Titus Mountain-USA

Titus Mountain: The Dream Spot for Skiers

Nestled in the northeastern corner of New York, lies a beauty covered with abundant of natural fluffy powdered snow carpets set over the entire family friendly ski resort. The adorable beauty and the chilling doldrums of the mountain make it an excellent place where wandering over the lifts or the slopes of the Titus; one shall find themselves among skiers, racers, and snowboarders. The love for skiing is in the air of the Titus. Titus is a passion, an obsession which makes every skier learn the phrase rightly said by someone “The slopes are calling, and I must go”.

About the Place

Years back in the late 1940s, the Johnson family decided for a thrilling winter adventure and made their winter a little bit more fun. They decided to construct a rope-tow in one of the hills, powered by a wheel of an old retired Buick sedan. Not much later, their neighbors explored the joy of sliding slopes without the need of climbing back! This was the start that led to the establishment of a ski center.

In the year 1960, Moon Valley was made open to the public providing various recreation facilities and solution to escape chilling doldrums of the winter. Later the Moon Valley was sold in the year 1980, and it came under the ownership of Mr. Paul Augustine, who was responsible for changing the name of the Moon Valley. Thus, the Titus Mountain got its name. It was his constant effort and guidance; Titus grew its trail network finally to its summit. The ski center also introduced added lift and base facilities, modern snowmaking and grooming facilities and most importantly providing an unmatched value in the friendly family setting.

Leaving behind a fine legacy, Mr. Paul Augustine passed away in the year 2011. Later, the ownership rights of the Titus were passed to the Monette family of New York. The Titus has undergone a lot of improvements to the efforts of the Monette family that is still continuing to make Titus an excellent place. The place is visited by people from all over the region, thanks to its amazing location and numerous fun activities on offer.


This popular ski area lies to the north of New York and 11km south of the Malone village. Boasting of a vertical of 1350 feet, a base elevation of about 825 feet summit elevation of 2,025 feet, Titus Mountain is a part of Adirondack which includes ten lifts of which two triples and six doubles are included accessing their trails.

So, if you are living somewhere near to this region and want a great ski vacation, Titus is an apt place for the same. You can escape the chilling winter doldrums with the stay and ski packages provided at the Titus. Not only this, but Titus also covers from shopping to dining, eating to sleeping, ensuring you a comfy and wonderful vacation.

Why Titus?

Titus Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 825 feet

Summit Elevation: 2025 feet

Vertical Drop: 1200 feet

Mesmerizing view of the beautiful slopes, the chilly snowy winter in Malone provides a full advantage for adventurous and daring snowmobiling and exciting and exhilarating skiing. Titus is a place that brings skiing to life.

While wandering at the learning hill of the mountains, one can easily spot children bustling with joy and wonder and their face lighting up with excitement as they scoot over to the beginner’s lift and the conveyors catches and whisks their skies as if they know magic. One could sense the feeling of accomplishment and determination when they watch over little kids makes turns and tumbles.

Although nowadays, the advanced skiers are no longer allowed to make their whip over the learning hill, they may be found testing their fortitude and balance surrounded by parents, instructors helping them experience the thrill experience of snow sport.

Skiing in the Titus means no points, no judgments or no competition. If you are skiing in the Titus, your only competitor is none but you. All these features make Titus Mountains one of the best places to visit and enjoy the various winter sports like skiing. The Titus Mountains attract a large number of tourists specifically because of this reason.

Lifts and Trails

The Titus has a total of 10 lifts. There are two 3 Passenger chair lifts, 1 Tubing Tow surface lift, 6 two passenger chair lift and the newly introduced Magic carpet. All these lifts provide about 50 features compatible for every level of ability.  Every lift outside the learning hill provides services of at least one green or beginner trail, one blue or intermediate trail and one black and difficult trail. The lifts never bring any separation among the good and the great skiers. One could only sense the thrill of adventure among the skiers. Once you place yourself in the Titus lifts you become one among those skiers rambling flowing skiing like magic.

Lacking of the lift line wait is one of the most commented things when it is at the Titus Mountain lifts. Neither corral lines nor singles line are present in the vast and wide terrain of the Titus. When you place yourself in the mood to embrace and sit on a chair, soak yourself in the exquisite beauty of the pearl colored snow that is encrusting the trees and slopes all over and then leave the lift. And, now choice is yours!

Titus has over 40 trails, three parks, 11 glades and one Snow Tubing park features. Ungroomed areas popularly known as the “Forever Wild” are scattered all over the Titus where the skiers can enjoy skiing in the natural outdoors just like the way nature intended. The Glades offering skiing is often seen riding off the path. There are three terrain parks spread across the mountains. All these pack up to provide a chilling and thrilling experience to the visitors. Wait! There is more. You could even ski in the lower mountains at night till 10 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with your friends and loved ones.

After skiing, what now?

After an excellent experience of skiing in the mesmerizing beauty of outdoors, you can comfort yourself and cozy up in the famous Lower Lodge. Looking around you would find snowboarders and skiers of all ages. The youngest season pass holder for Titus Mountain is two while the oldest is 91. You would find families, couples, groups of friends and even solo skiers all bounded with the love of skiing. Moreover, the food at the Lower Lodge is mouthwatering utterly delicious.

Titus Mountain is rightly said to be a family friendly ski resort. It begins with the basics of skiing to the swirl and twirl of the expert skiers. The bone-chilling cold of outdoors has almost null effect on the skiers and snowboarders. Skiers leave themselves to the snowy breeze of the terrain. The feeling of peace solidarity and warmth in your soul always felt deep inside the visitors. It’s nothing but all about being what you are, and that’s what is called skiing, and that’s where the life of the Titus begins.

Whenever you walk through the snowy powdery slopes, you feel like walking through the paths of your home. And, you feel like exploring more and more from smaller to bigger things providing you enough base to strengthen up your skiing ability as if the slopes of the Titus know that you want to experience new exciting things. The more and more you ski at the Titus the more and more you keep creating some unforgettable memories all that would warm up and cherish for the rest of your life.

With so many adventurous activities on offer for you to enjoy with family and friends, Titus Mountains seems the perfect place one wants to be. So, go ahead, pack your gears and visit the Titus Mountain with your dear ones and make the most of the upcoming winters. Have fun!

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