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Skiing Adventure at Whaleback Mountain

Taking the legacy of New England alpine forward since the last hundred years, Whaleback Mountain is intertwined with the proud tradition. New Hampshire is known as the cradle of U.S alpine skiing which withered in the last few decades. The small mountain resort came into the limelight in the year of 1955 and was named Snowcrest in the founding years. It was started with a 1,000 ft. Poma surface lift on the run which is now known as Spout. Along with this, a 1,500 ft. T-bar was also built. In 1968, Jim Griffith took hold of the Snowcrest and renamed it Whaleback, and later he gifted the resort the Poma Double chairlift to the summit which is 2,500 ft. long with a vertical rise of 700 ft. run on the electrical drive.

In 1984, a trio of Dartmouth grads bought the mountain which gave a makeover to the skiing mountain. The grads installed a snowmaking and lights for night skiing, with expanded the ski season from 30 to 100 days. For two long years, the Whaleback Mountain Resort was closed. The Herbert couple revived the Whaleback resort in the year 2001. They have given great support to build the resort and upgraded the resort into a better place. Again in the tenure of 2001-2005 the resort was closed.

With the beginning of 2005, a trio from Whaleback LLC took the hold from Herbert couple. The trio came up with an idea of all year action sports facility. In the coming of spring in 2013, the main whaleback property was foreclosed by Randolph National Bank. To preserve the Whaleback the supporters found the Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation (UVSSF). In October 2013, UVSSF took hold of the management of the mountain resort. Today, Whaleback is one of the most visited skiing resorts in the region and attracts thousands of visitors each winter, thanks to it is favorable location and top quality services on offer.

About the Place!

After the shadow of misery faded over the Whaleback Mountain the place is ready to welcome you to their 85 acres skiable area to enjoy the snow skiing activity in this winter season. The mountain boasts its 30 trails laid on the snow for the skiing lovers who want to take a dive in the snow mountain. The trails are designed for every age group to enjoy to the fullest. The Whaleback Mountain has summit elevation of 1,800 ft. and a base elevation of 1,100 ft. with a vertical base of 700 ft. The mountain has a full fledge arrangement for taking the skiers to the heights. There are three lifts in the area to take you to the mountaintop for a mesmerizing view of the place covered with snow.

Whaleback resort experiences an average snowfall of 110 inches (280 cm). The longest run of the area is one mi (1.6 km) long, and it will take just 4 minutes to glide down the mountain. 80% of the skiing is covered with snowmaking and the place also shelters two terrain parks for the dedicated adventure seekers. For the night lovers and adventure bugs, this place will be open for you in the night, too. With proper lighting facility and skiing surface Whaleback Mountain gives you an incredible night skiing experience in the 55 acres area.

Steep Trails

The adventurous trails will excite you in this gloom weather. Whaleback Mountain will give a wide range of adventurous activities for the beginners and intermediates. 23% of the run area is kept for the beginners for the adventure excursion. They can discover new areas of fun in this frost weather to keep themselves engaged. The intermediates can enjoy can enjoy equally like the amateur group in the 41% trail area excluded for them. Advanced and expert skiers can enjoy the winter in the woods skiing and twisting around the smooth trails. They can hover the expert skills with astonishing tricks on the snow bed.

Go High to the Top

Whaleback Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 feet

Summit Elevation: 1800 feet

Vertical Drop: 700 feet

The double chairs and surface lifts are serving the mountain since a long time. The passengers enjoy the ride to the mountain top from where they get the whole view of the well-maintained resort. The affordable prices and unforgettable experiences will give you a memory for the lifetime. A day at Whaleback Mountain for the adults in the weekends will cost $45 while a senior can spend a day at the mountains paying a quite less price. The ticket cost for a senior for the weekend is $25. The 18 and under kids can enjoy the white snow bed with some twist of adventure at only $35. The prices vary in the midweek and less important days. You can enjoy the snow at a low cost in these days. The flat for every group in the midweek is $25.

To give a spark to your already amazing vacation, the season passes are here to bring the smile on your face. You can access the mountain any time of the season without much hassle. Moreover, the season passes with a bag full of benefits to try. The unlimited passes will cost an adult $420, teen, $370 whereas juniors and super seniors can take part in the unlimited fun in just $330. The mid-week pass from Tuesday to Friday will cost $330 for adults, $270 for teens and $220 for the juniors.

Learn it well

The learning center of Whaleback Mountain will groom you for the amazing winter fun. This place gives private, semi-private and group lessons to make you enjoy the winter skiing. The instructors here at the Whaleback Mountain are quite friendly and help you learn the skiing skills pretty quickly so that you can enjoy skiing down the adventurous slopes soon.

The Vacation Camps

Winter vacations are the fun time for the little kids, and Whaleback Mountain has all the arrangements done in prior. Whether the child is new to the skiing trail or they are already a master in the field, this place will nurture the kids with utmost care. Building the bonds of friendship and polishing the skills, they will have a bundle of enjoying moments in the resort.

They will not only play with the snow; they will be taken to the warmth of the fire to play some indoor games with their new friends. Kids can bring their lunch along, or they can buy something from the Whaleback cafeteria. The camp is open for five consecutive days in the month of December half day (9-12) and full day (9-4). 6-14 years of age group is permitted for the winter vacation camp. Don’t think much and bring your kids to this amazing place to stay away from their boredom.

The vacation winter camp will be worth spending for your kids. The giggles and laughter of the innocent souls will fill the misty sky. There are different options to pay for the unlimited fun for the kids. For five days full it will cost $285 for the whaleback pass holders, $360 for the camp plus lift ticket holders and $395 for the camp, ticket, and rental holders. Whereas for five half days it will cost $160 for Whaleback pass holders, $220 for camp and lift ticket holders and $275 for the camp, ticket, and rental holders.

This place has gone through a difficult face of time but still it has emerged again brilliantly. Whaleback Mountain is the symbol of immense hard work, and this place offers everything you need to spend a perfect winter holiday. The snow will provoke you to get out of the house and have some adventurous fun. Then leave all the thoughts behind and bring your loved ones to this fantastic place for a memorable winter vacation amidst the snow and a spacious facility of lodging for a comfortable stay in the woods.

With so many fun-filled things to do at the Whaleback Mountain, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. You can plan a visit to this place with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters – enjoying a number of winter sports without having to worry about anything. Have fun!

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