Warm Winters Take Toll on Ski Resorts, “Snowless” Slopes Force Tourists to Return Home-News

Updated On: 25 Feb 2020

It seems ski resorts are facing the direct “heat” of nature’s wrath. Due to unexpected and unpleasant climate change, the once snowy slopes of mountains have run out of snow. The unusual warmness in the weather is being considered as the principal cause of the melting of snow. Initially, it seemed the ski resorts residing in France were the ones affected, but reports of resorts closing down in countries like Chile, Japan, Norway have really escalated tensions regarding the threat that climate change is bringing.

According to tourists, the snow is completely absent which renders them unable to partake in skiing activities. Ski resorts all across the globe are reporting heavy losses to their business. With no tourists and no snow, they can’t gain any revenue. Various photos displaying the snowless slopes and warm winters are circulating around the internet. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, various governmental bodies of countries like France have proposed meetings between various authorities to work on a plan of action that can help them tackle the issue.

But for now, things look very difficult for both ski resorts and tourists fond of snow and skiing.

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