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Skiing Getaway at Wagrain- Bergbahnen Ski Resort 

Winters bring a lot of things in mind, but the one thing which is a common reminder to us all is Skiing! The plan to go for a vacation is in itself an enticing idea. Moreover, when you know that your vacation would be loaded with all the fun-filled activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, etc., it makes you all the more excited. There is a distinct reason why a plethora of literature is dedicated to this beautiful season and why all the great men adore this season of love. Winters bring out a different kind of warmth in our souls as opposing to the weather outside which compels us to rekindle old childhood memories and rejoice in the love from our relationships.


In the fast paced lives that we endure these days, we definitely need a break from all the fuss and just relax and rewind at a faraway place. So what could be better than just to fly out to Austria and immerse in the beauty of this wonderland? Located in Salzburg, Austria, Bergbahnen Ski Resort is the perfect getaway for families and alike to cherish the beauty of the mountains amidst your near and dear ones. It is situated at Markt 59, A-5602 Wagrain and is the ideal access to lots of skiing adventures and other adrenaline packed activities. Austria is one of the most coveted places to go for a vacation and with the availability of such convenient facilities; it would be an absolute thrill to visit this beautiful country. So let’s get you acquainted with this wonderful ski resort and what it has in store for you!




Know about Wagrain

Wagrain- Bergbahnen Statistics

Base Elevation: 850 m

Summit Elevation: 2000 m

Vertical Drop: 1150 m

The Wagrain ski area can stretch up to 2000 meters (1.25 miles) in elevation, and its 160-hectare ski area is fully equipped with all the necessities which are required for the guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The ski area comprises a total of 37 km (23 miles) of splendidly covered ski trails. The two Ski Mountains “Griessenkareck” and “Grafenberg” provide the best place for all your skiing adventures and are connected with the G-Link Wagrain cable car which is the latest addition.


Ski Amade at Wagrain


The Ski Amade region in Austria is an interlink of 28 ski areas along with its towns and villages, which when combined, make up for the second largest ski area in Europe. Below mentioned is the segregation of all the trails available at Wagrain:


For amateurs: Beginners and first-timers would easily grasp the sport of skiing by practicing on these trails and advance their training on such ski area. 30 km (19 miles) of ski trails is designed for the use of amateurs who would benefit from this enjoyable experience.


For Intermediary: 85 km (53miles) is devoted to the use of intermediate skiers who are adept at this sport but nevertheless require further practice to excel at this sport. These trails are systematically furnished for the use of such guests and provide a highly rewarding experience.


For Experts: Now, they are the masters of this recreational sport. An expert skier is ready to tackle the challenging curves and twists which are present on these trails. Five km (3 miles) are devoted for the exhaustive utilization of such skiers. These trails include certain difficulties but are secured and safeguarded by the safety concerns in this area.




Snow Volleyball at Wagrain


On the weekends of 21st and 26th of March 2017, Wagrain hosts the Snow Volleyball Tournament which invites all enthusiastic participants to show their skills and experience a unique form of volleyball. The game takes place at an altitude of 2000 meters (1.24 miles) and the center court with the snow arena is right next to the “Flying Mozart” cable car which is guaranteed to give you an amazing view from the top.


Season Tickets


Bergbahnen Ski resort offers a host of season tickets and passes. They definitely recommend you to purchase these tickets on an early basis so as that you can avail the massive discount as opposed to purchasing them during the peak moment. During early purchase, adult season passes costs 537 Euros, for youths- 209 Euros and children- 140 Euros. Post early purchase i.e. during normal purchase season tickets, adult season passes costs 573 Euros, for youths- 406 Euros and children- 223 Euros. So, all the more incentive for you to grab hold of these tickets as soon as possible!




Special Offers and Facilities


Bergbahnen Ski resort is all about consumer satisfaction. Hence, it has facilitated the availability of many group tickets and season bonuses which are affordable and reasonable for purchase by its customers. Some of these include the Junior Weekend Discount which is available for all the Children (Year of birth: 2001 to 2010) and Youths (Year of birth: 1998 to 2000). For half-day weekend discount, children pass costs 11 Euros and child passes costs 20 Euros. For one full-day weekend discount, children pass costs 16 Euros and youth passes costs 26 Euros. There is also a very rewarding Sixty Plus Weeks program which includes a seven-day program at an affordable price, and participating accommodation enables you a free six-day ski pass!


Accommodation Facilities


The Wagrain area is amply facilitated with several ski resorts in and around the entire place. The lodging facilities are fully equipped to suit the needs of various customers who seek accommodation. Some of the lodging resorts to mention are:


Aktiv &Family Hotel Alpina: As the name suggests, this family hotel is the perfect paradise for the weekend getaways of families and big groups. It is situated near the ski schools and lifts and is perched at a quiet and sunny top for you to admire the surrounding beauty.


Haus Birkenwald: Haus Birkenwald is a comfortable and affordable inn with private rooms and other amenities situated at Wagrain. The hotel is beautifully located amidst the towering mountains and with its cozy and warm atmosphere inside, it is bound to bring happiness to every guest.


Hotel-Gasthof Grafenwirt: This hotel is renowned for its exciting facilities which include the daily free entrance to the adventure Water World of Wagrain and family sauna is also included. Get cozy in the sauna warm baths after a tiring day of skiing on the slopes!


Things to Remember


There is a ski depot at every lift station at Wagrain where you safely deposit your skiing equipment such as boots, snowboard, skis, in the cabinets which are locked and secure as well as quite spacious.

Make sure to carry heavy warm clothing as the temperatures at Wagrain fall to -12 degrees Centigrade. Also, carry umbrellas or raincoats as there is always a possibility of rainfall.

Do not litter the mountains or cause a hindrance to flora and fauna in the surrounding areas. Keep your pets on a leash so as to not chase away the grazing animals present in that area.

There is the availability of free Wi-Fi for you to keep in check with your important updates at work or simply use the internet for your recreation. Wagrain always tries to make your stay the most pleasurable.

Wagrain, free ski buses, are available after every 10 minutes, and so you must make sure to plan all your activities before arriving at this place. That will help in better route planning and course.

So there you go! All the motivation that you needed to get away from your hectic lives and be a part of an amazing trip. Right from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing to a wide range of other fun activities on offer makes this resort a truly amazing one. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your bags and head out for Wagrain area with your family and friends this winter. A vacation like this is sure to create memories to last a lifetime!



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