Skiing Paradise on Earth – Tremblant!

When it is the weather for sweaters, put them on along with your ski gears and go all the way down the snow to feel that fresh burst of nature. To let you have such an amazing experience Tremblant Ski Resort Area stands in Canada with its arms wide open in order to welcome you. This ski resort is nestled in a municipality in the Canadian province Quebec. With an average snowfall of about 156 inches per year, Tremblant not only provides the area for skiing but it is also famous for its various golfing, dining, and shopping centers.

Tremblant Statitics

Base Elevation: 755 feet

Summit Elevation: 2871 feet

Vertical Drop: 2116 feet

Tremblant also provides a heavenly experience within the pedestrian village that is located at its base. Also, the Tremblant ski area is an easy ride from Montreal which is only 80 miles away from it. The facility of snowmaking is also available in Tremblant. Apart from these, Tremblant also reveals to us the panoramic views of Laurentians Mountains through its beautiful gondola rides.

Tremblant is a really beautiful place with its paradisiacal views and the thrilling experience that it provides through the various ski and snowboard adventures. Further, the resort is located close to the major towns and cities in the region, making it easily accessible from all these places. This ensures that the resort attracts a large number of visitors every year during the winters.


Tremblant provides a large skiable terrain which is about 654 acres wide. The 481 acres of large space is provided for snow making purpose. Also, there are three terrain parks in total. The longest run that Tremblant provides is of 4 miles.

The highest elevation that is the summit elevation of this mountain is of 2870 ft., the base elevation is about 754 ft., whereas the vertical drop is about 2116 ft.

There are about 14 lifts in total. These lifts include three gondolas, five high-speed quads, one low-speed quad, two triple chairlifts, and three surface lifts. All these lifts act as a connecting link between the ski points along with providing scenic beauty to the eyes.

As far as the runs are concerned, Tremblant ski area offers 96 runs in total which is a lot. These runs are divided into different categories depending on the difficulty level of skiing. 21% of the total is reserved for beginner skiers. 32% of these runs are for the intermediate level skiers. The advanced skiers have access to 36% of the runs and as for the expert level skiers; they have access to about 10% of the total runs. Thus, the place has quite a decent terrain on offer for skiing enthusiasts where they can enjoy a lot with their family.

Events and Activities

When it comes to the different activities, Tremblant remains ever ready to shower its guests with the exciting fun. There is a wide-ranging variety of activity that keeps the people enthralled in its charm. The panoramic gondola ride is one such breathtaking activity.

Birds of Prey show which allows the tourists to admire pretty and spectacular birds is also a beautiful activity apart from the obvious skiing. The lunch trio activity gives the people an opportunity to have lunch on the shores of Lac Tremblant. The beach and tennis club, non-motorized boat rentals are also among some striking activities.

These activities also allow one to climb impressive floating icebergs. Eurobungy, climbing towers, Acropark (with six different types of suspended bridges and games), mini-golf course, bike rentals, luge, electric boats, and access to pools and baths are also provided.

As for the events, there are many events organized by Tremblant, but two of these events are major ones. Festival Rando Alpine Tremblant is one such major event. It is a heaven for the outdoor sports enthusiasts. This event includes touring at dawn in order to witness the beautiful sunrise. Fat bike races and races around the mountains are also a part of this amazing event.

The Burtonel Nino is yet another famous event of this place. This is an event for kids under the age of 12. Special skiing lessons are given to them in this event. You can avail one of the available lessons to get a good hold over the basics of skiing, which in turn will help you in enjoying the sport even more.

All these events and activities make Tremblant a fun spot for all sports enthusiasts.


When it comes to spending the vacation at a ski resort, the lodging facility is the first thing that people look up to. Tremblant comes up with a variety of lodging facilities. A number of lodges, hotels, cottages, and guest houses are located within reach of the resort.

At the heart of the pedestrian village, on the mountain, or on the golf course, these lodgings provide the privilege of free activities. Kids under the age of 17 have the plus point of living free of cost in these lodgings only if an adult accompanies them. The best price period is also available under the policy.

All these lodgings and the facilities that they provide aims at making the stay of people that come from around the world to visit Tremblant, a happy and comfortable one.

Lessons and programs

The experts of Tremblant are always ready to guide the tourists no matter what. Be it winter or summer, they are always happy to help. They offer rental equipment as well as guide the people in their needs.

Also, certain lesson programs are also provided by the Tremblant ski resort. These include the Tremblant Snow School which allows a priority access to the lifts. Personalized services are also provided and that too in small groups. The certified instructors make it easy for the people to enjoy the mountain to its fullest.

Adult group lessons, kids group lessons, learn to ski and ride programs, mother nature camps, ski weeks and snow weeks, private and semi-private lessons, Summit club, freestyle programs, children ski racing program, telemarking Saturdays, and instructors in training are all a part of the lessons package.

Tremblant Golf Academy located on Le Diable ranks among the best in Canada and all of North America is also available in the lessons and program section of this ski resort. The professors are certified, and the facilities are of top quality. It has extensive and premieres facilities spread across 16 acres of land. Driving range for 65 golfers and seven bent grass target greens are also included in this lesson. Golf shelters with room for six are also available in the Tremblant Golf Academy.

All these lessons and programs aim at developing the techniques of an individual not only in the field of skiing but also in golf. These programs work for the betterment of a sports enthusiast and also aids an individual in the refinement of his/her use of equipment and the tricks related to it.

Tremblant ski resort provides all that a snow lover or a sports enthusiast or even a lover of nature can ask for. From its beautiful snow to the adventure of skiing and other activities and also to the captivating beauty of nature and the dreamy sceneries of Laurentians Mountains, Tremblant has it all. You cannot ignore it in any way because this place is capable of capturing your attention and that too all of it.

There is a lot more that could be said about this beautiful place. Words are not enough to describe its magic and charm. Only the ones who have witnessed it can understand the true beauty of this place. So, there must be no waiting and no second thoughts if it is Tremblant that you are thinking about. Grab your passes and book your tickets for this amazingly beautiful place. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out visit this place. Visit Tremblant Ski Resort and have fun with your near and dear ones!

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