Using Helicopters to Shower “Snow”, French Ski Resort Faces Flak-News

Posted On: 19 Feb 2020

A popular ski resort in France has come under heavy criticism for employing helicopters to rain down snow. The year has been hard on ski resorts as the increasing temperature has parched the snow enveloping the slopes. In a desperate attempt to retain their business strength, Luchon-Superbagneres resort brought about 50,000 kgs or 50 tonnes of snow from the mountains to their resort stations. As per reports, the event took place on two consecutive days - on Friday and Saturday.

According to Hervé Pounau, the director of the local department council, the whole operation costed them a few thousand pounds and they intend to cover the expenses by generating at least 10 times more from the revenue. However, the local authorities and ecologists are none too pleased of this act. Agitated by such actions, Europe-Ecologie Les Verts political party’s regional segment has fired against this move by calling it something that “favors Global Warming.”

Ecologists have pointed out that such incidents can further provoke global warming and can disbalance the natural alignment of the weather. An ecologist councilor in Colomiers, Patrick Jimena, has termed it as nothing less than nonsensical.

Although Hervé Pounau has pronounced the reason for the resort’s actions to save the jobs of its employees, he nevertheless has accepted the fault on his part and has no intention of repeating this again ever

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