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Planning a vacation spot for you and your family? Can’t choose between peaceful and calm or something that gives you goosebumps? Well, Weinebene Ski Resort is the ideal choice for you. It hosts a perfect blend of the quietness of the hills and thrill of adventure sports. Break free from boring routine and enjoy the chilling weather by driving down to this wonderful resort and giving your family the gift of adventure.


Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and even cross-country skiing are some fun-filled activities offered to tourists and guests. There is an adorable and beautiful recreation area where you can relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Snow parks are in plenty.


That said, a solo tour can also be made the most of, to not only relax but also enhance the expertise required for a great skiing experience. With the specialist trainers that Weinebene Ski Resort is equipped with, you can go from amateur to professional skier in a matter of days.




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Weinebene Statistics

Base Elevation: 1580 m

Summit Elevation: 1886 m

Vertical Drop: 306 m

Cross-country skiing takes the cake here at Weinebene Ski Resort, as it boasts of a fifteen to twenty kilometer cross-country ski trail. This trail offer two tracks, and multiple tourists have been quoted as saying that it is “one of the most surreal feelings in the world” to be skiing on those tracks. High altitude hiking trails are constructed for hiking lovers. You will definitely find it to be well worth your money when you try out something as incredible as this.


The Weinebene Ski Resort is located at a prime spot in the Lavanttal Valley, deep in the eastern part of the state of Carinthia. Nestled in the midst of the Easter Alps, the scenic view is a plus point for all the tourists who come here. At the high altitude between 1552 meters and 1880 meters above sea level, the resort finds itself on the border of two states: Carinthia and Styria.


Access to the Weinebene Ski Resort is extremely feasible and uncomplicated; it is just an hour’s drive away from two different airports. To reach the Weinebene ski resort from Graz Airport or Klagenfurt Airport, you can hit the roads, which are developed and maintained fairly well. They are certainly in good driving condition.


The winter season here lasts from early December to mid-April every year, during which time the snowfall is observed in high amounts, and is more than suitable for winter sports.




This region receives a good amount of snowfall due to its high altitudes. The mountainsides experience 30 centimeters of snow, as do the valleys. Every ski slope has an artificial snow making machine fitted on it, to make up for those rare occasions when there is not enough snow to support skiing activities and other winter sports. All in all, the Weinebene Ski Resort is completely snow secure.






This resort has seven to eight lifts, which transport the passengers to their destinations safely. There are 6 T-bar lifts and 1 Rope Tow. The rope tow is for beginners. The lifts and ropeways are provided by the esteemed cable car manufacturer, Doppelmayr. These lifts are undoubtedly of excellent quality. Another ascension mechanism called the “Sunkid Moving Carpet” is also provided for guests. The length of the lift in total is four kilometers, and the capacity is found out to be 6600 passengers per hour.


If you wish, you can issue a special Lift Pass that can take you on a tour of neighboring resorts like Hebalm and Koralpe.




The winter sports area is located at an altitude of 1552 meters and 1886 meters above sea level, having a vertical drop of 334 meters maximum. The highest lift travels till 1880 meters, whereas the lowest piste is at 1560 meters.




Ski Slopes:


There are around Eighteen kilometers of ski slopes or pistes, available for use by the guests that check in here. The area of the region is 50 hectares, and it has 13 different ski runs. These ski runs are differentiated on the basis of the level of difficulty. Red, black and blue is representative of the levels intermediate, difficult and easerespectively. These pistes venture out all the way to the FIS Race Course, a legendary skiing race course. 39 percent that is Seven kilometers are easy to ski through, 50 percent which is around 9 kilometers of pistes are of intermediate difficulty and lastly, 11 percent or 2 kilometers of pistes are extremely difficult to ski through even for experts. You require a balanced mind and the ability to choose the right path to ski in terrain like this.


As mentioned earlier, every ski slope has artificial snowmaking machines. Special video cameras like the panoramic cameras can be used to record your ski run.


The slopes are accessible from 9 AM until 4 PM in the evening. During closing hours the authorities at the resort begin maintenance work and make the slopes ready for the next day. The opening times are declared by authorities depending upon external conditions, the day of the week, school and public holidays.




: The prices for various sports at Weinebene Ski Resort are not very steep. One day tickets for adults can be bought for just 28 euros. After noon, the prices are cut down by four euros. A two day ticket can be purchased at the cost of 51 euros, and a five day ticket can be purchased for 125 euros. Discounts for senior citizens, large groups and children can be availed. Children under the age of ten are charged directly at half the price. The ski resort is open for five months in the summer, with increased costs due to off season rates being higher. Overall, the rates are reasonable and there is plenty to enjoy at the price incurred by you. So, you get a good value for money at the Weinebene resort. Plus, you can avail some exciting discounts if you book tickets as a group.




Weather reports must always be handy when it comes to traveling to different places. At the resort, the mountain temperatures are below zero degree Celsius, and valley temperatures are below ten degree Celsius. Periods of sunshine last for five to six hours. Wind speeds are in the higher range due to high altitudes. Thus, the weather is perfect for skiing and other snow sports which you can enjoy here all throughout the winters.


Special Offers for Children:


The Weinebene Ski Resort is perfect for family outings, even when there are infants or toddlers in the family. You can leave your worries outside the gates of this resort because your child will not only feel at home and ease but will also learn some amazing sports at a young age. Places like these are where children can develop an interest in winter sports. Provision of children’s practice areas is made available, along with different child-friendly ski lifts too. Childcare services are offered at discounted rates when parents want to spend a romantic evening together. A children’s park is available for kids to enjoy.


Someone correctly said, “Skiing is the next best thing to having wings.”


Keep that image in your mind, pack your bags and gear up to face the windy slopes. Get ready to feel yourself sliding down the slopes of heaven at Weinebene Ski Resort. Because with so many things to do and so much on offer at the Weinebene Resort, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. Get out of your cozy rooms and explore the world of adventures with your family and friends. Plan your trip, grab your tickets and head out straight for the Weinebene Resort with your near and dear ones and make the most of the winters. You will not regret it; we promise that!

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