Verbier Les Quatres Vallees-Switzerland

Verbier, Les Quatres Vallees 

Spine-chilling weather or the warmth of the sun is hitting down on you, the all-season getaway here at Verbier welcomes you. Be it the feeling of a cool breeze gently caressing you or the warmth of a summer-sun, it is the thrill of enjoying all this with the snow that will drag you to this place.  This place has not lost its serene charm and retains its original beauty. 

About The Place

Located at the 4 Valleys Mont-Fort which extends from 1250 m (4100 ft) to 3330 m (10925 ft) , the Verbier resort is one of the four resorts that are run at this place and extends from 1250 m (4921 ft) to 3330 m (10925 ft). The ski area situated at this place is the largest ski area in the whole Switzerland. It was not until 1983 that this heaven at 4 Vallees could become a reality. Since the 1970s, the project has been initiated wherein Mont-Fort cable cart was to be built which will connect this heaven on earth to areas that are easily accessible. 

One will find unlimited opportunities to indulge into thrill-invoked activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. full of excitement.  This place is not only an attraction for Switzerland people itself but also for tourists from all over the world and hence, enjoys an international repute. The weather here at this place also plays a very favorable role as the snow conditions support the tourism sector from December to April.
The place is one of the most famous ski resorts that have been in Switzerland as many celebrities and crowned heads visit it. Boredom can never hit you here because the nightlife of this place and the world-renowned bars/ restaurants like Fer a Cheval or Pub Mont-Fort will take care of your mood. It can be undisputedly believed that - Pure energy lives here!


1. Skiing: The ultimate snowy-thrill can be experienced here. However, before you get all energized with these courageous exercises, you have to first familiarize yourself with the level of skiing you can identify with, or if at all you don't have the foggiest idea about the procedure, you should contact the resort and apply for lessons before you set out on a skiing trip. It offers the largest ski region in Switzerland of 410 km (250 miles). Here, numerous activities are offered such as heli-skiing and ski touring. 
2. Tobogganing: Here it is, the new thing that you've been longing long for. Tobogganing, likewise alluded to as "Snow Tubing" is the better way for floating over snow which is highly adored by the freestylers. This movement is open amid the winter season at the Resort. The speed that one discovers while tobogganing can reach could be extraordinary. On the Savoleyres zone, you will locate the longest toboggan run in the French-talking some portion of Switzerland! A plummet of the summit of Savoleyres (2354 m) until the Tzoumaz (1506m). The trail offers ideal snow conditions and an uneven move of 848 meters with ensured thrills!
3. Sled-Dogs: Four paws dragging your truck over the cold surface which gives you an aggregate Santa Claus ride feel aside from the way that here it's mutts and not reindeer. In this activity, the mushers of Husky Adventure offer the first knowledge to the universe of sled dogs. Easily situated in a sled, let yourselves be guided by the musher and his group of mutts.
4. Hiking: Here, various parks and regions are provided to go for Winter Hiking. The places to hike are 3-D Park of Sculptures, Les Creux – The castle, Perin – The Planards and Sonalon- The Marlene.
5. Snowshoeing:  Snowshoe is footwear for strolling over the snow. Snowshoes work by forcing the heaviness of the shoe over a bigger zone so that the individual's foot does not sink totally into the snow, a quality called "buoyancy". Snowshoeing is a type of climbing. Conventional snowshoes have a hardwood outline with rawhide lacings. There are many tracks designed for Snowshoeing activity in the resort. 
6. Night Trekking: There's nothing mysterious about night-trekking – it's just climbing around evening time – yet at the same time, it takes some arrangement and experience to get the hang of it and have the capacity to do it securely. This nocturnal experience is a must for all the night lovers. And if you haven’t tried out this amazing adv


Verbier Statistics

Base Elevation: 821 m

Summit Elevation: 3330 m

Vertical Drop: 2509 m

To add to the plain beauty of this place, several types of events are organized at this place which attracts people from all walks of life. 
1. Verbier Festival: The most epic festival for all the music lovers. In this festival, the most imminent artist from the field of classical music comes to Verbier. It attracts around 40,000 visitors from all around the word. This event goes on for 17 days and organizes approximately 50 concerts with several other activities.
2. Jumping International de Verbier: This is an event for horse-riders where riders from all around the world visit. Horse-riding cum jumping is the main activity organized this event. It attracts renowned European and Swiss riders ultimately making this event very famous.
3. Verbier Bikefest: Ride is Pride! This event is a three-day fest which celebrates the love for motorbike rides. The opportunity to discover the hidden serene beauty of the region is at your disposal here. To know more about the fest, you can visit
4. Polaris Festival: Love grooving to the beats? This Electronic Dance Music Festival is an ultimate abode for all party-animals. In the month of December, artists such as Moodymann, Dixon, Deetron and many more of their likes. Also, ‘the festival’s godfather’, Luciano of Switzerland attends the fest who represents Switzerland in the fest. To get in the mood, you can even take a look at after movie of the fest that took place in 2015.
5. Torch-Light Descent: In this event, you experience skiing at night right beneath the starry night. One should be a parallel turn level ski rider. The accompaniments include one beverage, torch, and ski instructor. This is a must nocturnal experience for all. 
6. Visit Verbier Village: A special visit to the Verbier village that includes a guide who will orient you about the village. This visit will give you the ultimate feel of the place. This heritage walk will give you a typical Swiss feel.


The resort also provides place to chill around for families as it has several parks which give you the chance to indulge in different activities.  There are three parks viz. Parc de Loisirs, La Comba, and Marais Verts. Parc de Loisirs is a park which provides you several fun activities such as tennis, giant Trampolines, Climbing Wall, Pétanque, Minigolf, Table tennis and badminton. The other two parks are generally visited by families with kids as it has a lot of activities for kids to be done like Swings and all. 

So now that you think about all the diverse, paltry exercises which are given by Verbier Resort, you should not hold up to begin contriving your arrangements for the winter occasions. With such a great amount on offer, Verbier Resort is an immaculate place to appreciate winter sports with your dear ones. Bring along your family and companions and witness a mysterious affair here at the Verbier Resort! Have fun!

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