Tschappina Heinzenberg-Switzerland

Tschappina Heinzenberg 

Winters are the time of the years when all we want to do is cozy up and drink a hot coffee. But winter offers you a multiplicity of options to live to the fullest and enjoy yourselves to the brim. You could swim in an ice hole, crunch powdered snow under your feet, go skiing, have fun on your snowboards or take a vacation far away from home in a snowy paradise with the people who matter to you the most. Let a vacation rejuvenate you and act as a respite from the monotony and humdrum of a city life. Engage in adrenaline infused adventure and spend your summer escapade at glee!
Located at the highest situated community on Heinzenberg, Tschappina is one of the most beautiful ski resort towns of Switzerland. It enjoys a considerable number of sunny days, has enough snow throughout the year and is extremely friendly to families and tourists visiting and scouring the area. It is set against the most beautiful mountain in the world and visitors win a stunning view of the mountains against the slopes and witness the slopes sparkling in the sun. 

Resort Details

The ski resort town of Tschappina Heinzenberg is located between the altitudes of 1400 meters (4593 feet) to 1850 meters (6069 feet). It is perched at an elevation of 629 meters (2066 feet) at the vertical drop and 2179 meters (7152 feet) at the summit level. The elevation of the resort base is 1549 meters (5085 feet). The region is serviced by an efficient range of ski lifts, cable cars and aerial ways to help visitors and tourists travel up and down the slopes in an almost effortless manner. It might be a small ski resort town, in comparison to others, but it is an extremely fine and well-groomed town that is bent on giving you the most authentic experience, ever.

Skiing and Snowboarding Facilities

The ski resort of TschappinaHeinzenberg has extremely smooth, well-maintained and easy to reach ski slopes that match the expertise of every level of skier. Though it is a small ski resort town, it has a lot to offer. It offers a sunny top beside perfectly prepared pistes that cover a stretch of 25 kilometers (15 miles), hiking trails of 20 kilometers (12 miles), toboggan running trails, one terrain park and snowboarding stretches. These slopes are floodlit and also allow night skiing adventures. There are skating courses, dog sledding trails, and country skiing trails laid out for the pleasure of the tourists. Let us take a quick glance at the facilities this unique ski resort town provides:

For Beginners: Out of the entire 25 kilometers (15 miles), a total of 4 kilometers (2 miles) are available for beginner skiers. These slopes are designed to be easy runs so that learning to ski is an enriching experience as well as an exciting one. The easy runs form around 16 percent of the total skiable area provided. 

For Intermediates: Out of the entire 25 kilometers (15 miles) of skiable area available in TschappinaHeinzenberg, a total of 21 kilometers (13 miles) have been provided for the intermediate learners. The blue runs cover most of the skiable area provided. They form 84 percent out of the total stretch available for skiing. There are wide pistes with rocky edges, the ones receiving enough sunlight to allow efficient skiing and fun throughout the year. 

For Experts: The small ski resort town doesn’t have much opportunity for expert skiers who are looking for challenging slopes and black runs. They could, however, find some of the difficult slopes spread throughout blue runs in places. It is believed out of the total skiable area, ten percent of the slopes are challenging and difficult, meant for the very experts at the sport.

The ski resort of TschappinaHeinzenberg has well-groomed slopes and perfectly prepared pistes all set to give you the best winter fun filled a vacation. It allows night skiing for night owls and adventure lovers. You could also go for hiking trails, toboggan runs, snowboarding, and dog sledding. A sunny spot amongst the snow, it has natural snow all throughout the year besides thanks to the state of the art snow creating systems available, you can have one of the richest experiences of your life.

Learn to Ski

Are you worried to miss out on the fun because you don’t know how to ski? You’ve no reason to worry as this place abounds in skiing schools which offer a multitude of courses to all age groups, throughout the year. You can take group lessons with your friends and families in groups of 4 or 6 and push yourself to achieve the very best. For more personalized and individualistic learning, you could also opt for private lessons, provided on the basis of prior engagements. A private lesson for an adult comes for $59 for a period of 50 minutes. A group lesson for an adult comes around $40 for half a day. Class lessons are also divided on the basis of the level of expertise of skiers. There are different courses to suit your need and make your learning experience an exciting one. 

Tschappina Statistics

Base Elevation: 1577 m

Summit Elevation: 2180 m

Vertical Drop: 603 m

Ski Lifts

The region of TschappinaHeinzenberg is serviced by an efficient system of aerial airways and ski lifts to help travelers and skiers move up and down the slopes, throughout the day hassle-free. There is a total of 8 lifts traversing the entire 25 kilometers stretch of slopes laid out for skiing and other trails. It has 4 ski lifts, 4 t-bar lifts, and 1 people mover to aid tourists in the area. They have a total capacity of carrying 3800 passengers every hour. The 8 ski lifts are laid out across 6.1 kilometers (3.7 miles) of slopes. The price of a ski lift pass for an adult is US$34 and that of a child is US$20. You could also get a two-day pass, which is subsidized and cost effective. Or if you’re planning for a long vacation that allows you unlimited tours, you could get a 6-day pass which should come around US$157.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

The small yet fine ski resort of TschappinaHeinzenberg abounds in a number of lodging facilities. You get a multitude of options to choose from. You could put up at luxury hotels, youth hostels, sports hotels, other fancy stays or at very affordable places. All these places have their own unique charm and importance. They are equipped with modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, a variety of cuisines to choose from, spacious beds, spa and sauna services, warm hospitability and are in close proximity to the slopes. Let us have a look at the hotels most recommended by tourists.
BerggasthausBeverin: If you’re a mountain lover, this is the place to be. It is especially suited to hikers, bikers and the one who have an adventurous streak in them. A standard room for two costs for a night costs around US$200. 
GasthausAlpina: If you’re looking for a respite, the secluded location of this family-oriented hotel might be the best for you. It has stunning views of the mountain and snow slopes. A standard room for two adults for a night cost around US$110.

Tschappina Heinzenberg is the ideal destination whether you want to have some thrilling time going down the slopes or even if you seek solitude. You can visit the resort with family, friends, or as a couple – doesn’t matter as you’ll have a lot of fun here. It has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it truly a family-friendly place. From thrill-filled sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. Plan your trip, book your tickets, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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