Touring Turnau-Schwabenbergarena – For the best every skiing experience!


Winters are usually known for lazy afternoons, hot cup of coffee and lots of sleep. This winter, why not try something different, something that wakes up the adventure lover inside you? Yes, there are number winter sports that can take part in and have adrenaline pumping in your body. This winter, do something adventurous – go skiing with your near and dear ones.




About Turnau And Schwabenbergarena


Turnau-Schwabenbergarena is a small town, a hill station even, nestled in the district of Bruck-Murzzuschlag, located at the north of the Land of Styria. It also serves as a ski resort and is truly a sight for sore eyes with its beautiful lakes that reflecting the lush green scenery of the picturesque Turnau-Schwabenbergarena. It is a lucid location with views and landscapes worth being called nothing short of awe-inspiring. It has the perfect blend of flora, fauna, aqua and the montane spectrum. If you are one for pretty pictures and jaw-dropping physical settings, then Turnau-Schwabenbergarena is definitely the place for you.


Turnau-Schwabenbergarena may not be as big as some of the ski resorts or ski areas in Austria, but you will find it to be welcoming and give you a cosy feel. There is a lot to do so make sure you pack for a week at least!


Lifts, Tracks, And Slopes


Turnau-Schwabenbergarena Statistics

Base Elevation: 780 m

Summit Elevation: 1280 m

Of course, you have to also be one for winter sports, mainly skiing, if you want to grasp the essence of the town. The highest skiing point of the resort is 1,280 meters (approximately 0.79 miles) and the lowest clocks in at 780 meters (which is around 0.5 miles). There are three ski lifts, all three in working condition. These are individual tow lifts from base to top of the ski area, so to commute with bigger groups is a little bit of a hassle, but shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. The slopes cover about 12 kilometers (7.4 miles), giving the skiers a wonderful platform to portray and apply their skills. The season for skiing specifically for this year (including winter 2016) is during 8thDecember 2016 and 12thMarch 2016.


The timings best suited for skiing is anywhere between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. These timings are also when the slopes are open for skiing. These slopes are marked by bases of difficulty. The light/easy slopes cover 1 kilometer (0.6 miles), the medium slopes cover 4 kilometers (approximately 2.4 miles), and difficult/heavy slopes cover 1 kilometer (0.6 miles). Depending on your skill level, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can pick and choose which slope will be best suited for your style of skiing. If you do not have any experience skiing, do not fret as some guides and trainers will be happy to assist you with the basics of skiing. The slopes are freshly groomed and well maintained, wide so you can freestyle to your heart’s content. These slopes are also wide to accommodate skiers flocking in groups, so they do not lose them.


There are two sections to Schwabenbergarena, the valley to middle station and middle station to mountain station, through which you can access the highest point of the ski area and in turn, access the slopes. If you have children who want to partake in the winter sports fun, then families are advised to take the lower grounds as it has child-friendly and favorable lifts (disc lifts); also making it very convenient for the families.


With the placidity lakes, swaying trees, and the snow-cloaked peaks, Turnau-Schwabenbergarena is one of the best spots for skiing, snowboarding, sledging or even a nice relaxed vacation. You are sure to fall in love with the pairing of Turnaus scenic tranquillity and the high-speed action of the winter sports.



There are several different prices depending on the duration you want to spend skiing along with your family and friends. The tickets cost ranges from about 16 Euros to 29 Euros. There are low family holiday half-day prices that you can avail at certain times. The duration is divided into hours, and as every hour begins, the cost is added to your subtotal and at the end of your skiing session; you are required to pay in full amount. The costs stay consistent unless there is a tariff or tax hike in the annum.


Although a little bit pricey, the tickets are completely worth it, skiing in the smooth Turnau-Schwabenbergarena snow.


Equipment/Gear Rental


Turnau-Schwabenbergarena boasts of a local rental with the most modern equipment used for skiing, snowboarding, and sledging. The gear rental has a wide range of equipment you can choose from. You can find equipment of any size and pick the one that suits you and is compatible with your skiing/snowboarding style the most. The rentals prices are reasonable and fair, acquiring cost on an hourly basis. You can foretell the hours to the keeper and pay as your session expires. If you are not an expert skier and don’t carry your own skis, this is the best option for you to fall back on.





There are a few hotels you can stay at if you are deciding to stay for a considerable amount of time, whether you are traveling in a group or alone. Here is a list of some of the best quality hotels and inns you can crash at, in Turnau-Schwabenbergarena.


To start the list, there’s the Hotel Restaurant Seeberghof. Located in the Seewiesen area, this restaurant plus hotel can do more than just accommodate a large group of tourists. Since it is also a restaurant, it provides with fine dine and local delicacies. They provide with 32 beds, and all the basic amenities you will need for your stay at Turnau-Schwabenbergarena.


The next location is in Lanzenweg. Guesthouse on Lanzenweg is a holiday home with eight beds. So if you are coming along with a joint family or are on a reunion trip with old classmates, renting out this adorable cottage home would be in your best interest.


Saving the biggest and the best for last, the JUFA Hotel Veitsch is a big inn with 150 beds, catering, furnishing and a lot more. There are 42 rooms, all well-furnished and equipped with a children’s play area, a climbing area for adults, a gymnasium, billiards table, tennis court, indoor pool with a slide, a recreational area, internet café, a normalcafé and so much more! The JUFA Hotel Veitsch is the best and most accommodated inn/hotel due to its endless supply of amenities, luxuries, and facilities. This hotel also has facilities for ice skating and tobogganing. The prices range from 40 euros to 70 euros, depending on how many people are staying and for how long. If you want to splurge a little and add a tinge of luxury to your trip, then do consider the JUFA Hotel Veitsch as an option.




Dangers you might encounter while skiing is snowstorms and avalanches, although the forecast for the day is usually accurate. However, one cannot be too cautious. Snowstorms are unpredictable, but they are not unavoidable. Make sure to always have an eye out for a nearby station so you can check for snow storm warnings. It is similar with avalanches. Since it is a mountainous area, avalanches are just waiting to happen. Make sure you do not stray from the group or general crowd and check for stations. These precautions are for your safety from any dangers in the snow.


Right from skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and a wide range of other activities on offer for you, you cannot afford to miss out of all the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your skiing equipment and book the passes. Visit the picturesque and pretty Turnau, and let the cold winds caress you. The scenic views invite the eyes, whereas the mountains call to your feet.

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