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Ski Resort Unterberg-Pernitz:


Do you know 3 of the greatest skiers in the world, i.e. Hermann Maier, Marcel Hirscher and Toni Sailer- All hail from Austria? Lying in the laps of The Alps, 62 percent of the country is covered with mountain ranges. And this is the reason why Austria holds a prominent position in the world of Winter Sports and has produced many great athletes over the period of time. They are a force to reckon with when it comes to alpine skiing. Multiple medals and accolades in the sport of skiing and numerous championships as well, they have established themselves pretty high due to their love for the sport.


There are plenty of destinations in Austria that encourage engagement in Winter Sports as almost half of the country’s population participates in alpine skiing.


And today, we will recommend you a wonderful destination that will lift up your mood and get your spirits high. We are talking about Ski Resort Unterberg-Pernitz. It is a splendid place where you can have the time of your life, so get to the details and thank us later.



Where are we located?


Unterberg-Pernitz Statistics

Base Elevation: 710 m

Summit Elevation: 1342 m

Vertical Drop: 632 m

The location of Ski Resort Unterberg-Pernitz is in the Wiener Alpen, i.e. The Viennese Alps and the best part is you can reach this place in just about an hour if you are putting up in Vienna. Cool, isn’t it? The place is located in The Alps, so the question is do we really need to remind you how beautiful it is? It is an absolute stunner when it comes to scenic beauty and will mesmerize you the moment you see it. The 16 km stretch of the ski resort is well maintained and is highly suitable for families as well.


From Vienna, you just have to board the local bus service that is very frequent at an interval of 30 minutes. These buses take approximately 60 to 70 minutes to reach the ski resort.


The Best Time to Visit:


As all European ski resorts offer it, the best time to visit Ski Resort Unterberg-Pernitz is from early December to mid of March, i.e. you get around 3 months of time which is a pretty decent thing. During the season, the resort opens at 9 in the morning and shuts down around 4 in the evening, but the timings can vary depending on which day of the week it is, either it is a public holiday or not and factors such as holidays.




The Ski Slopes and their Specifications:


Now this is something every skier wants. Long terrains to practice and enjoy the sport as the small grids are not fun enough if you seek to prolong the adrenaline rush. Ski Resort Unterberg-Pernitz has a ski slope of 16 kilometers which is divided in to two parts- Easy and Intermediate. While the Easy patch has a length of good 11 kilometers and offers a superb platform for the people new to the sport of skiing, the Intermediate level patch is 5 kilometers in total length and has a nice thrill to offer to the experienced skiers. Interestingly, the area for practicing the winter sports is located in between the elevations of 710 meters to 1,342 meters. This means that what you get here is a vertical drop of 632 meters, good enough for you to know that how mind blowing this place can be.


Tickets and Timings:


The opening and closing hours are 9:00AM and 3:30PM respectively throughout the season i.e. When the ski season is on.


Talking about the prices of the tickets, they are as good as they can be for a 16 kilometer ski pad. While adults have to pay a sum of 29.5 Euros, the youth have to shell out an amount of 26.5 Euros for a whole day trip. The price of kids is reasonable as well in which they have to pay 16 Euros for an entire day of fun activities. In addition to all this, they have a good hourly as well as multi-day policy under which you can book the tickets according to your comfort. There are 4 hourly tickets available, i.e. for 1, 2, and 3 and 4 hours for which you will have to pay from 12.5 to 23 Euros depending on the category you fall in.


Also, the multi day tickets are a wonderful offering as well as they offer tickets for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 consecutive days and it gets cheaper and cheaper when you book in bulk.


Coming to the lifts, there are 4 of them, all T-Bar lifts and they are capable of carrying a total of 4000 passengers per hour which is a massive number in itself.


Ski Rental and Ski Lessons:


There is a ski rental shop available right next to the parking area from where you can grab hold of multiple equipments such as all the relevant ski gear, sunglasses, sun lotion, hats and even spare parts as well. You can either get these equipments on rent if you are visiting just for fun or you can purchase them if you are a regular visitor.


Ski Resort Unterberg also fancies a ski and snow board school where you and your toddlers can learn the basics of skiing from the experts. 1-5 days of group lessons are available and if you want to avail for personal lessons that can be arranged as well. If you are travelling in a pack, say an office trip or company tour, Unterberg is generous enough to arrange ski races for you.



Loaded with so many plus points, we are sure you don’t want to miss on this one. Grab your ski gears and get back in the game!

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