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Dashing Through the Snow - Whitetail Resort

Folks, the season, has arrived! The feel of fresh, white snow beneath our boots, the icy sprinklers sticking on the leaves of our bushes, the warm sensation down our throat after a sip of the hot chocolate! “These are a few of my favorite things…” The sensation of cool, icy droplets of snow caressing our faces before finally settling down on the ground exuberates a heart-warming emotion which is indescribable in its own way. Since winter is associated with holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, people around the world look forward to these joyous days with hopes of reuniting and spending their time with their near and loved ones. Essentially, if you have ever noticed, most of the fun activities such as concerts and music festivals are all conducted during the winters which make it possible for people of all ages to attend them and have a gala time. Hence, it is the season of love, music, homecoming and relentless enjoyment.

Another fun way to spend the chilly days of winters is just to escape to a nearby country resort for the weekend where you rejoice in your lost childhood days and bring back those memories by engaging in several adrenaline-packed excursions such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snow tubing, and much more. Remember those times when you spent hours outdoors while making a snowman during the winters? Well, it is time to reminisce those happy memories again.  Now, if you are all up for the idea, then just pack your bags and journey your way to the Whitetail Resort which is stationed at 13805 Blairs Valley Rd, Mercersburg, PA 17236, USA. It is the perfect get-away for a weekend outdoors with your family and friends which assure you a delightful experience amidst the icy, snow-capped valleys and slopes and manages to pamper you with the utmost care and consideration for their guests.

Know your Resort

The Whitetail Resort is perched at an elevation of 865ft to 1800ft and pride itself for a vertical drop of about 935ft. The resort offers skiing and snowboarding, among other adventurous activities, on the course of its 19 trails with various segments of it divided according to the capabilities of every skier out there and even for first-timers. It also brags of about 120 acres of snowmaking, so imagine all the fun you can have.

Whitetail Statistics

Base Elevation: 865 feet

Summit Elevation: 1800 feet

Vertical Drop: 935 feet

Important things to Remember

  • Always wear in layers. Wearing in layers helps you to adjust your clothing as and when the temperature changes.
  • Wear an inner layer of clothes to protect you from the cold such as sweaters and fleece.
  • Wear collared shirts and jumpers to cover your neck. Also bring woolen scarves to do the same.
  • Make sure to pack a couple of pair of high, woolen socks so that it covers a substantial portion of your legs.
  • Bring warm hats and mittens to cover your head and ears to protect them from the chilly wind.
  • Remember to bring some form of an identity card which will be required for verification.

Terrain Park and Slopes

The Whitetail Resort boasts about one hundred and twenty acres of skiable terrain along with twenty-five runs and two terrain parks and also, the one hundred and twenty acres proffers excellent night skiing conditions. The terrains are designed according to the different proficiency of several distinguishing guests who visit the resort.

For Amateurs: From the total 19 trails and slopes, thirty-two percent is allocated for the beginners who are yet to master the art of skiing and snowboarding. These trails and parks are relatively easy and suit well for everyone who is trying their skill at skiing and other snow related activities. People who have been out of practice for a long time would also do well by brushing up their skills at this terrain.

For Intermediate: Out of the total 19 acres of skiable terrain, forty-five percent is slotted for transitional skiers who have sufficient practice and knowledge on the basics of skiing but are yet to follow the path of an expert. Such trails and slopes are fashioned to suit the needs of the intermediate skiers with the occasional twist of curves.

For Experts: Out of the total 19 trails and slopes, twenty-three percent is allocated for the fun and enjoyment of expert skiers. These trails and slopes are drafted for the skiers who are all ready for the challenge and are up for some serious fun. Such trails include some pretty challenging curves designed for the thrill of the skiers.


Snowtubing is a form of recreational activity which involves the use of a tube while a person or a group of persons are fitted inside the tube, gradually sliding down the snow. The Whitetail Resort aims to provide fun and thrill for all ages of its visitors whether you are 9 or 99 and ensures your stay at the resort to be supremely satisfying. Race down the slope of the mountain on one of the tubes solo or hitch up with your friends and enjoy the coolness of the chilly winds. Later you can just recline to your room with a cuppa or simply warm your soul by the fire pit on the outdoor patio.

Snowtubing is priced at $22 for weekdays and $28 for weekends and holidays which are valid for one hour. For two hour sessions, snow tubing is priced at $25 for weekdays and $31.

Lodging Facilities

The Whitetail Resort has several lodging partners that dispense the same level of guest service and accommodation which is the ultimate motto of The Whitetail Resort. The lodging partners include:

Whitetail Mountainside Village- This well-equipped resort offers several fully furnished inns and cottages such as 17 condotel rooms and a fireplace, and 18 mountainside home and cottages are available for the short duration of stay.

The Mercersburg Inn & Byron’s Dining Room- This is the closest lodging facility adjoining the Whitetail Resort with the appearance of a beautiful mansion with 17 luxurious rooms and fireplaces along with several other amenities to make your stay pleasant.

The above-mentioned lodging facilities are only to name a few from the various list of inns and resorts which are associated with the Whitetail Resort.

Learning to Ski

The Whitetail Resort provides an extensive range of learning programs which are bound to get you the tracks. The training programs are all varied according to the capability levels of different visitors. The class lessons are quoted at $50 an hour with one or two persons and may exceed an hour if there are more than two persons. For one hour private lessons, it costs around $112, and for two-hour private lessons, it costs around $214. You can also avail the group learning program formed with your own group at the cost of $270. At the Whitetail Resort, safety is the main concern so don’t you worry folks!

Lift Tickets and Passes

There is a whole assortment of various lift tickets and passes designed to suit your needs. You get an exquisite view of the mountains from the premises of the Whitetail Resort where such beauty prevails. The four-hour flex tickets cost $59 for weekdays and $70 on the weekends. Visitors above the age of 65 are rewarded a 50% rebate on their ticket passes. Junior kid’s rates are applicable for kids between the ages of 6-12. The night-access lift tickets cost $47 for weekdays as well as on weekends. You are also benefitted with the facility of purchasing your preferred tickets online at their website.

Rental Packages

The equipment required for skiing is as important as any safety gear for other sports. If you do not avail the proper equipment for skiing, you might as well endanger your safety and well-being. Skiing equipment is coordinated with the accurate height, weight, age and comfort of the skier in particular. Instructors and other experts are available to guide in the best possible way. The ski rental costs $50 every day with an additional $13 for helmet, and the snowboard rental is priced at $54 everyday along with an extra $13 for the helmet.

Everyone is entitled to a vacation of unlimited spree of fun and thrill with their loved ones. No wonder all the memories are made in the winters! With so many fun things to do at the Whitetail Resort, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun this winter. So, get ready, pack your bags and head out straight for the Whitetail Resort with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters!

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