Val d’Anniviers Ski Resorts-Switzerland

Val d’Anniviers Ski Resorts 

Winters are the season of joy, fun, and frolic. The pleasant weather and atmosphere during the season of winter is such a comfort and a respite from the sultry, humid summer season. Winter season allows you to spend countless hours outdoors and get as much of your done as possible while during the summer, you cannot even move a table without breaking into a sweat! No wonder people all over the globe anxiously anticipate this season with utmost yearning and wait. Whether you are an indoors person sitting by the fireplace with your favorite novel and a steaming cup of cocoa or you are an outdoors fella and spend your time merry-making and snowman-building by your house, winter ensures that you get to enjoy your share of fun no matter what. The glittering snow covering the pine trees as the sun shines bright or the cool breeze gently caressing your face as you walk down the roads- these are some of the favorite things about the season of winter. 

Winter also brings forth the opportunity to take a vacation as you encounter a long list of holidays such as the Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve during this season. A nice long trip with your family, friends and loved ones is one lovely way to spend your winter this year. Let me give you an idea about this great place I know! Located in Val d’Anniviers, 3961 Vissoie, Switzerland, the Val d’Anniviers consists of five ski resorts in this region namely Vercorin, Grimentz, Zinal, St-Luc, and Chandolin. Authenticity, relaxation, nature and sunshine are some of the things awaiting you in this majestic region of Switzerland in the heart of Valais among the spectacular beauty of valleys and mountains. The Anniviers boasts of its cultural heritage and opens its arms to all visitors, families, and groups. All the ski resorts in this region of Anniviers proffers picturesque panoramic views and since this region has been so delicately preserved, the natural beauty and atmosphere surrounding this place is something to look out for. 

Know your Resort

The Anniviers along with its five ski resorts share a total of 215 kilometers (approx. 134 miles) of splendid tracks and slopes. The entire region is perched at an elevation of the minimum altitude of 1336 meters (4383 feet) to a maximum altitude of 3000 meters (9842 feet). Chandolin has the largest ski and snowboarding area with the most varied choice of slopes. Grimentz is essentially an old historical village and thus, it offers spacious and vast expanses for skiing and snowboarding. St-Luc is actually situated between Chandolin and Grimentz and Vercorin is a small haven of tranquillity and relaxation which most tourists seek out for. Zinal is perched just below a glacier and is packed with the most adventurous forms of winter activities. There are 31 drag lifts, 7 chair lifts, 3 gondola lifts and one train and the average capacity of these forms of transport is 33,050 persons per hour. In short, the Anniviers is a paradise for all those winter sports fanatics. 

For Beginners: A total of 59 kilometers (approx. 37 miles) of slopes and tracks are allocated for amateurs and novices out of the total 215 kilometers. These tracks and trails involve relatively easy and convenient ski and snowboard runs and the main objective of these trails and practicing on it, is to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding before advancing further into this sport. 

For Intermediates: Out of the total 215 kilometers, a staggering 112 kilometers (approx. 70 miles) are reserved for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. This shows the enormous opportunities of variety and choices whilst enjoying the ride of skiing and snowboarding. Such pistes are designed to entertain intermediate skiers and snowboarders who are well familiar with the basics of skiing and snowboarding and are inclined to practice further in these tracks to advance their level. 

For Experts: Vast expanses of 44 kilometers (27 miles) are awarded to expert and professional skiers and snowboarders. These trails and slopes involve challenging twists and curves and are fabricated to suit the needs and entertainment of expert skiers and snowboarders. Such trails and pistes are also utilized by professional skiers and snowboarders and you can imagine now, how well these trails and slopes are kept maintained. 
NOTE: All safety concerns and precautions are abided by the Anniviers and it is their ultimate objective to guarantee a smooth and fun-filled skiing and snowboarding adventure to its guests and visitors. 

Winter Hiking 

A walk amidst the dense pine forests, panoramic winter hike- oh, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Anniviers! You can opt for the simple winter hiking or you can try out the snowshoe hikes but no matter what you choose, the end result: You would be benefitted with a heaven-like experience! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the congestion of a crowded scenario, behold and let yourself loose in this pristine atmosphere like never before. 


For all those lazy blokes out there, skiing may seem a little more of a hard work to you but that does not abstain you from having your share your fun. Tobogganing would be your go-to winter sport as you zoom down the mountain on your nice sled with family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to ride down the mountain with the breeze swishing across their faces especially when it’s with their near and dear ones! The resorts of Grimentz, Chandolin, and Vercorin proffer excellent toboggan runs without moderation and smooth functioning. In fact, the toboggan runs of 3.5 kilometers (approx. 2.17 miles) long at Chandolin are a must-visit for all those sports enthusiasts as it provides you with the exhilarating pleasures of speed and joy!  

Ski Schools 

Val d’Anniviers Statistics

Base Elevation: 1655 m

Summit Elevation: 3025 m

Vertical Drop: 1370 m

Ski schools and tutorials are a necessary prerequisite in every skiing and snowboarding region. Not all tourists and visitors know how to ski or snowboard and it is essentially the children who require the assistance of some kind to learn the basics of such winter sports activities. All the five resorts of Chandolin, Grimentz, Zinal, Vercorin and St-Luc are fitted with the provisions of skiing and snowboarding schools and are offering lessons and tutorials at affordable prices and rates. Not to mention, trained instructors and professionals are available to guide you through the entire routine as you practice on these slopes. 

Daily and Annual Subscriptions 

Day tickets and season passes help you to enjoy uninterrupted and flawless ski and snowboard ski runs so they must be your first priority while visiting any ski resort in the world. Day tickets for the half-day morning until 1 pm for adults cost 49 CHF, for youths cost 42 CHF and for children cost 29 CHF. Day tickets from 1 pm for adults cost 45 CHF, for youths cost 39 CHF and for children cost 26 CHF. 1-Day tickets for adults cost 58 CHF, for youths cost 49 CHF and for children cost 35 CHF. 2-Days tickets for adults cost 109 CHF, for youths cost 93 CHF and for children cost 65 CHF. 3-days tickets for adults cost 160 CHF, for youths cost 136 CHF and for children cost 96 CHF. Annual subscriptions for adults cost 250 CHF, for youths cost 220 CHF and for children cost 150 CHF. 

So now that you have read all the basic details about the Val d’Anniviers ski resort, I am sure you must be thrilled and eager to try out this new place. With so much on offer and so many things to enjoy at the resort, you can have a great time with your family and friends. Right from skiing, snowboarding and a bunch of other fun activities on offer, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. So pack your bags and head out straight for Val d’Anniviers ski resort with your near and dear ones and have a great time. You’d love it, we promise!

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