Ski Resort Wendelstein:

Germany is a beautiful nation and the presence of the mighty Alps mountain ranges make it even more astonishing. Ravishing ski resorts are one of the main attractions here and the people go crazy with joy when the winter season approaches as it brings tons of joy and is cherished by most. And you very well know that we are here to guide you to amazing destinations where the winter sports enthusiast in you can be unleashed. The resort we are going to guide you to be Ski Resort Wendelstein.



Location of the Resort:

Ski Resort Wendelstein is situated in Chiemsee Alpenland (or what we call the Chiemsee Alps), Upper Bavaria, Germany. The area for enjoying winter sports is set up between the elevations of 791 and 1,723 meters respectively. The best way to reach the resort is the cogwheel train that has been carrying passengers from Brannenburg to the summit of Wendelstein in just 30 minutes. The 30-minute train ride is just out of this world and offers a lot of scenic beauty throughout the journey. Another way to reach here is by your own transport, i.e. a car or a motorcycle.


Details of the Slope:

Talking about the anything else, we must let you know that the slopes of Ski Resort Wendelstein are no place for beginners and amateurs. The slopes are not meant for people just starting to ski. They have a good level of difficulty and can test even the best of skiers. The slope accounts to a total length of 10 kilometers. 60 percent (almost 6 kilometers) of the runs on the slope are termed as Advanced Runs and the next 40 percent (almost 4 kilometers) runs are for Expert skiers. Runs through the valley are also available which makes this place the perfect destination for skiers seeking thrill and adrenaline rush. There is a 3.8 kilometer eastern run which is termed as the Black Run by the locals and is very popular among them. Also, another run of 5 kilometers on the western front to the cable car station is known as the red Run. Both the runs are highly appreciated by the locals, so we recommend you to show off your skills there.



Ski Lift Details:

Wendelstein Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 5906 ft

Vertical Drop: 3281 ft

In total, there are 4 means of transport in Ski Resort Wendelstein that are responsible for carrying the passengers from the base to the summit. First of them is the cog railway. The length of this railway line is around 7.6 kilometers and can carry up to 1200 people to the top on an hourly basis. Next up is an Aerial Ropeway which is capable enough to carry 450 people per hour from the bottom to the top of the resort. Remaining 2 are T-Bar lifts and can carry 800 passengers each on an hourly basis. The total lift length of all these lifts combined is 11.6 kilometers and can carry almost 3300 people per hour.

Best Season to Visit, Timings and Tickets:

The skiing season in Ski Resort Wendelstein begins somewhere around December end and continues for 90-95 odd days to conclude by the mid of March. Best snow conditions are offered during the month of January, so it is the best time to visit the resort. During ski season, the resort opens its gates for the visitors at 9AM and bids them farewell at 4PM in the evening. If we consider the ticket prices, they are very good considering the resort provides highly advanced slopes for experienced skiers and has good means of transports as well including a cog wheel train too. For a single day pass, adults have to pay 35 Euros whereas the cost of a one-day pass for kids is 21.5 Euros. There is no need to worry about the accommodation as there are plenty of low priced hotels and holiday accommodations are available. Facilities of ski school and ski rentals are also available, so you will have no problems whatsoever, be it the ski equipments or the ski lessons. On a finishing note, it is our suggestion to all the talented skiers are looking for some high flying, chest pumping action; Ski Resort Wendelstein is the place for you to be. Hop in to your car and explore the slopes!

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