Ski Resort Wallberg:

There is something special about The Alps. The fascinating mountains always leave you mesmerized, wondering what lies beyond them. But why worry about what lies beyond when you can enjoy what lies on them? Yes, winter’s arrival brings snow and snow means winter sports proceeding will begin in no time. So if you are in search of a ski resort in the region of Bavaria, your search ends here. We present you ski resort Wallberg. Are you excited to know more? So are we to give you all the information away. Let the joy ride begin.

Location of the Resort:

Wallberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2592 ft

Summit Elevation: 5315 ft

Vertical Drop: 2723 ft

Located in the breathtakingly beautiful Alpine Region of Tegernsee-Schliersee in Upper Bavaria, Germany, ski resort Wallberg is a place where every ski enthusiasts can have the time of their life. The area where winter sports and related activities take place is situated between the elevations of 790 meters and 1,620 meters. Elevation this high makes ski resort Wallberg one of the most popular ski resorts in Bavaria and a place for expert skiers to visit again and again. The nearest airport to the resort is Munich Airport which is approximately 100 kilometers from the resort. From the airport, it takes a car drive of 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the resort. Sadly, there is no direct train connection, so travelling by train is not a feasible option.

Stats of the Slope:

The slope of ski resort Wallberg is no place for amateurs and beginners as the Tegernsee valley lies at beneath it and this is the reason which makes it a more thrilling place. The resort offers you a ski slope which is 3.2 kilometers in length. The difficulty level of the slope is termed as Hard. With steep slopes and sharp turns to make your adrenaline levels go high, this is a place where expert, professional skiers can make the most of their time. Good news is that valley runs are available which makes this place even more desirable.


Ski lifts and pass prices:

Ski resort Wallberg fancies only a single ski lift in its premises. The lift is a circulating ropeway or what we call a Gondola Lift and has a total length of 2.1 kilometers. This lift is capable enough of carry up to 500 passengers from the base to the summit of the resort on an hourly basis.

During main season, passes for a single day can cost adults and youths alike as they have to spare an amount of 27 Euros. The kids get lucky on this front as they get passes at a discounted rate and have to spend just 15 Euros for the same.

Best season to visit and timings:

The season here at ski resort Wallberg begins somewhere around 10th of December and ends in the first week of April. This accounts to a total of 113 days which is way more than the average number of days for other German resorts, i.e. 99 days. Also, the resort offers you something that would delight you for sure. The resort features 59 sunny days which is 10 days more than the normal average for other resorts. The month of March is the sunniest and features 18 sunny days alone.

Operating timings for the resort are 8:45AM to 4:30PM and it is well known that they can vary depending on the weather conditions and holidays.


People who want to try sports other than skiing and snowboarding can come here and not get disappointed. The resort offers activities such as Curling, Paragliding and Sleigh Trips that can last up to 30 minutes as well. Also, they have 2 skate courses that can lengthen up to 7.5 kilometers and two classic cross country ski runs of 18.5 kilometers.

So if you are planning to have a jet-packed ski trip with lots of high flying action, we do not have to tell you where you should be right now.

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