Whitefish Mountain Resort-USA

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish mountain resort is the resort located at the Big Mountain in northwestern Montana. It is located near to the town of the Whitefish. The other main city located near it is the city of Kalispell. It is an absolutely awesome place to visit with your family and friends on various occasions. You will be able to choose the purpose of the visit at this place. Then accordingly you can get the best plans and packages. The best part is that the resort has been maintained in a fantastic way with various facilities available.

Whitefish Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 4464 feet

Summit Elevation: 6817 feet

Vertical Drop: 2353 feet

Why visit the Whitefish Mountain Resort ?

  • The Whitefish Mountain resort has been delicately modified to suit the requirements of the travelers and tourists in both summers as well as winter season. This makes it a great place for natural lovers and explorers to visit the place and ensure the best amenities are provided to them.
  • There are number of options available for the winter season. This includes skiing in the day as well as night time, terrain parks as well as off-mountain activities. The lifts have been designed in such a way that the kids and adults can enjoy scenarios across the mountains. Lift tickets are available for every age group. You will find season passes on the website as well as on the location office. Moreover, if you are a frequent skier then you can get a frequent skier card for yourself. Various skiing sessions are carried out at the Skiing school. You can easily choose your own type of the ski session and excel in it. The gears and required materials will be made available to you.
  • There are various options in the lift system. This includes high speed and normal speed quads, triple quads and surface tows. The lift system of night skiing is at lower levels.
  • Snow making facility is also available here.
  • In summers, you can explore an absolutely different scenario. Mountain biking and alpine slides are very common in the summer seasons. Therefore, you can find an absolutely different environment here. Mountain biking tracks have been carved in an excellent way on the mountain for the best experience of the bikers.
  • Skiing has been made interesting here with the innovative and creative gears available on the resort. Snowboards, poles and snowshoes, have been made available for rentals. Kids and adults can get the best-required skiing equipment’s from the stores here at the resort.
  • Alpine Slide has made it very easy for the sliding lovers to get an absolutely new experience of the sliding facilities here at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. Kids can get free complimentary tickets with every one adult pass. In this case, sharing of the sled is mandatory.
  • Aerial adventure park will add a new twist to the visit at this resort. A pathway has been made through the trees which makes passing the place much interesting for kids and adults. The park activity is a very different and absolutely fun activity for every person visiting here. You will have great fun ,especially in groups.
  • Base lodge cafe and bar have been built in order to revive the energy levels of the skiers and bikers. You can relax here, have your drink and get ready for the next session. You will also find a big list of delicacies to eat. Burgers, cookies, pizzas and pastas, to name a few. Mountain dining is another fantastic option available here. You can, therefore, explore many new concepts on the mountains and make it memorable for your family and friends. The best part is that The Summit Shop present in the resort will help you to collect interesting stuff famous at the place. You can also collect interesting gifts for your loved ones.
  • Proper safety measures and policies have been implemented here. Kids have been made secure by making them stay with an adult or a guide to monitor them. Guides and instructors will be always present here to guide for the skiing sessions and tackle with any difficulty.

Thus, Whitefish Mountain Resort is an interesting place to visit to try out skiing sessions and collect excellent experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Just get ready and go for the first time visitor facility at the resort to get started.

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