Vail Ski Resort-USA

Vail Ski Resort: The Perfect Ski Resort for Every Winter

With the arrival of winter and the first snowfall, it becomes hard to resist a vacation where you can enjoy every bit of this heavenly season. While staying indoors and enjoying a good show or a book often does the trick, a trip to the snow clad mountain will surely let you enjoy the season at its height with all the amenities of a luxurious lifestyle. Enjoy skiing and snowboard during the day, visit a luxurious spa in the evening and enjoy meeting and partying with family and friends at a club. The best thing is, you can do it all at Vail Ski Resort.

Vail Ski Resort: The best winter destination of the year

Vail Statistics

Base Elevation: 8120 feet

Summit Elevation: 11570 feet

Vertical Drop: 3450 feet

Located just 100 miles away from Denver International Airport, Vail Ski Resort is the perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. Highly accessible from all the important parts of the city, Vail Ski Resort is truly a heaven located right in the heart of the city. With amazing deals on lift tickets and season passes, mesmerizing events, and excellent facilities, Vail is totally the best winter getaway this year.

With a base elevation of 8120 ft and peak elevation of 11570 ft, 31 lifts, and trails (18% for beginner runs, 29% of intermediate runs, 28% advanced runs and 25% for expert runs), Vail is clearly a mountain that stands tall.

Polish your skiing skills, with ease!

Whether you are a beginner at skiing who has never hit the slopes before or an expert skier, there is always room for improvement. Taking lessons from a Vail professional will not only improve your skills even more but will ensure that you have the best experience of your life on the snow. You can choose the kind of lessons you want to learn- be it private lessons, group lessons, teen or children lessons, women’s lessons, or signature lessons. Vail has different options so that you can learn the best and learn it from the best.

Plenty of activities on offer for you!

Vail is a ski resort that offers much more than just trails to ski or snowboard on. The best part about being at Vail is that you can enjoy a plethora of activities during the day as well as at night. Ride in the Eagle Bahn Gondola and take delight in the scenic beauty of the Mountain. Experience a thrilling ride on the slopes of Vail by hopping onto a tube. For kids, ski biking is the thing this season. Half bike and half skis, this adventure ride, allows you to explore the fun of skiing and biking in one. While the adults have the time of their lives, why should kids be left behind? Vail has mini snowmobiles for them so that they do not miss out on any more fun while they are here.

Explore Nature

While you are at Vail, exploring the natural habitat of the mountain isn’t a bad idea. The Nature Discovery Centre at the mountain has guided snowshoe tours with an expert on all things natural. And once you return from the snowshoeing trips, Bistro Fourteen, Vail’s much-appreciated restaurant, and bar are not far away to fill your appetite and quench your thirst with some quality alcohol. Explore the wild side of Vail through Nordic activities such as snowshoe tours, cross-country as well as backcountry ski tours. Discover a different side of Vail and have an adventurous blast while you are it! Rejuvenate yourself after a Nordic ski tour by relaxing in one of Vail’s many spas and salons. 11 treatment rooms, a massage and dry treatment room, wet rooms and couple treatment rooms are designed just to give you the most relaxed atmosphere of the season.

The Terrains

Three terrain parks in Vail (for expert and beginner runs as well as for kids) allow you to choose your preferred terrain according to your level of expertise on the slopes. Vail also has Freestyle Terrain Areas that contain jumps, fun boxes, snow cross, hits, and ramps, bump terrain and much more! Expert Terrains include highly steep slopes, cliffs, and rocks with various other hazards. Expert terrains are recommended for experts only. With such varied terrains at your disposal, each day is sure to be unique and thrilling than the one before. This is what makes Vail one of the best skiing areas in the region.

Apres Ski, head to one of Vail’s many bars and dining options to give your stomach and soul a sumptuous treat. Enjoy live music while you enjoy delicious recipes. Countless cafes and clubs are just minutes away from the lodgings. So, once the sun sets and the nightlife make its lively arrival, you can either head straight to one of the bars to grab a drink or go to a party and dance all night long. At Vail, 24 hours will seem too short to explore the fun and adventure surrounding you.

While you are at Vail, every moment will feel like a celebration of a lifetime. And witnessing events at the mountain is a sure shot way to experience that celebration in the best way possible. Events such as Snowdaze, CarniVail, SKADI Vail, and much more are sure to leave you in a daze. No matter which month it is, Vail is always brimming with exciting events.

At Vail Ski Resort, Winter isn’t just about skiing down the slopes. It is a mixture of sports, culture and culinary. Enjoy the first snow of winter on a snowy mountain at Vail, reconnect with your loved ones, rediscover yourself at great heights, have the time of your life here and leave with a satisfied, content feeling in your heart, with a smile on your lips. Easily accessible from a major airport and packed with efficient as well as excellent services, Vail Ski Resort is truly the ideal winter destination for people all around the world.

So, pack your bags and head out straight to this amazing skiing resort to enjoy the most of the upcoming winters. With so many fun activities on offer, Vail Ski Resort will give you experiences that you can cherish for lifelong!

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