The Terror of Mumps Grows Further as the number of Infected Employees rises to 26-News

Posted On: 12 Mar 2020

All is definitely not well Keystone Ski Resort with the Mumps infection on the rage. Earlier, there were 22 cases of employees that were infected with the Mumps virus. However, recently the number just rose to 26 when 4 more employees were reported to have fallen ill due to Mumps. This has become a major concern for the authorities due to the highly contagious nature of the virus.

Although Mumps is no new thing in the territory of the United States, its continuous spread has certainly become a cause of worry. At the present moment, there is no certain evidence that explains the spread of Mumps infection. But it is highly speculated that it may be due to the people are in close proximity to the ones who suffering from Mumps infection. As for the cure, the MMR vaccine is still considered to be the most potent solution for the Mumps problem.

Currently, health officials are trying to minimize the spread by taking necessary measures. It is highly advised that if a person develops symptoms like tiredness, fever, loss of appetite, headache, then he/she should pay a visit to the nearest doctor.

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