White Pass Ski Resort-USA

White Pass Ski Resort: Much More Than Just Skiing

One cannot claim to have enjoyed winter if one has not enjoyed skiing. Skiing has always been a trademark winter event for all those who enjoy the season and nature’s blessings during that season. No matter how home lover a person is, skiing is ‘must-do’ experience in life. It has been blessing for Western countries that they have adequate snowfall during winter which gives opportunities for adventurous sports like skiing and snowboarding.

At times, it is a difficult job to find a resort that offers you skiing experiences with an adequate amount of adventure, good facilities, and fantastic discounts. However, if you are anywhere near Washington, you needn’t worry because there’s something to your rescue and that is- White Pass Ski Resort.  It is situated to the west of Yakima and east of Takoma.

White Pass Ski Resort

Located in the United States, White Pass Ski Resort is spread over the area of 1402 acres. This resort has a long history. It was built in 1958 by Riblet of Spokane and was gradually developed. Initially only skiing, then little by little, lodging, boarding, chairlifts and many other facilities were developed. They started functioning full week as early as 1958. In 2010-11, expansion of another resort added a skiable area to the existing land and two more lifts.

White Pass Ski Resort has 45 runs in total. The runs are very comfortable and accommodating for all kinds of skiers and offer them a nice experience. Its top elevation is at 1980 meters whereas it has a bottom elevation is at 1370 meters. There are six chairlifts in total. The lifts are of high quality with a capacity of 9700/hour.  This resort has been very popular with the expansion and new terrain available for snow activities and adventures. As the developments are happening, the quality and number of services increase giving rise to the number of visitors. This resort has gained special attention due to cross country skiing too.

However, skiing is not the only service that they provide. One amazing service of this White Pass Ski Resort is the sports shop that they have started. They do not sell not only skis but also supporting accessories like sunglasses, jackets. It does not stop there. You can rent the materials from the shop, too. It is available there during the working hours, and the cost depends on the number of hours you rent it for. Children’s equipment are also offered for both, sale and rental. They cost a little less than adults equipment. Apart from the equipment, you can buy souvenirs from the shop too.

The White Pass Ski Resort also have events planned which you can participate in and enjoy. They have different parks and pipes for various activities and also provide lodging and boarding facilities for those who want an overnight mountain staying experience. Apart from skiing and snowboarding experiences, White Pass Ski Resort also provides snow tubing, at times for the whole family too, depending upon your wish.

Reasons to visit White Pass Ski Resort

There are some distinct features of White Pass ski resort which make it a must visit the resort in Washington.

The mountain is one the most breathtaking mountains of the words. That valley, those rocks, and everything covered in white snow. Seeing those white things around while snowflakes continue to shower on you is the most beautiful snow experience ever. Mount Rainier is a beautiful mountain which holds terrains for all kinds of skier and fulfilling their need to enjoy the season or adventure or both.

White Pass Ski Resort is open on all days of the week. The working hours of the White Pass Ski Resort are from 8.45 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, but depending upon the area you are skiing in, there are some changes. Alpine area hours are from 8.45 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, there is a different policy for the Nordic center. Nordic Center is available only on Thursdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Night skiing is usually offered on weekends from 4 p.m. To 9 p.m. if the weather permits. Further, White Pass Ski Resort makes night skiing available on special occasions like a national holiday and valentine’s day as well.

White Pass Statistics

Base Elevation: 4500 feet

Summit Elevation: 6550 feet

Vertical Drop: 2050 feet

There is a rental shop for everything that you need for skiing. You can rent those things for the amount of time you need them. The equipment is available in 2 groups, i.e., adults, and junior group. Visitors above the age of 15 years are counted as adults. There are 2 locations for shops; one is located at Nordic Yurt whereas the other one is near day lodge of the resort. The equipment available for rent includes alpine and snowboard gears, VIP demo of the gears, cross country packages, and snowshoe packages.

Gears and snowboard packages can be rented from the shop that is near the day lodge, but for a cross-country package or snowshoe package, one has to visit the shop near Nordic Yurt. The prices for all the rentals are in the range of $15 to $45.

The learning center of the White Pass ski resort probably has the best learning center for skiing. White Pass Ski Resort has got packages for everyone, irrespective of your age or level. They provide learning lessons for all kinds of skiers of all ages. However, for management purposes, lessons for children are held separately. Not only that but they have attractive packages for the lessons. There is a first-time skier/ snowboarder package wherein you get a chance to learn right from scratch and help you get to the equilibrium of speed and balance of the ski or snowboard while you practice it.

These lessons are not very short, but they are definitely useful. There are two kinds of packages that are available which take only three days. One of the packages is EZ ski or EZ snowboard package whereas the other is called as cruiser three-day package. The EZ packages are to give you crash course at beginner level whereas the cruiser package is meant to give you more practice and acquire skills. There is something called as Kid’s clinic wherein they teach children till a certain age limit how to ski or snowboard. Particular care is taken while teaching skiing to children and hence the separate package is beneficial for your kid’s, safety wise. There is top of the hill adult workshops wherein intermediate skiers are given the practice of steeper slopes and rehearse their skills. Along with all these, there are a group and private tutorials where you can learn at your own pace.

Daily pass at this resort is for $15 whereas the season pass is for $149. The special offers and packages are brilliant. However, the most distinct feature of this resort is women’s special days. On Tuesdays during the month of January and February, mornings are reserved only for female tourists. All the other services from rentals to training are available for women too. There are these 2-hour workshops only for women to learn skiing. They cost around $50, but safety and quality of training are assured.

There are White Pass ski and snowboard club. This club allows professional skiers or those who wish to be professional skiers come together and share events and recent developments in the field together. This helps create a team for sports events as well as it is very useful for team building and ski group building. There are different subgroups like Alpine Ski racing and free ride team.

Apart from all these, all the essential amenities are provided at the White Pass Ski Resort. Excellent lodging and dining services are available at White Pass Ski Resort. There are other services too like tubing and terrain parks. Different events are organized under them which can be enjoyed by anyone simply by issuing a pass for it.  There is also White Pass volunteer ski patrol to raise funds for the betterment and service of skiers and snowboarders who have dedicated their lives to the recreation of White Pass Ski Resort.

With so much on offer, White Pass Ski Resort is truly one of the very few places where you can have a great time enjoying the snowcapped peaks. So, go ahead, pack your bags and visit White Pass Ski Area this winter and return with memories to cherish forever.

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