Ski Resort Weiler-Simmerberg:

Some people have a thing for peaceful ski resort; it is something that you share in common with many people out there. It is a good thing that you are reading this because you have come to the right place. Your search for a beautiful resort with a peaceful ambience has come to an end as we offer you ski resort Weiler-Simmerberg. Let us get to the details quickly.


Location and How to reach the resort:

Weiler-Simmerberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2428 ft

Summit Elevation: 2871 ft

Vertical Drop: 443 ft

Weiler-Simmerberg is located in the serene western region of Allgäu, i.e. Westallgäu, this ski resort is the perfect location for people seeking thrill by the means of winter sports such as Skiing and Snowboarding. The area where winter sports activities take place is located between the elevations of 740 and 875 meters. The most accessible airport is Munich Airport which is located at a distance of around 125 kilometers from resort Weiler-Simmerberg. It takes a car ride of approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from the airport to reach the resort conveniently.

Stats of the Slope:

With a vertical drop of almost 135 meters (442 feet), the slope offered at ski resort Weiler-Simmerberg is a well groomed one and is maintained efficiently by the resort staff. The slope spreads across a distance of 1 kilometer which proves to be ideal platform for the beginners, children and families. 60 percent of the slope (approximately 0.6 kilometers in length) is good enough for the beginners and children to learn the basics of the sport and be assured about the safety of your kids as this section is not dangerous at all. Remaining 40 percent of the slope (almost 0.4 kilometers) is just perfect for the skiers with some hands on experience as this slope offers intermediate level of difficulty for snowboarding and skiing. In spite of being a small resort, they have a valley run available which is surely a delight for the winter sport frenzy. 1 toboggan run and a fun park are also available here at Weiler-Simmerberg, so you can figure out that the kids are going to fall in love with this place for sure.

Ski Pass Prices and Ski Lifts:

The resort sports 3 ski lifts for carrying the passengers from the base to the summit of the mountain. 2 of the 3 lifts are T-Bar lift/button lifts with a lift length of 400 meters each and are capable of carrying 1000 people to the top in an hour. The last and remaining lift is a beginner lift/rope tow and has a lift length of 500 meters. It can carry around 500 people on an hourly basis. These 3 lifts together offer a total lift length of 0.9 kilometers and carry approximately 2500 passengers in duration of an hour.

Talking about the single day pass prices, adults have to spare 14 Euros whereas kids and senior citizens have to spare an amount of 11.50 Euros for the same. They also offer a reduction if you are travelling with your family, so this is certainly a good deal.

Season and Timings:

The season here at ski resort Weiler-Simmerberg generally starts late in the month of December and lasts for approximately 90 days, depending on the external weather and the snow conditions. The resort bids farewell to its customers in the mid of month of March as it is the time when the season ends. During season, Weiler-Simmerberg opens at 9:00AM and closes at 4:30PM, giving its customers a window of 7 hours 30 minutes to enjoy the fun fest of winter sports.

In addition to the above features, they offer camping facilities as well. Also, if you like to skate through the snow, ski resort Weiler-Simmerberg provides 7 skating courses spread across a distance of 28 kilometers. If hiking fascinates you, you can opt for the 5.5 kilometers long winter-hiking trail which is a good thing to try if you visiting with a group of friends or family. There is plenty to enjoy at Weiler-Simmerberg, so do not wait up and get here as quickly as you can.

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