Torfhauslifte Ski Resort:

Talk about any winter sport and the first name that comes to your mind is Germany. After all it is one of the best places in the entire world to enjoy sports like skiing, snowboarding and snow walks. And who can forget the sleighs that remind you of Santa! If you are new to the sport of skiing and want a place to start with, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Today we are going to introduce to Torfhauslifte Ski Resort and when we are done, we bet you are going to love this place for sure.



Where is Torfhauslifte located?

Torfhauslifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 2428 ft

Summit Elevation: 2690 ft

Vertical Drop: 262 ft

Located in the beautiful Harz Mountains, Central Uplands of Germany, Torfhauslifte Ski Resort is a small wonder in every aspect. Ways to reach there? They are plenty. Firstly, you will have to reach any one of these nearest airports, namely-
Berlin (TXL). Hannover (HAJ). Leipzig (LEJ). Hannover and Leipzig are the closest airports to the resort and after reaching there, you can take a car which will take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Hannover Airport and 1 hour 40 minutes from Leipzig Airport. Talking about the train connectivity, there are no direct trains to the resort, so cars are your best bet from the airport to the resort.


Why to choose Torfhauslifte?

We have the perfect answers to this question. Do you that Torfhauslifte Ski Resort is listed among the top 5 family friendly resorts located in Lower Saxony Village? Also, did you know it is one of the 5 resorts located at the highest elevation in Lower Saxony? No my friend, you did not. If you located in Lower Saxony, this is one of the best 5 resorts who offer the best snow conditions of the season? Plentiful reasons here and you were so ignorant about it. Ignorance is not Bliss every time, you see.



Statistics and Season:

Typically, the skiing season at Ski Resort Torfhauslifte begins from 5th of January and ends on 19th of March, making it a 73 days season which is around 3 weeks short of the ideal skiing season. But the main reason behind it is that the best availability of snow is during the month of January making it an ideal choice for the customers. The elevation range of Torfhauslifte Ski Resort is 2428 and 2690 feet, i.e. 740 meters t0 820 meters, therefore giving you a vertical drop of 262 feet from base to summit. The length of the ski slope is around 800 meters (0.8 kilometers) and the difficulty level is on the easier side making it the perfect destination for beginners and new learners. Accommodation is not an issue here as there are plenty of low priced hotels, holiday apartments and holiday homes available.

Lift Details and Pass Prices:

Being a small resort in itself, Torfhauslifte Ski Resort fancies a single lift. The lift is a T-Bar type in nature and is efficient enough to carry up to 1000 passengers to the top from the bottom in time duration of 1 hour. If we talk about the tickets, the prices are very economical as this is a small resort. For an entire day, an adult will have to pay 18 Euros whereas for children, it is just a matter of 13 Euros. The ski resort opens up at 9AM and closure for the day is at 4:30PM. Parking is free of cost, so no need to bother about the parking charges. Also, if you want to engage in activities other than skiing, there are multiple options available to grab you attention. You can try Snow tubing, paragliding, and sleigh trip, winter hiking trails and Ice Skating as well. So if you are a new to the sport, or want a peaceful trip where your family can accompany you, then trust me, Torfhauslifte Ski Resort is waiting eagerly for you.

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