Venetregion – a leisure mountain paradise


Venetregion is a ski resort located in Tirol West, with a promise of never putting the visitors down. It is a place for pure fun and enjoyment for every sort of skier in the world. The impressive Alpine panorama won’t let you blink an eye. Though the ski resort has been reported a bit small in area, the place is still a complete package of fun. The 360 degrees view is simply marvellous, and the place is a real paradise for snow lovers.


Starting in the middle of December and lasting in between April, it is a perfect place to fulfill your dream of perfect skiing destination.




Ways To Reach Venetregion-

Venetregion Statistics

Base Elevation: 766 m

Summit Elevation: 2211 m

Vertical Drop: 1445 m


You can reach this place by either a car, a train or flight.


If you plan on coming by road, you can access this place via three routes. All the routes are ideal for day visitors. The roads are well-maintained, well-developed with significant inclines. There is plenty of parking space which is tarred.No need for snow chains now or then. Road closures due to avalanches are unlikely. Plus point, the parking space is free of charge.


– Access via A12 Inntal Autobahn and exit at Zams. It is 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) far and takes approximately 3 minutes of driving time.


–  Access via A12 Inntal Autobahn and exit at Reschen. It is 13 kilometers (8 miles) far and takes approximately 18 minutes of driving time.


–  Access via Arlberg Expressway and exit at Landeck West-Grins. It is 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) far and takes approximately 20 minutes of driving time.


The Landeck-Zamstrain station is just 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) from the base station of the Venet lift. You can also take a short walk or take a bus to reach straight to the ski resort.


As to planes, there are three nearby airports to this ski resort. Airport Friedrichshafen is 155 kilometers (96.3 miles) away, and it takes 1 hour 50 minutes of driving time. Airport Innsbruck is70 kilometers (43.4 miles) away and it takes 44 minutes of driving time. Airport Munich is 274 kilometers (170.2 miles) away, and it takes 2 hours 31 minutes of driving time.


Availability of Lifts -


The elevation rises from 780 meters / 2559 feet to 2212 meters / 7257 feet. Seven ski lifts are available, distributed into one reversible ropeways, 3chairlifts, three rope tow lifts and three platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 6760 passengers in an hour’s time. The total length is 9.7 kilometers / 6miles. If you are an enthusiast about lifts, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.


Venetbahn,3455 meters (11335 feet) long has the capacity of riding 310 people in an hour. It is a Reversible Ropeway Lift.


Weinbergbahn, 1234 meters (4048 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1829 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.


Rifenalbahn, 2130 meters (6988 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1600 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.


VenetSüd, 1855 meters (6085 feet) long has the capacity of riding 887 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.


Hüttenlift,620 meters (2034 feet) long has the capacity of riding 800 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.


Riefenlift, 222 meters (728 feet) long has the capacity of riding 614 people in an hour. It is a J-bar Lift.


Panoramalift, 185 meters (606 feet) long has the capacity of riding 720 people in an hour. It is a J-bar Lift.






At Venetregion, 22 kilometers (13.6 miles) of slopes of varying difficulty levels are accessible for all the skiing a skier would like to do. The slopes of varying degrees determine their difficulty level. If you’d like to get an instructor, contact the ski schools for one. 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) of slopes are marked. 70% of the slopes have snowmaking capabilities. Valley run is available. The run location is above the tree line, as well as under tree line.


27% of the trails are available for the beginners with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. These trails mark your ability to move forward with skiing. Trust your instructor, and you can learn everything you would like to learn about skiing. Never try to skip this trail, not even on any other ski resort.

68% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners. You can still practice on your own and test your skills. Or you can just the find your brave moments while skiing here. It is as fun as it can get. The instructors would always be happy to provide help.

5% of the trails are the most challenging ones available here. All the experienced skiers have fun experiencing this trail. This isn’t just for practice. You’ll find you’re skiing on the wildest of all slopes available here. Take care of yourself on this trail. Don’t try without adequate knowledge of skiing and gliding through the snow.

Ski Rentals -


Apparently, ski rentals are available at the place. It is advised to look at the equipment and try physically before ordering one. Sure, there will be stations, but you can never be sure about the size compatibilities.




Highlights to be known -


A fun and loving snow park are available named Park Übersicht. It is safe for families and little kids. There’s a natural Park Kaunergrat which is filled with varies flora and fauna. The variations are what make it unique. It stretches over 590 kilometers (367 miles) square. Starting from the Upper Valley to the mountains of the Ötztaler Alps; everything is as good as it can get. Apart from enjoying the beauty, you may as well explore the history associated with this place. The admission is free with the Tirol West Card.




The accommodations are quite easy to find in Venetregion. There are little cottages or huts, or big rooms for family and everything else. Availability can be easily checked from the official website. They are warm and cosy, and you won’t feel away from home at all.


Restaurants-The Panorama Restaurant offers a highly delightful and amazing experience. There’s nothing more to ask for when you can have a feast with a mind blowing view of the scenery. Dine with style at the height of 2212 meters (7257 feet) above sea level. The rest stop at the ZammerAlm gives you a relaxed and warm atmosphere because of the hut’s beautiful dining rooms. It is advised to not miss a coffee break over here. Alpine Huts & Pastures also give the excellent cuisine and overnight accommodations. And there’s lot more. Everything here is blissful.


Ski Mountaineering –


Quick and easy to reach, the place can be a great excursion weekend for the people who love to hike. Whether beginners or athletes, anyone can complete this trail without a scratch or fear, but an equal challenge. Touring ski and snowshoes rental is available at various places. The woods are calling; you must go.

Tobogganing –


Sledding at Venet is twice as fun because who doesn’t love a smooth ride gliding through the ice. While skiing may need expertise or supervision, tobogganing doesn’t need any of it. The Venet Toboggan Run SÜD and Venet Toboggan Run NORD are typically the most famous ones here. You dare not miss these. It’s an experience of a lifetime for the whole family.


Snowshoeing –


The snowshoe hiking is as amazing an experience as skiing or any other activity you can do around here. And believe it when we tell you, the view from the top is even better and beautiful.




Paragliding –


The Mountains are surprisingly ideal for a flight. The Venetregion has a good reputation for paragliding and hand gliding far away to the borders and beyond. The starting point itself is at the height of 2212 meters. The equipment is beyond doubt first-class, and the guests are provided with several other important and luxurious amenities.


Groups & Clubs -


The Venet Gipfelhütte is a typical ideal spot for group trips, class meetings, and club excursions. There’s space for around 100 people.


Ski Passes –


You can buy a ski pass online and have your amazing skiing experience without any extra hassles. The card is reusable, and you won’t have to be in a queue.


Don’t miss this opportunity to find your flawless vacation with your favorite ones. This is the best of both worlds. So what are you waiting for? Visit Venetregion with family and friends and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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