing records just like the World Cup does! So there you go, race alone or take a friend with you to enjoy the best racing experience!



Learn to Ski and Ski Rentals


Ski schools here at Planai are available to teach all those who are willing to learn. Irrespective of their level skiing, whether a beginner or an expert, these ski schools are equipped to teach you the best and also help you advance your methods and technicalities of skiing so that you ace further.


Ski equipment purchase, as well as rentals, is available at Planai & Hochwurzen, and there is a special discount of 5% for all the registered customers who wish to make an online reservation. Prices of ski equipment range according to the different varieties and specifications, such as the Ski Set Economy costs 193.50 Euros which includes a basic ski set consisting of the ski boards, ski sticks, and ski shoes whereas the Ski Set Premium costs 240.30 Euros including the same three components but of course of a superior quality. So come and grab your purchase!

Season Tickets and Passes


With these season passes in your hand, you are entitled to wide access in the entire sporting region of Schladming-Dachstein (Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen, Reiteralm, Fageralm, Stoderzinken, Galsterbergalm, and Ramsau am Dachstein).By doing so, you are able to enjoy 760 km (472 miles) of slopes and 270 cable cars and lifts with 25 ski locations in 5 ski regions. Season tickets cost 537 Euros for adults, 377 Euros for under-25 guests, 209 Euros for youths and 140 Euros for children. These are the prices of pre-season sale tickets, and online reservation of such can be made for your convenience.

Lift Tickets


Lift tickets are a must-have when you visit any skiing location because they are the key to travel to your preferred locations and without which you would not be able to avail the facilities therein. Prices of lift tickets are kept as during weekdays, ticket prices for children (2001-2010) cost 23.50 Euros, for juniors (1998-2000) cost 35 Euros and for adults (1997 and backward) cost 46.50 Euros. During weekends, ticket prices for children cost 16 Euros, for juniors 26 Euros and adults 46.50 Euros. During half-day tickets, ticket prices for children cost 17.50 Euros, for juniors 26.50 Euros and adults 35 Euros. For 2-day passes, the child passes cost 46 Euros, Junior passes cost 69.50 Euros, and adult passes cost 92.50 Euros. For 6-day passes, the child passes cost 116 Euros, Junior passes cost 174 Euros, and adult passes cost 232 Euros.




The area of Planai & Hochwurzen provides an array of hotels and lodging Facilities for their guests to retire after a splendid day of adventures sports and skiing. Here is a small look at all the recommended accommodation facilities:


Hotel Schladming- Falkensteiner: Based on customer reviews and feedback, this hotel comes highly recommended, and it also caters to every convenience and requirement of its guests. Located in the heart of the city, this hotel has access to several tourist attractions, and accommodation at this hotel starts from 1,398 Euros which includes three nights and the day ski pass.


Aktivhotel Rohrmooserhof: This is also another fabulous hotel choice which is located very close to the mountains and slopes. The price of accommodation and lodging at this hotel starts from 306 Euros and goes up depending on your room of requirement.


There are several other hotels situated in this location and Planai & Hochwurzen is home to many locally established lodging facilities at reasonable prices and packages.


Now that you know all the details about Austria and the Planai & Hochwurzen, do not delay a minute longer and start packing your bags and plan ahead to visit this beautiful and breath-taking country. Because with so much on offer here, you cannot afford to miss out on the all the fun. Right from skiing and snowboarding and other fun activities, you can have a great time at this ski resort. So, visit the place with your family and friends and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Have fun!

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