The Summit at Snoqualmie-USA

Spend your Vacation at The Summit at Snoqualmie and Create Wonderful Memories

Have you watched ‘Frozen’? The breathtaking snow mountains, beautifully falling snow and snowflakes, pine trees, peace and tranquillity and all of it has made us fall in love with winters. Before the movie was released, the mere idea of winters was painful, chilly days with minimum sunlight and slight exposure leading to a cough and cold; that is what the winter meant. Also, the days are dull as there aren’t many activities to do in such weather. Laying on the couch and watching movies gets annoying after a certain amount of time. But the Movie had a unique perception of the weather. The obvious lesson of the movie was to show what real love is and also, overcoming any hurdles in life. But other than that, it also taught us to enjoy the snow.

“The cold never bothered me anyway,” that’s what the winter is about now. Enjoying creating snowmen like Olaf or creating snow fairies in the fallen snow, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow horsing and most importantly the snow fights are some of the activities that can brighten up your day in the winters. The funny one liners from Olaf had us dreaming of a snowman as real as him, and even the children try to create a snowman like him. Now, since the winter is coming, one can definitely plan a trip in the hilly areas and ski and snowboard for as long as they want. A family trip, a couple’s getaway or even an outing with friends on the mountains is one the best holidays one could ever plan.

Where should one head to for creating wonderful memories and experiencing pro skiing area?

Snoqualmie Statistics

Base Elevation: 2840 feet

Summit Elevation: 3865 feet

Vertical Drop: 1025 feet

It is very crucial for everyone to choose a place that provides the best services possible. Otherwise, your trip can be ruined, and the vacation wasted. One of the best skiable areas and the perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding could be The Summit at Snoqualmie. It is a wonderful winter resort at the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. Unlike many other ski resorts, its services are not mediocre; it provides alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and also snow tubing experiences.

The resort consists of four base areas which were once separately owned and operated. The resort is now owned by CNL Investment Properties, Inc and nicely managed by Boyne Resorts. The resort located in the Northwest United States is 80 km East of Downtown Seattle and on Interstate 90. There are a number of activities for one to enjoy at the resort with culinary delights to thrilling skiing experiences in the mountains.

What’s so interesting about the resort that makes it unique and the best place for skiing?

The resorts that are usually available for skiing has a vast skiable terrain with various trails to conquer. The Summit at Snoqualmie is quite different with four skiable areas under one roof. The Summit is divided into four bases each named the Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central and Summit East.

The total skiable area available is 1,994 acres which consist of incredible scenery, trails, and fun filled activities. The Back Bowls and Backcountry terrains have 523 acres and the lit terrain for night skiing is 541 acres. There is 14% beginner’s level terrain, 45% intermediate terrains, and 41% advanced terrains.

The area also consists of two terrain parks and total 113 trails. The base elevation of Alpental is 3,140’, Summit Central is 2,840, Summit West is 3,000’, and Summit East is 2,610’. The Vertical drop for Alpental is 2,280’, Summit Central is 1,025’, Summit West is 765’ and Summit East is 1,100’. The Summit Elevation for Alpental is 5,420’, Summit Central is 3,865’, Summit West is 3,765’, Summit East is 3,710’. There is a total of 26 lifts, out of which five lifts are at Alpental, nine at Summit Central and Summit West each and three at Summit East.

The Alpental

It is one of the four bases and is the only one situated North of I-90. The base has backcountry terrain and excellent skiing area with many steep trails. The Alpine Back Bowls are an expert level terrains and require honed skills to play on.

History- Two Tacoma Businessmen named Bob Mickelson, and Jim Griffin built the Alpental in 1967. The two businessmen studied the area before building it into a skiing terrain. Surprisingly, they found that the area was too steep for skiing. The area was then turned into a challenge for skiers. Governor Dan Evans officially inaugurated the area in early December in 1967. As the years have passed the Alpine has grown significantly. Thrill seeking adventurous skiers look forward to the skiing area and practice their skills. The Olympic Gold medalist Debbie Armstrong has practiced in the steep slopes of Alpine and honed his skills perfectly.

• Summit West

It is the ski area that has one of the simplest terrains only for the purpose of fun and relaxation. Families with young kids can enjoy on this base with easy and convenient trails to ski on. This is a beginner’s level terrain. The best way to learn skiing (if you don’t know how to) is from the first class beginner package. The package will introduce you to all snow sports and activities. Not only is this offer flexible but it is also easily affordable. It includes multiple lifts tickets, rental equipment and lessons, all at an unbelievably low price.

History- The Summit West was formerly a known city park called the Municipal Park in 1933. Soon the town people realized that Snoqualmie Pass was too far to have a city park. The area was handed over to Ski Lifts Inc. which then turned it into a fun beginners ski area. Summit West, over the years, has become famous among the people in Seattle to learn skiing and use it for beginners. “The Beach” was created primarily at the Summit West. It is an outdoor plaza or a gathering place. Other Summits also followed and got it installed.

Summit Central


Typically the most crowded terrains, the Central provides a variety of activities and terrains. It provides the simplest of slopes with steep slopes for highly skilled skiers and snowboarders. It also has a large terrain park and half pipe and used to host many events throughout the season.

History-  In 1948, Ray Tanner purchased 350 acres of private land East of Snoqualmie Summit and converted into a skiable area called “Ski Acres.” Later, in 1980, the Ski Acres was combined with Snoqualmie Summit by Ski Lifts Inc. Since then, the area has progressed tremendously and now serves as a hub for Summit’s operations. It offers a variety of terrains for skiers and snowboarders and is available seven days and six nights of the week in the winter season.


Afraid to ski as you’ve never done it before? Don’t miss out on all the fun and adventure just because of this. 49 Degrees North resort offers both winter and summer training, private lessons, group lessons, adult lessons and lessons for children. You can opt for adventure multi-week lessons, explorer multi-week lessons or Holiday Camp. The resort also offers Rental and lessons package combined.

• Summit East


It is the easternmost bases of the four and is easily accessed via the I-90 exit. The area was formerly known as “Hayk.” The area provides the skiing area for all intermediate and advanced runs. The area is specially groomed for glade skiing and is truly an adventurer’s paradise. Adjacent to this area, there is free cross-country skiing area at the Lake Keechelus at the Iron Horse Trail.

History- The beginnings of the Summit East date back to the late 1930s. It was then called the Milwaukee Ski Bowl. The area has incredible landscaped vistas and glade runs which attract people not only from nearby but also far away.

After all the fun-filled activities you can relax and dine on the mountain. The food provided will treat your taste buds and make you want to eat more than you normally do. Moreover, you can visit the nearby town and shop for gifts and souvenirs. The resort offers all kinds of services with an ever helpful staff. The Summit is full of surprises like the snow tubing activity. Sliding down the snow in a tube and rolling off into the slope, the experience is one of a kind. After, all the activities, you are sure to plan another trip to the Summit for your next vacation. Just remember to stay safe and enjoy the winters while you can!

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