Have a Great Experience In The Beauty Of The Small Village Of Wenigzell


Is the ‘New year, new me’ a motto of yours too? No matter what others say, you can pull it off only if you believe you can! Have you made your list for a better version of you? If yes, then there might be some things that you might want to add to your list. One of them being enjoying your life to the fullest and living a life full of adventures.  Let’s not forget the part to love yourself and others too. The easiest way to make sure these things happen is that you go on a little holiday every once in a while. Once you learn to enjoy the little adventures, everything else will follow.


This year will be better than the last. Working hard at your school, college or office will be treated along with a holiday. The freshness that tails along with a holiday will keep you motivated in life and to stay dedicated to whatever work you do. Plan a fun trip with your colleagues, friends, and family to different places all around the world. It does not matter if you have a holiday that is not lavish, all you have to do is enjoy some time away from the stress and hustle-bustle of the big cities.



Where should you head to have the best vacation this season?


 Wenigzell Statistics

Base Elevation: 970m

Summit Elevation: 1143 m

Vertical Drop: 173 m

Traveling and discovering new places is a passion for some. If you are new to this, then you might want to make a list of the places you want to visit. This year choose a stay at the Alps of Austria. The beautifully covered hill tops and fine powdery shower one will witness will instantly make them fall in love with the ridges. The mountainous area of Austria makes it a hub for many winter sports like cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski-jumping, and tobogganing and much more. The time you will spend here will be the best time of your life.


To have the best skiing and snowboarding experience in Austria, you can choose from many ski resorts and ski areas. However, to spend some time in nature’s lap and connecting with yourself, you should head to Wenigzell. The small village is located in Joglland-Waldheimat Region, Styria.  This area is a perfect place for amateurs, beginners, and children as the pistes have smooth slopes and trails meant for inexperienced riders. There are many parks for children and safe forest paths to enjoy a walk on. The place is very well-connected with the neighbouring towns and cities, making it one of the most loved ski areas in the region.


Some very important facts about Wenigzell in Austria are-


The exceptional beauty of the place is astonishing. The Ski resort of Wenigzell offers its tourists a variety of activities which keeps them entertained throughout their stay. The slopes available for skiing are 100% meant for intermediate runs. The slopes are stretched up to 2 km (1.24 miles) in the area. The resort has artificial snowmaking for all trails and has 15 snow cannons. The resort also offers night skiing. To travel to the slopes and for transportation, there are three lifts, two T-bar/ platter/button lift, and one rope tow or beginner’s lift. The Schneelandlift 1 has a capacity of carrying 1000 passengers per hour and covers 980 m area, the Schneelandlift 2 also carries 1000 passengers per hour but travels 500 m area and the Ubungslift Wenigzell carries 500 passengers per hour and travels 60 m. The total area that the lifts travel is 1.5 km (0.93 miles) and the total passenger capacity is 2500 people. The elevation point of the resort is 3750 ft with a base of 962 meters (3182 ft) and a vertical drop of 172 meters (567 ft).



Austria has been encouraging winter sports for a long time now. Many ski jumpers and snowboarders have practiced on the slopes of Austrian Mountains.  Some of the best skiers From Austria are MarliesSchild, Marcel Hirscher, Armin Kogler, Ernst Vettori and many others.




What is so unique about Wenigzell?


Wenigzell is a very popular ski resort with well-groomed pistes and smooth snowy slopes. It is the perfect place for a family You can leave all the stress from the cities and enjoy your time with your loved ones here. The environment is euphoric, with children running around in the snow having a snow fighting and elders enjoying their time sliding down the snow-secured slopes. There are a number of winter activities you can choose from to keep yourself entertained here.

The natural environment and simplistic nature of the surroundings is a positive point of the resort. For a fun holiday, you do not want to go over the top and stress about doing many things in a day or waiting for your turn at an amusement park. At Wenigzell, you can enjoy the stunning sceneries and landscapes; you can take out time to introspect or to go on a walk in the safe paths in the forest. Nature is the best diversion from the stressful life you live.

Children and adults, both can enjoy their time on the slopes. The slopes are 100% meant for beginners and inexperienced skiers. Those who do not know skiing or snowboarding can learn it here. There are many ski lessons taught at Wenigzell every day. The tutors are professionals who teach you how to spend your time enjoying skiing and staying safe on the snow.

Whatever you want is available here. There are rental shops who offer cheap leased equipment for everyone. You can buy warm socks, snow boots, warmers, gloves, hats and other winter accessories. You can also rent ski, snowboards, helmets, and other safety gears which are available at pocket-friendly rates.

There are ice skating and ice rinks available here. The place is usually open unless there are tournaments being held. What is more interesting is that the place is free to access! Yup, you do not have to give a penny to enjoy skating here.

Wenigzell is not only a fun expedition but also a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy the food and taste the culture of the place on your tongue. The recipes are so tasty that they might as well have been sprinkled with magic and fairy dust. Do not forget to try the secret recipe from the Prettenhofer family. They serve Jogllandtorte to their customers in the café, and it’s the best thing you’ll taste in Wenigzell. To enjoy desserts and treat your sweet tooth, try pancakes with vanilla sauce from the Buchtelbar.

You can also spend some time visiting the local Museum of Wenigzell. There are guides who take you on tour to visit the Museum. The little museum is extravagant, and you will enjoy visiting it.

After spending some time on the slopes, you can hire a bike and visit the nearby places. In the way, you will find many beautiful vistas for which do not forget to keep your camera because you will want to capture these moments. You can take a guided tour to Arzberg. The winter season in Wenigzell is truly magical, and you will see yourself having the time of your life. So, get out and get going on the first skiing trip of 2017!


Because with so much on offer and so many things to do, you cannot afford to sit at home and do nothing. Right from amazing ski slopes to snowboarding and snowshoeing facilities, there are endless fun activities on offer. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up, plan your schedule and visit the Wenigzell Resort with your family and friends, and have the most amazing time. You won’t regret it, we promise you that!

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