Ski Resort Waldkirchen:



Are you bored of visiting ski resorts spread across hundreds of kilometers? Do you want a small yet beautiful resort that can offer some peace with full facilities at your service? If you are so lazy to ski and skate on the big terrains, then we have the perfect place for you. And the name of the place is ski resort Waldkirchen. Now you are wondering why we are recommending this ski resort to you. It is time to find out.


Location of the Resort:


Waldkirchen has a slope that stretches as long as 1.6 kilometers in length. This slope is spread across a vertical drop of almost 300 meters. The slopes do not provide much resistance to skiers and snowboarders, hence making it ideal for kids, senior citizens and all the amateur skiers. The main attraction of the slope is the valley run that is provided in the ski slope and it just adds to the fun. For kids to enjoy their day, there is a snow park and a toboggan run which offers kids to ride the cart in an old school way. The winter landscape that the resort offers during the season is just breathtaking and you can cherish the scenic beauty of the place forever without getting bored.

Ski lifts and ski pass prices:

Waldkirchen Statistics

Base Elevation: 650 m

Summit Elevation: 948 m

Vertical Drop: 298 m

In spite of being a small resort, Waldkirchen sports 3 ski lifts in total. First up is a T-Bar lift with a lift length of 1200 meters, capable of carrying 1000 people from the bottom to the top on an hourly basis. Second one is a Rope tow/beginner lift and can carry 600 people to the summit in an hour. The last one is a baby lift with a lift length of 60 meters and carries 600 persons on an hourly basis. Working together with a lift length of 1.5 kilometers, these lifts can carry up to 2200 passengers in an hour. Coming to the financial cost that you will have bear at ski resort Waldkirchen; adults have to pay an amount of 15 Euros for a single day pass. Children on the other hand get a concession of 3 Euros and their pass for one day costs 12 Euros only. Both of the pass prices are quite economical and pocket-friendly. Half day passes are also available at 8.50 Euros and 7 Euros for adults and kids respectively.

Best Season and Timings:

The opening and closing of the resort is highly dependent on the availability of snow on the skiing slope. But generally, the resort opens in the mid of December and remains open for another 90 days before bidding farewell to its customers in the mid of the March. The operating timings during the season are 9AM to 4PM. The best month to visit the resort is the month of January because heavy snowfall during that time provides the best availability of snow. If you have had your share of skiing and snowboarding, then there are other activities as well which will keep you engaged at ski resort Waldkirchen. Ice skating, curling and sleigh trips are the additional activities that will keep you busy for the day. Also, Waldkirchen offers a winter hiking trail of 30 kilometers, so if a hiking trip is on your mind, you have come to the perfect place. There is a ski rental shop as well as a snowboard rental shop, so it is very clear that you can rent your favorite equipment from the shop. And if you feel like going to a swim or a hot sauna bath, that can also be arranged as there is an indoor swimming pool and public sauna as well. Tennis frenzies can show off their skills on the tennis court that is within the premises. With plenty of facilities and the ambience it can provide you, we really feel that you will find it difficult to resist a resort as good as Waldkirchen.

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