The Sudden Onset of Mumps Virus leaves More than 19 Employees at Keystone Ski Resort Infected-News

Posted On: 3 Mar 2020

It seems viruses are the new enemies of humanity. After Coronavirus put the world in chaos, now it’s the Mumps that’s become a major concern. Keystone, a ski resort in Colorado has reported 19 of its employees that have been infected with the Mumps virus. Due to its highly contagious nature, the number of infected individuals is still on the rise. How many non-employees and visitors have come under the fire of Mumps is still unknown.

Mumps virus attacks the cheeks and jaw area of the infected. The condition is very painful and a common occurrence of fever and fatigue is also seen. This virus has a very inconsistent nature, as in 2014, only 4 cases of Mumps were reported but in 2017, the number swelled to more than 80. Now in 2020, 19 cases have come to light, even though the year has just begun.

Sara Lopez, the nursing manager with Summit County Public Health, said the number of infected will most probably fluctuate as they go forward with the investigation. The MMR vaccine that is provided to people during their childhood was earlier seen as a definite protection against mumps, but some recent research showed that the vaccine in some cases diminishes with time.

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