Verditz-Gerlitzen – the place where ski lovers belong!


If you are looking for a great escape this winter season and you still haven’t decided on a place yet, then Carinthia, Austria is the place for you. Carinthia is located in the eastern Alps in the southern part of Austria, and it is famous for its beautiful mountains and lakes. It offers many snow sports facilities and also it is a divine place for nature lovers. If you want both peace and adventure at the same time, then this place should be your next holiday destination. Don’t worry this will be yours once in a lifetime experience.


Villach, the second largest city in Carinthia, is a palace of dreams. Far away from the urban life, this place is famous for its mountains and lakes. Every year it attracts many tourists because of its vast diversity of nature and snow sports. This might be your chance to experience all this. Trust me this place is a heaven for ski lovers and for all those who want to try their luck in skiing.


Gerlitzen is the highest peak in Villach with just a height of 2000m. This peak is most visited by adventure lovers because it offers facilities for a variety of snow sports. Snowboarding, Skiing, Ski jumping are some of them.  This place is just 20 kilometres away from Verditz which acts as a base camp and hosts many tourists.





Verditz-Gerlitzen Statistics

Base Elevation: 520 m

Summit Elevation: 1911 m

Vertical Drop: 1391 m

Verditz lies in the centre of Caranthian Mountains and is the best place for anyone looking for a great holiday in any season, winters or summers. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this place during summers; you can just roam around the place, and enjoy the peace and serenity of this place. And in winters which last from December to April, you can come here to enjoy some snow sports especially snowboarding and skiing. This place attracts a lot of visitors because of its closeness to Gerlitzen and Bad Klienkirchheim, which are considered some of the best places for skiing. Nock Mountains, located at vicinity provide a beautiful backdrop to this place, and you will get a feel that you are in heaven.


Other activities

1) Skiing: Gerlitzen has a height of 2000m, and it has ideal terrain for ski lovers. Even if you are a beginner, this place has a lot to offer you. You can just learn to ski here as you will meet many people who are an expert at skiing and can help you in the learning process. Adventure lovers are most welcome here because you can have all the fun and this place will definitely spin your mind. The mountain is covered with snow with an average thickness between 30-50 centimetres and thus you can easily glide your ski here.


2) Snowboarding: You can also go for snowboarding if you are a thrill lover and have the courage to descend a mountain with full swing. You must ensure that you are well-versed with this sport otherwise, it could prove to be dangerous. Extra precautions must be taken if you are opting for this sport otherwise it could because you harm. You will find many instructors here who could teach you this sport, so please opt for this sport only if you have full guidance.


3) Ski jumping: If you are not really scared of height, then you can try ski jumping as well where you will descend a specially constructed ramp and points will be given to you depending on the distance you cover and the type of jump you are practising. This can also prove to be dangerous, so do it after proper training and safety. But trust me this sport will satisfy your soul.


So, irrespective of whether you love skiing or not, you can still have a great time at Verditz by enjoying a whole range of other activities on offer. From ski jumping and snowboarding and snow shoeing, everything is offered here.

Gerlitzen is situated near many lakes, which in winter are used by tourists for skating, such as speed skating and figure skating. This place could offer you things which haven’t imagined even in your wildest dreams. And a fun fact, you can see most of Carinthia from the top of the mountain on a clear winter day if you get lucky.

Before you start packing your bags for this place, you should be very well aware of the terrain of this place. These things might be useful before you start planning your trip and get ready for adventure and thrill.




The height of Gerlitzen is 2000m which makes it a safe place for snow sports, so you must not be scared even if you are a beginner and you will find highly skilled trainers who could help you in the sports.



There are in total 18 lifts at this place and generally on an average day, you might get 14-15 lists open, this place is very much connected and hence, you don’t have to worry much.




There are 26 total trails in Gerlitzen and on an average 18-20 might be open on any day. The number can vary depending on the weather conditions.


How to reach?

Verditz is the epitome of beauty and sometimes called the mountain resort. It lies just at a distance of 26 kilometers from Gerlitzen and serves as a base camp for Gerlitzen. It has a beautiful and serene atmosphere. You can easily reach Gerlitzen from Verditz by a taxi or a bus; there are many transport facilities available. You can stay here and travel to nearby peaks for experiencing the snow sports.


Enjoy your stay!

Verditz got beautiful farmhouses, resorts, hotels, and lodges. The farmhouses were built long back and had a different artistic touch to them. You can choose anything according to your requirements and your budget, whether you want to live indoors or in the cottages built outside. You can choose any place, and they are priced accordingly. You can’t just miss this place because this place is entirely different, all thanks to its natural beauty and snow sports facilities. You can relish all the delicious food because of the fresh produce here along with delicious dairy products. Trust me this place could offer you so many things.

If you want to escape city life for some time and want a break from your work, do visit this place because this place will not only refresh your body but will refresh your soul too. The ever beautiful place will give you chills, and you want to come here again and again. Verditz along with Gerlitzen will make you feel closer to yourself, and you will definitely discover something new. This time choose a place where your soul feels at ease, and the whole experience makes you happy.

These places will leave you speechless, and you will have the best of time here. So come and enjoy the real bounty of nature and also put your soul into a great deal of adventure and you will definitely have the best time of your life. After all the hush-hush of your work, you definitely need some time for yourself, where you can just leave behind all work-related problems and stress behind, and you can just be yourself. This is your time to make it worthy, and when you go back to routine, you will have beautiful memories to remember and a smile on your face with glitter in your eyes.

With so much on offer at the Verditz, you and your family can enjoy themselves to the fullest at the resort. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out straight for Verditz with your near and dear ones and enjoy all the fun things on offer. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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