Thunder Ridge Ski Area-USA

Thunder Ridge Ski Area: Experience the Best of Winter, on the Best of the Mountains!

Winter is a season that introduces a distinct sort of beauty in people’s life, in the form of cold winds and white snow! How about enjoying every bit of it this year? Team up with your loved ones to have a fun filled day when the first snow hits the ground. Make them your partners in crime and take delight in the beauty it has to offer on the mountain top. Create unforgettable memories this season and look back on them for a lifetime. Head to Thunder Ridge and glide down the mountain in full glory. Relive your childhood memories and leave your stress behind to explore the joys a season can bring to your life. Ski and snowboard your way down to the mountain and experience what true freedom really means!

About the place!

Located at Patterson in New York, Thunder Ridge is truly one of the most accessible mountains from anywhere in the US. It is merely a one hour drive from New York City and a 45-minute ride to Greenwich. Thunder Ridge Ski Area is an ultimate winter destination for those who seek an enthralling time with their loved ones. Although a small mountain with a base elevation of 770 ft. and a peak elevation of 1270 ft., it stands tall in its own right with its warm hospitality. With three lifts and 22 trails – 40% beginner and intermediate runs and 20% advanced runs, Thunder Ridge might be a small mountain, but it is also the one that gets etched in your hearts with its amazing features and exceptional services.

Thunder Ridge Statistics

Base Elevation: 770 feet

Summit Elevation: 1270 feet

Vertical Drop: 500 feet

Lift tickets

Lift tickets for Thunder Ridge start at $52 for adults and $37 for juniors. Night lift tickets start at $25 for everyone from Mondays to Thursdays, and $30 on Fridays and Saturdays. For unlimited fun moments throughout winter, get a season pass for you and your family. The tickets start at $419 for adults and $269 for juniors as well as senior citizens; season passes your golden ticket to mind blowing fun on the snow!

Moreover, these season passes will help you to hit the slopes at discounted rates at other ski areas as well, such as Plattekill Mountain, Windham Mountain, Gore Mountain, Whiteface Mountain, Catamount Ski Area and Butternut Ski Area. Thunder Ridge ensures that your enjoyment quotient doesn’t get restricted by spaces around you. Explore a wide variety of terrains over different mountains and get the perfect winter experience with your loved ones!

Fantastic lodges

Thunder Ridge’s beautiful trails are an adventurous delight for anyone who loves a challenging descent down the snowy slopes. And if skiing or snowboarding for a single day is not enough to quench your thirst for adventure, you can enjoy your preferred offer of ski and stay packages by Thunder Ridge. Stay at one of Thunder Ridge’s partner lodgings and avail a discounted lift ticket.  Choose from Thunder Ridge’s numerous neighboring hotels and inns offer one of the best packages for ski and stay so that happiness comes with comfort and luxury at your disposal!

Skiing at Thunder Ridge has become even more exciting. Thunder Ridge’s new terrain parks feature long flat rail, small flat rail, trapezoid rail, long flat box rail, rainbow box rail, mini box rail and two tires. Take a detour from the mundane daily activities of life by entering the picturesque beauty of Thunder Ridge. Watch people conquer the snow or channel your restless energies by exploring the snow covered trails yourself. If you haven’t ever skied or snowboarded before, a team of professional trainers is at your service. Personalized attention makes it easier for beginner skiers to master the skiing skills in no time. This is what makes Thunder Ridge Ski Area one of the best places to hang out with your family and friends.

Lessons to get you started

Thunder Ridge offers private as well as group lessons. Choose according to your preference and get ready to face the easiest trail to the most challenging ones. At Thunder Ridge, spend your day among the snowy hills and trails, and return to a comfortable lodging and a sumptuous dinner at night. Thunder Ridge’s cafeteria is just the right place to be at if you crave a cup of hot chocolate or a large bowl of delicious homemade soup. Get all the comfort of your home away from home at Thunder Ridge!

Thunder Ridge offers quality rental for skiing, snowboarding and much more. These rentals and equipment come for people of all ages, and in all shapes and sizes. The best part about Thunder Ridge Ski Area is that you can rent helmets with any skiing and snowboard rentals without any extra charge! Skiing rentals (Skis, boots, helmets, and poles) are available at $39. And Snowboard rentals (Snowboard, boots, and helmets) are available at the same price. Individual rentals come at less expensive rates. Thunder Ridge’s rentals come without a single hassle. Quality, efficient rentals are the most important part of any snow sport, and Thunder Ridge makes sure that you get only the best, whether it’s the sport or the rentals. The price of the rentals are quite affordable too, and hence, visitor-friendly.

If you are one of those visitors who like to keep, the skiing accessories as memorabilia with you throughout your life, shop for them at Thunder Ridge’s ski shop instead of renting them. Gloves, hats, goggles, stomp pads and much more, you name it, the ski shop has it! Take back not only the skiing accessories but also memories in the form of equipment on your way back home. Thunder Ridge’s ski shop sells not only the outfits and equipment to you so that not only you can hit the slopes without any trouble, but also do so with a renewed vigor.

Safety first!

At Thunder Ridge, your enjoyment on the slopes is as important as your safety. Hence, Thunder Ridge’s technicians at State- of- the –Art Tuning Centre work on your skiing and snowboarding equipment, sharpen and wax them so that your equipment are the last obstacle between you and your ultimate winter experience! The qualified technicians at Thunder Ridge will prep up your gear before even the smallest race or championship on the snow.

They have tuned equipment for Junior Olympic Racers and High School Racers. Their services extend to the neighboring mountains as well. The level of professionalism and precision is unrivaled across every ski destination in the US. The way safety of visitors is managed at the Thunder Ridge Ski Area is what makes it one of the best skiing and snowboarding areas in the region, attracting thousands of tourists every week during the winter season.

Thunder Ridge isn’t just the perfect winter destination, but also a place where you can enjoy yourself to your heart’s content throughout the year. With Liberty Paintball, 350 acres of challenging terrain turns into a battlefield for people who seek adventures with colors. Thunder Ridge’s courteous staff ensures that you have a smooth experience out of this enthralling sport. With the playing area located at the central of the mountain, the main highways become easily accessible. Moreover, the indoor heated staging areas and bathrooms are a plus point for paintballing. Streams, ravines, and trenches give a distinct impression of a real life adventure!

Witness the quaintness in the magnificence of a snow covered mountain. Be a part of an experience like no other.  Thunder Ridge is the ideal place to go if you wish to escape the hullabaloo of city life. With so much on offer, Thunder Ridge Ski Area is truly one of the best in the region, providing fun and enjoyment second to none. With a mountain that resembles a paradise, with views that take your breath away and with services that enhance the quality of your winter holidays, Thunder Ridge has it all, and more!

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