Tschiertschen Ski Resort-Switzerland

Tschiertschen Ski Resort

Winter spells a different meaning for every individual. Some may find winters a season to stay all bundled up in front of the fireplace and some may find joy from being outside, snowmaking and playing in the snow. In the divine words of Pietro Aretino, “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” indeed winter forms a different emotion for different people. It is the season which allows us to make joyful memories especially during our childhood and how we reminisce those golden days. Whether it was sledding in the backyard or building a snowman with a carrot for its nose and buttons for its eyes, winter has always been about those fond memories prevailing in our childhood. No wonder we try to recreate those joyous moments with our children and grandchildren in order to travel back in time, even if it’s just for a limited period. The joy of spending the winter with family and friends brings about a warm emotion in our hearts. So together, let’s make this winter a season to remember a lifetime!
In case you are wondering about holidays and vacations during winter, well you are definitely on the right track! Take a break from your chaotic city life and venture out into the world to explore different countries and their specialties. You only live once, why not make it count! Located at Gemeindehaus, 7064 Tschiertschen, Switzerland, the Tschiertschen ski resort is situated at one of the heavenly abodes of our world- the Switzerland. The ski resort is based in the Arosa Holiday Region which is to the east of Switzerland and boasts of one of the most exquisite locations on this planet. You will find all the essential facilities and amenities prevalent in this resort and be amazed at the surrounding beauty that lies ahead of you. It’s not every day that you get to visit such a majestic country like Switzerland and once you do, you will be glad to realize that it was all worth it!

Know your Resort

The Tschiertschen ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1350 meters (4429 feet) at the base and 2400 meters (7874 feet) at the summit. The winter sports area is precisely located in between these two regions. All in all, there is an exact difference of 1050 meters (3444 feet) between the two altitudes. The Tschiertschen ski resort aims to provide you with the best winter sports activity in this region of Switzerland. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics 

At the Tschiertschen ski resort, there is a total of 27 kilometers (approx. 17 miles) of pistes and ski runs and each ski slope is groomed and maintained to perfection. A total of four ski lifts is available for guests and visitors to transport them to the desired locations. The resort understands the importance of delivering quality skiing and snowboarding experience and hence, it makes sure to do that with its every guest.

For Amateurs: Skiing and snowboarding can be a difficult experience for first-timers and beginners unless properly guided. So out of the total number of 27 kilometers, 12 kilometers (7.45 miles) or forty-four percent has been awarded to amateurs and novices. Such skiing paths and slopes are formulated to teach the first-hand experience to beginners and novices. 

For Intermediates: From the total 27 kilometers, 13 kilometers (8 miles) or forty-nine percent is reserved for the extensive use of intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Such trails and slopes involve mild to moderate curves and bend so as to help the intermediate athlete advance in their practice further. These trails are for the effective supply of entertainment as well as a growth potential for several intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

For Experts: Expert skiers and snowboarders rule the surface of skiing and snowboarding with their fabulous trips and tricks. Out of the total number of 27 kilometers, 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) or seven percent has been allocated for the professionals and the proficient. These trails and slopes involve formidable and arduous levels of twists and curves since such alterations can only be tackled by connoisseurs of skiing and snowboarding. 

NOTE: Rest assured, the staff and personnel here at the Tschiertschen ski resort are extremely imposing about abiding by the safety regulations and concerns and thus provide a holistic environment for the visitors and tourists.  

Winter Hiking Trails

How many of us have ever gotten the opportunity to go winter hiking or snowshoeing through the thick layers of vast snow? I know I haven’t! The Tschiertschen ski resort organizes a systematic method of helping us enjoy the naturalism that the world has to offer. The view of the breath-taking Swiss Alps covered in glistening snow and the large expanse of wide white land waiting to be traveled upon- such luxuries are only to be found in the dense lap of nature. Witness the freedom of the valleys and mountains and hike through one of the most spectacular landscapes in the canton of Graubünden.

Natural Snowpark 

All of us have been to parks, but have you ever visited a natural snow park, that too in Switzerland? The Tschiertschen ski resort offers you the beauty of a natural snow park which also gives you the opportunity of unlimited skiing and snowboarding adventure. The park is open for all, beginners and professionals alike and you can try out your skills or maybe just flaunt it enough to form a crowd! And if you just wish to take a break, then sit back, relax and enjoy the madness that unfolds right in front of you with world-class skiing professionals showcasing their talents!

Ski Rental and Sports Shops

The Tschiertschen ski resort realizes the struggle of bringing your skiing and snowboarding equipment and carrying it everywhere. And so, it has set up provisions of ski rental shops as well as sports shops for the convenience of its guests and visitors. For those who wish to rent quality skiing and snowboarding equipment, head down over to the ski rentals section and those who wish to purchase sports amenities and stuff, make your way to the sports shops, both of which are located just near the valley station. 

Fun for Children

Tschiertschen Statistics

Base Elevation: 1350 m

Summit Elevation: 2400 m

Vertical Drop: 1050 m

Apart from all the pistes and slopes, the Tschiertschen ski resort has made provisions of ultimate skiing and snowboarding fun for all its young and aspiring athletes. A natural ice field, also known as a magic carpet, for skating, curling and much more is available for the exclusive use of children and kiddies along with the creative Pinocchio lift which helps to transport its young passengers from one place to another.

Day Tickets and Prices

Day tickets and passes help you to enjoy uninterrupted skiing and snowboarding adventure here at the Tschiertschen ski resort. Half-day (from 9.30 am-12.30 pm or from 12.00 pm- 16.15 pm) ticket prices for adults cost 39 CHF, for juniors cost 26 CHF and for children cost 13 CHF. 1-Day ticket prices for adults cost 49 CHF, for juniors cost 49 CHF and for children cost 16 CHF. 2-Day ticket prices for adults cost 95 CHF, for juniors cost 63 CHF and for children cost 31 CHF. 3-Day ticket prices for adults cost 140 CHF, for juniors cost 93 CHF and for children cost 46 CHF. 

4-Day ticket prices for adults cost 178 CHF, for juniors cost 119 CHF and for children cost 59 CHF. 5-Day ticket prices for adults cost 208 CHF, for juniors cost 139 CHF and for children 69 CHF. 6-Day ticket prices for adults cost 233 CHF, for juniors cost 155 CHF and for children cost 78 CHF. Season passes for adults during the peak season cost 625 CHF, for juniors cost 420 CHF, for children cost 210 CHF and for seniors cost 531 CHF.

Family packages for one adult and one child/junior cost 785 CHF, for one adult and two children/juniors, cost 945 CHF, for 2 adults and one child/junior cost 1410 CHF, for 2 adults and two children/juniors cost 1570 CHF and for two adults and three children/juniors cost 1730 CHF. 

Now that you are all well familiar with the details of the Tschiertschen Ski Resort, I am sure you must be bursting with excitement to visit this beautiful country and an even beautiful amazing ski resort. So head out for this journey and get ready to be amazed at the sight of pristine nature and its accompaniments. Have fun at the Tschiertschen Ski Resort!

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