The Frosty Seventh Heaven: Vent


Winters are indubitably a true delight. While the apricity on a lazy afternoon seems like an inviting proposition to sit down and introspect, getting in touch with your adventurous fun side is not a bad option either. Which is where we come to your help.


Skiing, snowshoeing, snow horse riding, and snowboarding are some of the trending sports these days and are sure to not only give you the exotic adrenaline rush but also make you feel alive and energetic in the true sense. These sports build up your team spirit, make you active and healthy, boost confidence and to top it all; the process is not a mundane one but rather exhilarating.


The lofty mountains crowned in white snow extend like heaven with open arms for you and make you feel free like a bird, while the scenic view is stupendous and beyond description.


So pull up your socks, get your equipment ready and be prepared to unravel paradise on earth.




About the place


Vent Statistics

Base Elevation: 1900 m

Summit Elevation: 2680 m

Vertical Drop: 780 m

About 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) of immaculate and unstained slopes. The fantastic circumambient mountains of the Oetztal Alps. A 2 kilometer (1.24 miles) long cross-country ski track. And 100 peaks that are more than 3,000 meter (about 9842 feet) high to look forward to. What an exhilarating sight and paradise to be in!


Welcome to Vent: the one stop for all ski lovers. The rendezvous of nature lovers and glittering snow, this is where people come to experience the rush of adrenaline, to feel the blood pumping fast in their bodies and to enjoy an unparalleled, almost surreal experience.


What can be more beguiling than an untouched and unharmed wonderland of pure white snow? Of course, ski mountaineering connoisseurs already know that the Vent makes for a real ski touring heaven. Words are too small a thing to describe the happiness and sheer joy that they feel. This article will make you believe the same too, and make you crave for a similar feeling. Just read on.




Vent, Tyrol’s mountain village, located at an altitude of 1,900 m (approx. 18 kilometers or 11 miles from Sölden), is set amidst a breathtaking mountain landscape and has been a part of the municipality of Sölden since 1854.


The Wildspitze Mountain in Tyrol became famous ever since Leander Klotz from Rofen and his unknown companion conquered it for the first time in 1848. It became even more famed when the glacier priest Franz Senn was the first tourist to reach the summit. When the first trails and huts opened, the first mountaineers came, and this is how Alpine tourism in Vent kickstarted. Tourists are till date attracted to this charming alpinists’ village.


A little more to the west are the Rofenhöfe farms located at 2,014 meters (6607 feet) above sea level and surrounding the valley on all sides are the Oetztal Alps.



The Ski Area:


The vent is famous for its endless sunshine hours and snow-guarantee, thanks to the high Alpine location (1,900 meter – 2,680 meter or 6233 feet- 8792 feet). Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks shimmering with a layer of snow and towering high above the peaceful village,  the ski area is the perfect place to be at and enjoy the perfect blend of winter, sports, and nature.




Vent offers ski runs ranging from easy to intermediate levels, to make the journey fun for people of all ages and choices, be it, children or adults. Moreover, it snows almost till late April and to add to that, queuing is a thing of the past! Vent boasts of no crowded slopes at all.


The 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) of immaculate slopes comprise of 5 km (3 miles) easy ski runs and 10 km (about 6 miles) intermediate ski runs. There are four lifts in all; one double chairlift and the other three T-bar lifts. There also is a 2.5 km (1.5 miles) of cross-country skiing trail and a 5 km (3 miles) toboggan run, as alternative sports for passionate winter fans.


One of the most admired and approved trekking routes is that of the Oetztal Trek, which includes 400 km (248 miles) of trails snaking all over the valley, further separated into 22 stages, and also the Vent panoramic high altitude trail. This is an 11 kilometer (almost 7 miles) long path and will take you about 4 to 5 hours to walk this path.


Other amenities at Vent include the following


Ski school

Ski kindergarten

Ski lifts

Ski rental

Mountain Huts

Snow-making system

Toboggan run

Snowboard rental

Horse-sleigh rides

Vent family ski pass:


Vent offers an amazingly economical special offer to make their tour more appealing.


When a parent buys a 3-day or longer valid ski pass, a child, who is born in 2004 or later gets a ski pass at a nominal rate of € 6.50 per day.


Before a family ski pass is issued, it is mandatory for the family to prove their identity and the age of all children. Valid photo ID cards are a must.


The opening times are from 18 December 2016 to 21 April 2017.




Other Unconventional Activities:


The vent is also famous for a number of ‘off the beaten track activities’:


Snow shoe hiking: The certified nature park guides will take you to unexplored places and flood with the information you never knew!

It would take you about three hours to complete the hike, and you will need sturdy boots, warmth clothes, ski poles and snacks and water.


Tobogganing and sledding: Organized toboggan nights include transfer services to quaint mountain huts and guaranteed memories that will stay with you forever.

The night tobogganing includes a campfire, downhill ride, and a hot drink. It takes place every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m.


Children’s playground vent: The new snow playground is a real paradise for all kids. There are rejuvenating areas for the accompanying parents and grandparents as well. The kids always love making snow castles and having snowball fights with their family.Following this, you could enjoy a hike up to the Wildspitze which is the highest mountain in the Tirolean Alps (3,744 meter or 12283 feet). Even the little ones can join in the fun. The big advantage is that the descent is made which allows visitors to slide down either on the north or the east side.



All tourists must abide by the following rules under all circumstances:


The tourist should always respect the local guidelines when they set out on a ski tour, be it the wildlife preserves, hunting enclosures, reforestation areas, information boards, etc.

One should not enter restricted wildlife zones or feeding areas, and avoid making noise.

One can cross-forest areas only in winters, and that too only on designated trails and routes. Bear in mind that wild animals might panic on hearing voices and noises.

Try to learn more about the habitat of wild animals in the mountains but at the same time avoid getting too close to them. Watch them only from a safe distance.

Abide by excellent planning and time management: start your tour early enough so that you can return before darkness. In spring, you should be back in the hut or in the valley latest by 12 noon (avalanche hazard!)

Areas with saplings and trees are not to have trespassed.

Before you set out on tour you should inform someone down in the valley about the tour’s destination and estimated time of arrival. It is absolutely essential to carry an avalanche transceiver at all times.

What are you waiting for? Come on and hop on.  promise that you will absolutely love it. Book the next flight to Austria and get ready to be welcomed by the pristine powder snow slopes, bizarre rocks, ice-covered peaks and mighty glaciers.


Ski mountaineers and sports lovers will undoubtedly find their personal Alpine paradise high up in the mountains. So get ready to unravel the unknown mysteries and survey the unsullied nature on skis or snowshoes.


And the most beautiful part, when the cloud part to make way for the hidden sun to finally come in sight, winter slowly departs as well to way for spring. The powdery snow softens and the glacier fields mirror endless sunshine days – then the best time for splendid ski mountaineering has come!


Have fun!

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