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If you think that just sliding down an ice covered mountain is skiing, then you are completely wrong. Like any other sport, skiing requires skill, passion, courage, enthusiasm and in return it gives you a feeling of amazement and achievement at the same time. This is the feeling that you will never forget and this feeling makes you come back again and again. Skiing and snowboarding have always been a popular snow sport for many years now. The reason for their popularity is you have fun doing it no matter how many times you try it. You can decide either to do it alone or in a group. You can learn the skills and be an excellent skier or just be a rookie and have mountains and mountains of fun. It is all up to you.

Timberline Statistics

Base Elevation: 6000 feet

Summit Elevation: 8540 feet

Vertical Drop: 3690 feet

The only skiing area in North America that you can visit all around the year is none other than Timberline Lodge. It is located near the top of an 11,245 foot volcano, which is also the tallest mountain in Oregon region. The vertical drop is amazingly of 3690 feet which change to 2616 feet during the summer season. The top elevation is of 8540 feet and a base elevation of 4850 feet. The place is meant for all. The Timberline Lodge offers a vast area of 1415 acres of skiable area, and the place has five lifts in operation for its visitors. Out of the five lifts, 1 is triple chair, 1 is doublechair, 2 are surface lifts and 1 is passenger snow cat. This provides the Timberline Lodge a total uphill capacity of 9869 people per hour. So go through the statistics, be impressed and drive up to here for a fantastic weekend.

Season for all

Timberline Lodge is proud of offering the longest skiing opportunity in North America. The winter season, to be precise starts as early as mid-November and successfully carries on through Memorial Day. The presence of Palmer Express high-speed quad lift allows the lodge to remain opened even far along into the summer season whereas other resorts are closed by then (usually June 1st through Labor Day). For many years now the Lodge has also been opening for fall skiing as well, which includes the Fridays and the weekends in themonths of September and October if there isn’t snowfall. The Palmer lift is operated only during the Spring and Summer seasons. Whereas during the winter months, the Timberline Lodge offers snow cat rides to reach to the top of Palmer if the weather is favorable.

Trails for All

The Timberline Lodge offers a total of 41 trails. These trails are divided according to the experience level of guests. The variety in trails allows every guest to find a suitable trail to ski according to their comfort.

Beginner’s level – out of the total 41 trails 25 % are easy ones. They are meant for beginners.  So that people new at skiing can learn and have fun too.

Intermediate level – out of the total 41 trails 50 % are of intermediate level. They are meant for those skiers who have tried skiing and had some skills. These trails will enhance their skill level to the next level.

Advanced level – out of the total 41 trails 25 % are of advanced level. This level is for expert skiers. But even then the skiers will feel the challenge.

If you are in search for the best freestyle terrain parks on Mt. Hood, then Timberline Lodge is the right choice. They maintain multiple terrain parks all through the year with jibs, jumps, and pipes to keep it fun and challenging. Also, the place has Palmer Snowcat by which the guests can catch a ride to 8,540? on Mt. Hood. When Palmer Snowcat is operated, it can open up 3,690 vertical feet of skiing and ride area – right from the top of Palmer to the bottom of the Jeff Flood Express.


Lessons are valuable if you are a beginner. They are also important if you want to enhance your skills. So at Timberline Lodge, they feel proud of their professional instructors. You are going to be in safe hands learning and honing the finesse of skiing. The first step is to know what level are you at. Instructors will help you by testing your skills. Through this, they can fairly judge your skills and as to your level. Next thing that you have to choose is whether you want to learn in a group or in private. Some of you will be extroverts and will love group lessons with new people and make new friends. Some people may prefer to take up individual lessons to master the craft to perfection and get the undivided attention of the instructor. So, first take up individual lessons and when you are confident enough then switch to group lessons. The lessons available are –


Ski & snowboarding lessons are available in a fun group setting. This lesson is for everyone. If you are new to skiing, good at skiing and want to get better, already an experienced skier but need to warm up and anyone else who intends to learn with new people. You get to learn but also make new friends.


This lesson is for those who desire to learn in solace. It is the ultimate practice in ski & snowboarding lessons. You get to design your own coaching session so that you can feel the difference and can go at a pace you are comfortable with.This is the best way you can get away with your fears and learn skiing.


Give your young ones the gift of learning snowboarding or skiing through these lessons designed especially for their age group. Meanwhile, you can relax by the fire or take pleasure of the scenic beauty around you, but the lessons include adult supervision. The lesson is for skiers and snowboarders age 4-12, seven days a week.


Timberline Lodge offers one of the finest rental equipment like skis from Atomic, K2, and Rossignol and snowboards from Burton and K2 for you to rent. If you already have the equipment but it needs some repair then skilled technicians at the lodge can tune, wax or repair your gear as you desire.

Other activities

MAGIC MILE SKY RIDE is one of the most popular and on demand summer event. It includes a ride on the Magic Mile chair lift to the mountain’s 7000? level with no effort of no skiing or snowboarding. It gives you the chance to capture the spectacular panoramic views.

Home away from home

The Timberline Lodge offers you warm and comfortable rooms to stay. The rooms are warm, and variety is there to fit into your budget. The rooms are –

Historic Lodge Rooms

Timberline Lodge is a National Historic Landmark. It has 70 guest rooms which includes a variety of luxury rooms and the spacious king fireplace rooms and European chalet rooms. Whichever room you choose the place guarantees you 100% authentic Timberline.

Silcox Hut

Silcox Hut is located at 7000 feet and is just above the main lodge. It provides perfect rooms for groups looking for a private and yet unique experience. The stay at this amazing mini-lodge shall include a dinner, lodging, breakfast, and round-trip transportation. The transportation is from the main lodge through snow cat or Magic Mile Chair Lift.

Timberline Lodge is truly an exceptional place to visit along with family and friends. Not only do you get to enjoy the picturesque views of the majestic mountains and also get to have fun enjoying amazing snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your gear and get ready to visit the amazing Timberline Lodge this winter and make the most of your vacation time!

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