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Vals Switzerland

Winters might not be the beloved season for all of us but are peaceful and tranquil in itself. You could snuggle up in bed, enjoy a hot beverage in the warmth of your blanket and watch it snow all day. But that’s not all that winter has to offer to you. Winters are the ideal season for the vacation you have postponed the umpteenth number of time, now. You could go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or running in toboggan trails and have the time of your lives. The bliss of crunching powdered snow under your feet or watching the peaks glistening under the sun remains unmatched. Winters take you away to a much-awaited vacation, far from the reaches of the monotonous city life.

Located on the eastern side of Dachberg, away from all the crowded tourist places, Vals is one of the highest ski resorts of Graubunden. It is a unique ski resort that allows quiet and personal skiable area to its visitors and tourists. It is the perfect place to leisure and basks in the glory of sun basked peaks in the vicinity. You could enjoy a stunning view of the Alps or go snowboarding or skiing. The place is jovial to families and offers a lot more than expected. 

Resort Details

The ski resort of Vals is located at an elevation of 3415 meters (9842 feet) at summit level, 1964 meters (6443 feet) at vertical descent and the resort base altitude is 1451 meters (4101 feet). Its vertical descent is quite impressive and guarantees to provide the best experience to skiers. It is thus situated between altitudes of 1451 meters (4101 feet) and 3415 meters (9842 feet). The village of Vals is serviced by a network of ski lifts and aerial ways to help transport tourists and winter sports enthusiasts up and down the slopes, at convenient intervals, throughout the day. The nearest airport is Zurich. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Details

Vals has skiing and snowboarding slopes that is fit for every level of skier. Whether a skier is just a beginner or an expert at doing what he does best, he shall find slopes that entertain and excite him in this area. There are 8 pistes in Vals, which includes 25 kilometers (16 miles) of skiable area. There is a total of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of cross country ski trails in Vals. It also allows carving, snowboarding, and long-distance tobogganing. The slopes that go up to 3000 meters (9842 feet) provide stunning imagery to the viewers and snowboarding and skiing is made possible due to 2500 meters (8202 feet) of pistes available in the vicinity. Let us have a quick look at the facilities provided at this ski resort:

For Beginners: Out of the total 25 kilometers (16 miles) of skiable area available for skiing, 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) are laid out for beginners at skiing. That forms about 20 percent of the total skiable area. These are easy runs, which allow beginners learn their sport with enthusiasm and excitement. 

For Intermediates: Out of the total 25 kilometers (16 miles) of the skiable area made available for skiing purposes, 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) are laid out for intermediate skiers. These form about 60 percent of the total skiable area. These runs are for intermediate learns and make the most of the sunniest spots available in the area. These runs allow for challenging slopes, rocky edges and dwindling pathways to make the experience enriching as well as enticing.

For Experts: Out of the total 25 kilometers (16 miles) of skiable area laid out for skiing purposes, 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) are laid out for experts at skiing. These form about 20 percent of the total skiable extent. The black runs have the most challenging of slopes to test the caliber of winter sports enthusiasts and give them a run for adventure. They often combine their skiing with a visit to “rock spa” of Vals.

With 8 pistes that range from 2500 meters (8202 feet), skiing and snowboarding happen throughout the year. The place has well-groomed pistes and enjoys a considerable number of sunny days. It has the optimal temperature to suit its visitors and tourists. This is a place known for its free rides, as well. You could often mingle your skiing tour with a visit to rock spa and enjoy yourself to the very best.

Learn To Ski

Are you scared because you don’t know to ski, yet? Do not fear when The Ski School is here. Vals has a skiing school, called The Ski School, which provides a variety of courses to all age groups throughout the year. If you want a more personalized and individualized experience of learning winter sports, you should go in for a private lesson. They also provide group lessons in groups of four or six with the best of your friends or families. Group lessons allow you to learn faster and better. A group lesson for an adult or children for a day is priced around US$ 75. You could learn in groups of 3 or more. You could learn on weekdays from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening. A private lesson for an adult for an hour is priced at US$90 and that for a child is priced at US$75. 

Ski lifts

Vals Statistics

Base Elevation: 1340 m

Summit Elevation: 1370 m

Vertical Drop: 30 m

The entire region of Vals is serviced by an efficient network of 5 ski lifts that help transport the people up and down the slopes almost effortlessly. Out of the total 5 ski lifts available, 4 are drag lifts and one is a cable car. They traverse a total length of 6.5 kilometers (4 miles). It has a carrying capacity of 4470 passengers per hour. A ski lift pass for an adult is priced around US$49 and a ski lift pass for a child comes for US$25 for a day. 

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

The ski resort of Valshas has a multitude of accommodation facilities for its tourists and visitors, to choose from. It has luxury hotels, affordable accommodation and fancy stays for winter enthusiasts. They come equipped with all modern facilities and are reasonably priced. They let you some of the most delicious cuisines of the Swiss native and bask in the glory of your vacation and excellent friendly staff. Let us have a look at some of the accommodation facilities, most preferred by tourists and visitors:

Hotel Alpina: Located in the village square of Vals, this place offers you spa and sauna services, free Wi-Fi, free parking and delicious cuisines. It has 20 rooms laid out for you. Their staff is extremely friendly and helpful. And the best part is this place allows your pets, so this is great news for you and your furry friends. A standard room for two adults for a night is priced at US$150. 

GastehausBalma: It is located at a secluded place near the Alps and if you prefer a quite stay while you can relish a mountain view in the vicinity, this is the place to be. It has a playground for children and a relaxing sun terrace for you to savor your vacation. It is a small place, has 4 hotel rooms, but its service is remarkable. A standard room for two adults for a night is priced at US$175. 

The adventure was never about one type of experience, rather a specter of experience. Be it the freezing cold or the scorching winter sun, enjoy every moment here by skiing down the slopes, or other fun activities on offer. Dare to challenge the bone-chilling cold with a number of fun and thrilling winter sports on offer. These are a few glories that this resort and its location can inspire. Prepare yourself to enjoy an eternal winter with a little help from the Vals, Switzerland. Have fun!

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