Ski Resort Waldhäuser:


Waldhäuser is one of the most beautiful villages in the Bavarian forest and is located at the highest mountain too. It has always been a place that is so close to nature and the guests who visit Waldhäuser fall in love everything it has to offer. At ski resort Waldhäuser, you can discover the joy hidden in the winter sports and enjoy the fun at its best. The details about the resort are as follows:

Location of the Resort:

Waldhäuser Statistics

Base Elevation: 700 m

Summit Elevation: 1000 m

Vertical Drop: 300 m

Ski resort Waldhäuser is established in the County of Freyung-Grafenau, Lower Bavaria between the elevations of 700 and 1000 meters. This is the area where all the respective winter sports are performed. Their slope is well maintained and equipped with flood lights which give the people an extra reason to cheer as they can enjoy their favorite winter sports even when the sun is gone.

The 2 nearest airports to ski resort Waldhäuser are Linz Airport and Munich Airport located at a distance of 148 and 164 kilometers respectively from the resort. Munich Airport is located in Germany whereas Linz Airport is located in Austria. A car ride of approximately 2 hours from any of these airports will suffice to reach the resort you wish to be at.

Details of the slope:


 Waldhäuser offers a slope that is spread across 1 kilometer in length and is just perfect for the rookies and beginners. The slope does not provide any hindrance that is too high for the skiers and snowboarders to overcome. Waldhäuser also provides the facility of valley run which is a sheer delight for the winter sport enthusiasts. To add up to the joy, they have night skiing and this totally adds up to the fun. The scenic beauty of Bavarian forest combined with the floodlit slopes of Waldhäuser, what a sight that would be?

Pass prices and ski lifts:

At Waldhäuser, there are 3 ski lifts in total. First up are the two T-Bar/Button lifts with lengths of 400 and 300 meters respectively and each of them can carry up to 1000 people on an hourly basis. The third and last lift is Rope tow/beginner lift whose length is 100 meters and can carry up to 500 people in an hour. All of these lifts together can carry approximately 2500 passengers from the base to the summit of the mountain in duration of an hour.

Talking about the ski pass prices for a single day, they are pretty economical. The adults have to spare an amount of 13 Euros for a single day of fun whereas youth get the pass on a discounted price of 12 Euros. Children seem to enjoy the most when it comes to pass prices as it is the lowest for them at 11.5 Euros.

Best season to visit and timings:

Ski resort Waldhäuser opens late in the month of December and closes early in the month of March. The opening and closing of the season is totally dependent on the snow conditions as there are no artificial snow making machines on the slope.

During season, the resort opens at 9:30AM and closes at 4:30PM. Waldhäuser is open every day of the week and when it comes to night skiing, it opens from 5:30PM to 9:30Pm only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


There is a ski school nearby the lift, so there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are new to the sport as the support staff at the ski school is efficient enough to teach you the basics of skiing and snowboarding. If ski trails and hiking are your areas of interest, then you would be more than happy to know that you will get a winter hiking and cross-country ski trail of 20 kilometers.

No more excuses. You have to visit this beautiful resort once and see what the fuss is all about.

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