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Have a Fabulous Winter at the West Mountains Ski Area!

In the 1995 movie, Pocahontas, a young rural girl asks a man taken up with his urban life and his social engagements of the city, when was the last time he engaged with nature- the mountains around him, the snowy bliss crowning them. And then, she asks the question that turns the man’s world on its heels; can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Pocahontas became the hot favorite of almost all its viewers, because somewhere deep down, this Disney classic questioned us why we have abandoned that connection with nature, the one that gave us peace, the one that gave us happiness.

This winter, the same question is echoing in the snowy mountains. And we hope that this time, we answer it by reviving our lost connection with nature. To do that, let’s start from the lofty peaks, the snowy altitudes, and the mountains because the mountains are calling.

The West Mountains

West Mountains Statistics

Base Elevation: 460 feet

Summit Elevation: 1470 feet

Vertical Drop: 1010 feet

Queensbury-NY-based West Mountain is located at a short distance of 3 miles off exit 18 off I-87, 40 minutes north of Albany, New York and they offer great snow sports like skiing, alpine and free Ski and Ride teams, not to mention the beautiful terrain parks. There is also a tubing park near the base of the mountain, containing four 700 foot chutes and two 1000 foot chutes. The West Mountain Sports shop (located across the courtyard from our Main Lodge) offers quality rentals, tuning and retail items.

The places offer a stunning view of the Hudson River, and along with the Adirondacks and the West Mountains, the place is the perfect one to be during the winters. Currently, there are 30 trails and over the terrain spans across 126 acres, which ranges from being easy for beginners to gentle slopes and then on to the challenging ones, which are meant for the experts. These winters are coming so natural snowfall is guaranteed. The added bonus they offer the tourists is the dedicated snowmaking and grooming crew. They stay ahead of the curve during these challenging Northeast Winters, covering 80% of the terrain in snowmaking.

Things to know about this place

West Mountains has a vertical elevation of 1010 ft (311 m), top elevation of 1,470 ft (453 m) and a base elevation of 460 ft (141 m), a total of 25 km runs. It possesses a total of 7 lifts: 1 double chairlift, two triple chairlifts, one magic carpet, one rope tow and two tubing tows. All in all, this resort can boast of a wide range of options when it comes to snow sports. Snow reports vary from year to year, but the staff at the resort look out for your comfort and adventures to the maximum.

Now, to plan a vacation it is imperative you know the hours of operation. So, the Ski Area, Tubing Park and the East Slope Bar & Eatery have different times and hours of operation each pertaining to the need of the tourists.  And the complete information will be provided to you once you check in.

Ticket Details

West Mountains offer adventures at an affordable rate. For adults (below 64 years) the lift prices are $49 for 8 hours and $40 for 4 hours. For young adults (below 18 years) the lift prices are $39 for 8 hours and $30 for 4 hours. For the youth (below 12 years) the lift prices are $35 for 8 hours and $25 for 4 hours. For the senior citizens (above 64 years but below 69 years) the lift prices are $35 for 8 hours and $25 for 4 hours. For people above the age of 69 the lift prices are $25 for 8 hours and $20 for 4 hours. For students and or military employees the lift prices are $45 for 8 hours and $35 for 4 hours. For a four hour adventure in the rope tow and magic carpet in the learning area, $17 needs to be paid.

Now for the tube pricing, the adult /youth (above seven years) need to pay an amount of $22 for 4 hours and $19 for 2 hours. For the kids (below six years), you need to pay an amount of $14 for 4 hours and $9 for 2 hours. Group pricings are also available to accommodate your friends and family in your adventures.  For groups of 10-44 people, the tube pricing is $19 per person for four hours and $14 per person for two hours. For groups consisting of more than 45 people, the tube pricing is $16 per person for four hours and $11 per person for two hours. So now not only can you go on these adventures and buy yourself the luxury of the thrill, you can invite your dear ones, and they will enjoy that thrill with you. There is nothing like sharing happiness.

Also, a number of seasonal passes are provided by the resort. These passes include discounted tariffs and pertain to all kinds of vacationing groups. So you can have a family pass, a friend’s pass, or an individual pass, just for you.

Let go of all your Fears!

Some of us maybe a little worried with our knowledge of such adventures, and these may seem a little formidable as adventures if you lack a little basic knowledge about them. However, West Mountain has experts to resolve that issue too; they organize daily lessons, both private and public ones and these lessons will help you prepare for your errands in the best possible way. Multi-week programs are also available if you have a little time, with both adult and youth lessons. Of course, if you are an amateur and are going to have your first experience in the snows, West Mountains will be an excellent choice because they have special lessons planned for you if it is going to be your first time.

Fun things to do and enjoy at the resort!

West Mountains are currently booking wedding ceremonies and receptions during the offseason (they had started from May- and the bookings end this November). They have a new, one of a kind and improved “West Express” Chairlift to whisk their guests to their beautiful mountaintop wedding ceremony destination (a serene venue for a wedding that will be forever memorable). If you choose to have beautiful views but not have to take the chairlift and have a conventional escort to the location, they offer the beautiful Northwest Base location for ceremonies. For receptions, there is the Main Base and Northwest Base for a tented reception and the Main Lodge and our restaurant and bar for indoor reception locations.

The top-notch food and beverage have to be purchased through West Mountain and caterers of their preference. Of course, you might have other caterers pre-approved if you wish to employ caterers of your choice. Tent, linens, tables and chairs Rentals can be supplied by Clifton Park Rentals or another pre-approved vendor. Their site fees include 5 hours of onsite staff service who help with the wedding and reception and for further assistance in making the bride and groom’s big day to run smoothly 2 hours of setting up and take down and clean up are allotted per site fee. For those of their guest who are on vacation with their beloved pets, West Mountains are a pet-friendly wedding location.

After school and weekend trips, in which school students enjoy the fun the West Mountains provide are also available. Several students and their teachers, who have been to this fabulous resort say that participating in the West Mountain Snow Sports Programs is an excellent way to stay active, build friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Not only do they believe in the health benefits of a sport that children will enjoy for the times to come, but their staff’s commitment to the students to teach them in fun, friendly environment is world class. Various groups like the School Groups, Home School Groups, Church Groups, Work Groups, Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, Youth Groups, Local Recreational Centres are welcome to the West Mountains for their program.

Delicious Food

The East Slope Bar & Eatery, located at West Mountain is a much more than just your usual, clone bar food. It can offer you appetizing snacks and delicious dinners.  It is nothing short of a full-service restaurant cum bar. You can decide to grab a quick bite or sit down for your dinner and drinks. The place is also available for other events and parties, especially during the non-peak season. It qualifies as the perfect spot for a holiday party, baby shower, retirement party, work-related luncheon or birthday party. To top it all, the place also has a cafeteria that provides a wide range of alcoholic beverages and organizes tubing pizza parties.

Vacations are a necessary medicine for our daily dose of stress, and out never ending social pressures. Moreover, if those vacations are sprinkled with adventures, there can be no better medicine. West Mountain will give you the thrills, chills, and spills you are looking for and will purge you of your stress. This can be your ideal winter.

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