Ski Resort Todtmoos:

We have always laid an emphasis on how important Germany is when it comes to the winter sport section. With multiple destinations to woo your senses, Germany has some of the world’s best winter sport locations. The country has produced many gold medal winning skiers which are valid enough to prove that it is the breeding ground for winter sport champions. But every champion starts small and this is why we are going to take you to a joyride. Today, you will get a glimpse of a small wonder, a hidden gem in Germany that you never noticed. We are talking about Ski Resort Todtmoos. This place has a lot to offer when you talk about thrill, adventure and good family time. Let’s begin the ride.


The Location:

Todtmoos Statistics

Base Elevation: 2426 ft

Summit Elevation: 4134 ft

Vertical Drop: 1673 ft

Located in the beautiful Ferienwelt Sudschwarzwald, Freiberg-Germany, Todtmoos is a marvelous ski resort. If you are worried about how to reach here, let me tell you that connectivity is not an issue here. You can reach the resort by bus, train and airplane. There are 4 airports located near to Ski Resort Todtmoos, namely Basel/Mulhouse, Stuttgart, Zurich and Friedrichshafen. Intercity railways are available as well but the best bet here will be opting for a Car as it will be economical as well as most flexible means of transport.


Best Season to Visit:

Unmistakably like in rest of the other resorts in Germany, season at Ski Resort Todtmoos begins from 17th December and concludes on 19th March. The average number of sunny days in a season is 38 days. This is where Ski Resort Todtmoos comes as a surprise package. Per season, there are 49 sunny days here at Todtmoos. Wonderful, don’t you think? The more, the merrier.



Statistics of the Mountains:

The beautiful Todtmoos lies in an altitude range of 663-1263 meters. It means that this offers you a breathtaking vertical drop of 1969 meters which is a jet-packed joy ride. The ski slopes are 5 kilometers in length and are divided into two segments. The Easy grid is around 4 kilometers (around 2.5 miles) and is a fantastic place, to begin with. The 1 kilometer (almost 0.6 miles) which is labeled as Intermediate is a good turf to show off your skiing skills if you have some hands-on experience. The best snow coverage can be seen during the month of January and hence, during that time, sports such as Skiing and Ice Skating are at its peak during that time.

Tickets and Timing:

In a season of almost 99 days, Ski Resort Todtmoos remains open from 9AM to 4:30PM as they boast 11 more sunny days as compared to most of the other ski resorts in Germany. The opening timings can sometimes vary depending upon the external conditions and holidays, but usually they follow the time table properly. Talking about the ticket, adults have to pay an amount of 19 Euros and children have to pay only 12 Euros for an entire day which is very nominal compared to many other resorts. Talking about how to reach the peak of the mountain to slide back down, Todtmoos has a good way to figure things out. There are 4 ski lifts that take people from the base to the summit. These are all T-Bar lifts and are capable of carrying a huge number of passengers on an hourly basis, i.e. 4000 passengers per hour. In addition to that, you can enjoy 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of cross-country trails as well as 30 kilometers of Winter Footpath which can make a solid family outing possible. Also, there are multiple lodging facilities available near the resort, so you really do not have to worry about the accommodation issues. For beginners, the facility of ski classes is also available at the resort and as we know the terrains is well on the easier side; this ski resort is perfect if you are new to the sport. And if you want to have a place where you can enjoy the sun more than the rest, you know that Todtmoos is your destination to be. So get ready with your ski gear and hop in to that car, because a lot of fun lies ahead of you.

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